How to Start a Music Production Company


Are you wanting to be the next Mark Gillespie and create a global powerhouse for music management that plays a role in producing some of the decade’s greatest hits?

Everyone must start somewhere, just like Mark. We are here to help you achieve those big aspirations. We have rounded up the top tips from those who have held your same dreams and made it to the big leagues with their own music production company.

Mark started his own music management and production company due to years of hard work and learning from those that came before him. All it really takes is a dream, unwavering dedication, and a burning passion for the music industry.

  1.       Back your vision

Before you even start getting the wheels in motion for your music production company, first plan out and fully back your vision. Have an idea of what type of music you want to produce and what type of artist you would desire to work with the most. Your vision will likely evolve as you get going, but it’s great to have the foundation laid out upfront to give you a sense of direction.

  1.       You don’t need a real studio.

There’s no need to spend millions of dollars upfront to create a recording and production studio. In fact, many newbies can start in their own homes. A range of online software can be downloaded and some easy DIY hacks that can turn your spare bedroom into an efficient recording studio.

  1.       Become a student of the craft

To become an expert at music production, it is important to take a student’s mindset to learn all the skills required. Don’t expect to master any recording software in a day. Give yourself time to become familiar with how the program works, and keep practicing until you get it down perfectly! Thanks to the golden age of the internet, there are endless amounts of free tutorials available that will help you improve your craft.

  1.       Create a memorable name

To be an official music production company, you will need a name to register under that hasn’t yet been used! So do some research online about what names have already been taken and come up with one that is meaningful to you. This name will be what you use for the business/administration side of the company and growing the brand reputation to attract top talent.

  1.       Build a portfolio

Every music production company should have its own portfolio as a reference. A portfolio of the music you have produced (even if it is just your own music for now) will help give others a sense of your talents and skillsets in the music industry. On top of that, it will bolster the confidence of artists interested in signing with you. The better your portfolio is, the higher caliber artists you are likely to attract!

  1.       Network, network, network

Please don’t wait for musicians and their managers to come to you. Get out there and start hustling! Scout platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud for emerging talent, attend local music gigs, and get to know others in the music industry. One of the most important aspects of having a successful music production company is the quality contacts you can rely on. There’s no better time to start that network than now, so get going! 

We’ve all got the potential to be the next Mark Gillespie. With these six tips, you will be on your way to growing your own music production company, managing the next top musicians, and producing music you are genuinely passionate about. 


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