A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Your Own Lingerie Business

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By Jacob Maslow

• Learn from some of the best in the business
• Get insider tips and tricks for success
• Tap into a growing industry with immense potential
• Avoid common mistakes made by beginner lingerie entrepreneurs
• Get started on the right foot and watch your business take flight!

You can start your lingerie business if you have a unique sense of styling with a hint of mischief. The global lingerie business is expected to expand in the few years, offering impressive opportunities. But how to start a lingerie business?

Here are five amazing ways to start a lingerie business in the best possible way:

  1. Hone your idea 
  2. Develop a lingerie business plan 
  3. Choose a legal structure for your lingerie line 
  4. Get funds and insurance 
  5. Launch your business 

In the below section, we have discussed these points in detail. Scroll down to have a look.

What You Are Going to Need 

When you decide to start a lingerie business, you need the following:

  • You need to choose a name for your lingerie business.
  • Get a business credit card.
  • Create a marketing strategy.
  • Purchase and set up the software.
  • Get funding and business insurance.
  • Choose a business structure.

Step 1: Hone Your Idea

It’s advised to hone your concept before entering the competitive lingerie market. Conduct detailed research in your area to analyze your competitor’s product, customer reviews, and price points.

The research will allow you to fill the market gap. For example, the lingerie business in your area might be missing the right products for plus-size women or custom bejewelling options. Such a market gap could become your jumpstart to enter the market with immense popularity.

#1 Determine Your Products and Services 

Once you have found the market gap, your next step is determining your products. Think about great product designs that will increase the sales of your business.

Lingerie Niches:

Plus-Sized Lingerie – Plus-size lingerie is a perfect niche for those looking to cater to the unique needs of plus-size women. Finding quality lingerie in extended sizes can be difficult, so offering stylish and comfortable pieces could help you stand out from the competition.

Sports Lingerie – Sports lingerie is becoming increasingly popular as more activewear brands expand their product lines to include fashionable and functional pieces. Offering sports bras, cycling shorts, and other athletic-inspired pieces could give your business an edge.

Corsetry – Corsetry has been around since the 16th century but is still extremely popular today. Whether you specialize in custom corsetry or offer a wide selection of ready-made pieces, you could find great success catering to this niche.

Vintage Lingerie – Vintage lingerie is becoming increasingly popular among fashion-conscious shoppers. Handmade pieces, vintage-inspired designs, and sexy “pin up” style pieces are all great options if you offer a selection of vintage lingerie.

Maternity and Nursing Lingerie – Maternity and nursing bras are essential for new mothers. Developing a line of stylish yet comfortable pieces could help you tap into this growing market.

Luxury Lingerie – Luxury lingerie offers women the chance to indulge in pieces made from lace and silk fabrications, intricate beading, and luxurious detailing. Offering luxury items could make your brand stand out in the market.

#2 Set Price for Your Products 

You then must choose a price point for your products depending on the material and item. Don’t forget to include the manufacturing and market prices for similar items when determining your products’ prices.

After determining the cost, analyze the final price points and markup. If warranted by the market, your prices are subject to change. With this, select your target market to promote your business quickly.

#3 Choose Your Business Premises 

Lastly, choose a business premise. In the early phase of starting a lingerie business, you can run it from home and cut down on the extra cost.

But you need to find a location to grow your lingerie business. You need to hire workers, have storage, and a packing facility.

Consider these things when choosing a commercial space:

  • The location should be accessible via public transport and a parking lot.
  • It should be ventilated and spacious.
  • The business premises must come with a flexible lease so you can extend it as your business grows.
  • The space should be ready-to-use, so you don’t have to do major renovations or repairs.

Step 2: Develop a Lingerie Business Plan 

You cannot start a successful lingerie business without a good business plan. While creating a plan, you can fully understand your business and market strategy plus, it helps you stay motivated and on-track. Additionally, the plan gives you a roadmap to follow during difficult situations.

Make sure your business plan includes the following:

  • Executive Summary: Summarize your business plan simply and clearly through an executive summary so one can understand the details of your business.
  • Company Overview: With this section, you can explain your business’s history to the customers. Company overview also allows you to explain your business type.
  • Industry Analysis: This section allows you to document the essential information about your business. Remember to do detailed market research to understand the industry size and trends.
  • Customer Analysis: Research the customers to get an idea of your targeted group of people and their demographics. You can analyze how old your targeted customers are, where they live, and what they consider while purchasing your products.
  • Competitive Analysis: Conducting a competitive analysis is important in creating a business plan. It helps you to find your direct and indirect competitors and allows you to create a competitive advantage.
  • Marketing Plan: Create a strong marketing plan for your lingerie business by addressing the 4Ps: price, product, promotion, and place. Determine the type of product you want to offer, prices, the location where you want to offer your products, and the promotional method to attract customers.
  • Operations Plan: Decide the critical process you will use for daily operations. In addition, analyze the staff requirement. Also, you need to create projected business growth, showing your vision.
  • Financial Plan: With a financial plan, you can figure out the startup cost, profit of your business, projected sales, and funding.

Selecting a Name and tagline

Selecting the right name and tagline for your lingerie line is essential to create a strong brand identity. When choosing from the list provided at the bottom of this article, it’s essential to consider how it resonates with your target market and reflects your values. Additionally, make sure that the name and tagline you choose are catchy, memorable, and easy to pronounce. It should also be unique enough so customers can easily recognize it in the marketplace. Furthermore, ensure that the domain associated with the name is available so you don’t have any issues setting up your website. With this in mind, select a name and tagline from the list provided that communicates effectively about your lingerie line.  It is recommended to brainstorm different ideas before making any decision.  It will help you to pick the right name and tagline for your lingerie line.


Step 3: Choose a Legal Structure for Your Lingerie Line 

Choosing a legal business structure for your lingerie business to register it quickly. Common options for the legal structure include:

#1 Sole Proprietorship

It’s a business structure where the business and the owner of the lingerie line are the same legal person. So the business owner in this structure needs to bear the debts and obligations.

In addition, this legal structure does not require formalities and is easy to operate. It’s an inexpensive structure that is simple to establish.

#2 Partnership 

It’s a popular legal structure among small businesses where two or more people wish to start a business. All the partners of the business share profit and loss.

But in this legal structure, owners are liable for all the business debts. Plus, disagreements between the partners can sometimes be difficult to resolve.

#3 LLC

LLC is a type of business that offers limited liability to the owners. The owners under this business structure are not personally responsible for the debts and liabilities.

The advantage of the LLC structure includes flexible management and limited personal liability. But the disadvantage of the LLC legal structure is that it is not available in some states.

#4 C Corporation 

C Corporation’s legal structure is separate from its owners. The business entity can have its shareholders and tax ID. It offers limited liability to the owners, so the owners are not personally liable for liabilities and debts.

But unfortunately, C Corporation includes double taxation. That’s because both shareholders and corporations need to pay taxes.

#5 S Corporation

S Corporation offers limited liability to the owner to pass business income to their income tax returns. It helps in avoiding double taxation. But under S Corporation, the business has a limitation on the number of shareholders they can have.

Step 4: Get Funds and Insurance 

Secure funding is necessary for the lingerie business, and there are plenty of ways to raise capital. The most common are bank loans, which require a lot of paperwork.

You can also get SBA-guaranteed loans, government grants, crowdfunding, use your personal funds, or reach out to your friends or family.

Instead of getting loans from family and friends, you can choose SBA and bank loans. Or can collect sufficient amounts through crowdfunding with an innovative concept.

In addition to funding, you need to get business insurance to protect your business from unexpected events which can devastate it.

You can get insurance for general liability, business property, equipment breakdown insurance, worker’s compensation, property, commercial auto, and more.

Step 5: Launch Your Business 

To launch your lingerie business, you need marketing materials. It helps you to attract and retain customers.

  • You first need to develop a good logo for your lingerie line. The logo will be printed on your website, business card, and other items. With the right logo, you can make customers remember your lingerie business. Also, it can create awareness about your brand and increase your customer base.
  • You also need to create a website that can help you increase engagement with customers. Your website can have contact information, products you offer, and other details. Choose the right aesthetics for your website because it will influence how customers see your business.
  • Creating a strong social media presence can help you advertise your business to a wider range of customers and interact with potential customers.
  • Invest in the best lingerie software so you can smoothly run the business. Software for invoicing and accounting systems can take a lot of work off your shoulder.

SWOT Analysis of a Lingerie Business

A SWOT analysis is an excellent way to understand the competitive landscape of your lingerie business. A strength-weakness-opportunity-threat (SWOT) analysis can give you a clear picture of what strategies and tactics will work for your business.


• Excellent reputation in the market

• Experienced staffs

• Innovative products

• Unique designs


• Limited resources

• Low customer awareness


• Online presence through social media/internet marketing

• Expansion into new markets


• High competition from other lingerie businesses

• Economic downturns

• Changes in customer preferences/tastes.

What We Like And Dislike About a Lingerie Business

What We Like:

• The lingerie business offers a unique variety of items, making it an ideal choice for customers looking for something unique.

• With the right products and marketing strategies, you can establish your lingerie business as the go-to destination for customers.

• There is plenty of room to grow your business by expanding into new markets or launching additional product lines.

What We Dislike:

• The lingerie business requires a lot of hard work and dedication to be successful.

• It can be challenging to keep up with changing customer preferences and tastes, making it tough to stay competitive.

• Some lingerie businesses have difficulty attracting sufficient capital due to the nature of the business.

• Dealing with legal issues like copyright infringement can be a hassle.

Our Overall Thoughts

Starting a lingerie business can be a great opportunity to make money and build your brand. You can attract customers and grow your business with the right strategies and tactics. You need to order supplies, develop marketing materials, get insurance, and create an online presence to start a successful lingerie business. Additionally, it’s essential to do a SWOT analysis of your competition before launching your lingerie business. Considering the pros and cons of running a lingerie business should help you decide if this is the correct type of venture for you. Good luck!  ​


What kind of supplies do I need to start a lingerie business?

You will need lingerie fabric, threads, ribbons, lace trim, and other materials. You may also need sewing machines and notions.

How do I make my lingerie business stand out from the competition?

You can create unique designs or offer innovative products that customers won’t find elsewhere. Additionally, you can invest in sound marketing strategies to increase your brand’s visibility.

Do I need insurance for a lingerie business?

Yes, it is essential to have insurance coverage for your business in case there are any accidents or liabilities. Check with your local insurance agent to find out what kind of coverage you need.

What are the legal requirements for starting a lingerie business?

You must register your business, obtain necessary licenses or permits, and comply with applicable laws. Additionally, ensure that your products do not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks.

What are some tips for success in the lingerie business?

Focus on customer service and satisfaction, provide quality products, stay up to date with trends and technologies, invest in sound marketing strategies, always strive to innovate and improve your products, and maintain a positive reputation. Additionally, build a network of contacts that can help you identify potential opportunities.

Branding Your Lingerie Business

The correct name and tagline is integral to making your lingerie business successful. A great business name should be memorable and unique and convey the essence of your brand. Additionally, create a memorable tagline encapsulating your business’s values and personality. You can build customer loyalty and recognition for your lingerie business with a good brand identity.

100+ Business Names and Taglines for a Lingerie Business

1. Allure Lingerie –Elegant lingerie for modern women.

2. Bloom Boutique– Where beauty blooms.

3. Charmed Lingerie– Feel truly charmed in luxurious lingerie.

4. Dreamy Dreams –Experience the dreamiest dreams with our lingerie collection.

5. Flirtatious Fashions – Flirt your way to an unforgettable look!

6. Glamorous Nights –Unleash your inner glamour goddess with luxurious lingerie pieces!

7. Honey Bear Boutique –Welcome to a world of soft and sweet lingerie!

8. Intimate Delights -Discover the ultimate intimate delights!

9. Lacy Luxuries – Indulge in lacy luxuries for an unforgettable look.

10. Moonlight Boutique–Light up the night with stylish lingerie pieces!

11. Naughty Necessities – Get ready for your naughty necessities!

12. Passion’s Playground –Your ultimate playground for passionate nights!

13. Queenly Couture –Let royalty reign with queenly couture lingerie!

14. Romantic Rendezvous – Make every rendezvous romantic and special!

15. Satin Secrets -Uncover all your satin secrets today!

16. Tempting Treasures–Explore our tempting treasures of lingerie styles!

17. Undeniable Enchantment –Experience undeniable enchantment with lingerie pieces from our collection.

18. Velvety Visions –Allow your velvety visions to come alive!

19. Whispered Wishes –Your whispered wishes are about to come true!

20. Exquisite Elegance –Indulge in exquisite elegance and feel amazing!

21. XOXO Fashions -Stay on-trend with our luxurious XOXO fashions!

22. Yummy Treasures –Treat yourself to some yummy treasures of lingerie styles!

23. Zesty Delights -Uncover zesty delights in every style!

24. Sweet Seduction –Achieve sweet seduction with our lingerie pieces!

25. Lingerie by La Femme –Elevate your look with La Femme’s luxurious lingerie collection!

Romantic Business Names and Taglines for a Lingerie Business

1. Love’s Desire –Experience the ultimate desirous love with our lingerie collection.

2. Cupid’s Lair –Make every night special in Cupid’s Lair of romantic lingerie styles!

3. Pleasures of Passion –Unlock the pleasures of passionate nights in our luxury lingerie pieces!

4. Magical Moments – Create magical moments in our exclusive lingerie styles!

5. Blissful Boudoir -Discover blissful boudoir styles and feel irresistible!

6. Sweet Surrenders –Surrender yourself to sweet dreams with luxurious lingerie pieces!

7. Enchanting Dreams– Let enchanting dreams come alive in our lingerie collection!

8. Lingerie by Love –Experience timeless love with our lingerie pieces!

9. Embrace of Romance -Feel the embrace of romance in every piece!

10. Sweet Obsessions -Discover sweet obsessions in every style!

Humorous Names and Taglines for a Lingerie Business

1. Foxy Fashions -Let your foxiness shine through with our lingerie pieces!

2. Sassy Styles –Feel sassier than ever in our luxurious lingerie styles!

3. Drama Queen Boutique– Accessorize like a drama queen at the Drama Queen Boutique!

4. Sexy Siren Fashions –Glam up your look with Sexy Siren’s luxurious lingerie collection!

5. Luscious Love Boutique –Make every night lusciously memorable with love from the Luscious Love boutique!

6. Funky Fashionista –Find unique and funky fashionista looks for any occasion!

7. Lingerie by Lady Luck –Let lady luck take you to a whole new level of fashion with our luxurious lingerie pieces!

8. Sensational Sweetness -Satisfy your sweet tooth for fashion with our sensational lingerie pieces!

9. Fancy Fox Lingerie –Unleash your inner fox in fancy fox styles from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

10. Sinfully Sexy Fashions –Indulge in sinfully sexy fashions and feel like a goddess!

Furry Friends Inspired Names and Taglines for a Lingerie Business

1. Purrfect Pieces –Experience purrfectly luxurious lingerie pieces!

2. Meow-Worthy Designs –Make a statement in meow-worthy designs from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

3. Fierce & Fluffy Styles–Look fierce and feel fluffy in our luxurious lingerie styles!

4. Paw-sitively Sexy Styles -Revel in paw-sitively sexy styles that make you feel confident and amazing!

5. Meowsome Looks –Discover meowsome looks at the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

6. Whisker Lickin’ Good Fashions –Get your whisker lickin’ good fashions from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

7. Cat-tastic Fashions –Unleash your inner cat with cat-tastic lingerie pieces!

8. Furrific Styles –Feel furrific in our collection of luxurious lingerie styles!

9. Purrrfectly Sexy Styles -Look and feel purrrfectly sexy in every style!

10. Pampered Pet Fashions –Enjoy being pampered in pet-inspired fashions!

Regional Inspired Names and Taglines for a Lingerie Business

1. Distinguished Divas –Be a distinguished diva in our luxurious lingerie pieces!

2. Southern Sophistication –Indulge in southern sophistication with our lingerie collection!

3. City Chic Styles – Achieve city chic looks with our luxurious lingerie styles!

4. Country Cool Fashions -Look country cool and feel amazing in every piece!

5. West Coast Luxury -Experience west coast luxury with our exclusive lingerie styles!

6. East Coast Elegance– Showcase your east coast elegance with the Luxury Lingerie Boutique’s collection!

7. Midwest Magic –Unlock midwest magic with our lingerie styles!

8. Rock ‘n Roll Glam -Feel like a rock star in our glam-filled lingerie pieces!

9. Rural Refined Styles –Achieve refined rural looks with our luxurious lingerie collection!

10. Urban Utopia Fashions– Experience urban utopia in every piece from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

Animal-Inspired Names and Taglines for a Lingerie Business

1. Mermaid Magic –Unlock mermaid magic with luxurious lingerie pieces!

2. Sensual Slithers –Experience sensual slithers in our exclusive lingerie styles!

3. Butterfly Beauties -Revel in the beauty of butterflies with our luxurious lingerie styles!

4. Feathered Finery -Look and feel fabulous in feathered finery from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

5. Oceanic Opulence –Experience oceanic opulence in every piece from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

6. Precious Peacock Styles -Showcase your precious peacock style with lingerie pieces from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

7. Wings of Wonder –Soar to new heights of fashion with wings of wonder from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

8. Fly High Feathers –Feel like you can fly high in feathers-inspired lingerie pieces!

9. Bumble Bee Beauty –Bee beautiful in bumble bee-inspired lingerie pieces!

10. Love Bird Luxury –Feel the love with luxurious lovebird styles from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

Disney Inspired Names and Taglines for a Lingerie Business

1. Princess Perfection -Achieve princess perfection with our luxurious lingerie styles!

2. Beauty & Beastly Fashions –Look beautiful and feel beastly in our lingerie fashions!

3. Happily Ever Afters -Discover happily ever afters with the Luxury Lingerie Boutique’s collection!

4. Snow White’s Secrets –Unlock Snow White’s secrets and experience glamour like never before!

5. Cinderella Dreams –Make your Cinderella dreams come true with our luxurious lingerie pieces!

6. Moana Magic -Experience moana magic with luxurious lingerie pieces from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

7. Sleeping Beauty Styles –Unlock sleeping beauty styles and feel like royalty in every piece!

8. Princess Tiana Allure –Experience the allure of Princess Tiana with luxurious lingerie pieces!

9. Ariel’s Under the Sea Glamour -Discover Ariel’s under the sea glamour at the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

10. Mulan’s Majestic Majesty -Look majestic and powerful in Mulan-inspired lingerie styles from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

Luxurious Business Names and Taglines for a Lingerie Business

1. Exquisite Enchantment –Enchant yourself with exquisite lingerie styles from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

2. Indulgent Intrigue -Indulge in intrigue and mystery with our luxurious lingerie pieces!

3. Opulent Oasis –Experience opulence in an oasis of lingerie styles from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

4. Refined Elegance –Achieve refined elegance with our luxurious lingerie pieces!

5. Splendid Sophistication– Discover splendid sophistication with every piece from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

6. Radiant Rapture –Feel radiant and rapturous in our luxurious lingerie styles!

7. Glorious Grandeur –Savour glorious grandeur in every piece from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

8. Delicate Delights –Experience delicate delights with our luxurious lingerie pieces!

9. Lavish Luster -Unlock lavish luster with exclusive lingerie pieces from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

10. Magnificent Marvels –Marvel at magnificent luxury with our lingerie styles!

11. Utopian Fashions –Experience urban utopia in every piece from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

12. Sultry Sublimity– Create sultry sublimity with our luxurious lingerie styles!

13. Heavenly Heirlooms -Discover heavenly heirlooms at the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

14. Dreamy Desires –Unlock dreamy desires with our luxurious lingerie pieces!

15. Glowing Glamour -Achieve glowing glamour in luxurious lingerie pieces from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

16. Royal Riches –Experience royal riches with our luxurious lingerie pieces!

17. Exotic Splendor –Unlock exotic splendor in every piece from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

18. Mystical Majesty –Feel majestic and mystical in our luxurious lingerie styles!

19. Regal Rhapsody -Experience regal rhapsody with exclusive lingerie pieces from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

20. Serene Sensuality -Savour serene sensuality in every piece from the Luxury Lingerie Boutique!

Sample Business Plan for a Lingerie Business

Executive Summary

The Luxury Lingerie Boutique is an online business specializing in luxurious and exquisite lingerie styles. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality, stylish, and comfortable lingerie pieces that are sure to make them feel beautiful, confident, and empowered. We have a vast selection of designer collections inspired by Disney characters and exclusive lines of sophisticated and glamorous pieces. At The Luxury Lingerie Boutique, we aspire to meet the needs of every woman’s style and body type.

Company Description

The Luxury Lingerie Boutique was founded in 2022 to provide high-quality lingerie pieces at affordable prices. We specialize in luxurious designs from diverse designers worldwide and exclusive lines of glamorous and sophisticated pieces. Our selection is tailored to meet the needs of every woman’s style and body type. We offer free shipping on orders over $50 and a satisfaction guarantee for any item that doesn’t fit or isn’t up to our standards.

Market Analysis

The lingerie market is currently estimated at USD 44 billion, with women’s lingerie accounting for approximately 75% of sales. The primary target demographic is women between 18-35 years old, accounting for 41% of total purchases. Additionally, sales are projected to grow 3-4% annually through 2024. Our competitive advantage lies in our commitment to providing high-quality products at affordable prices and our focus on customer satisfaction.

Organizational Structure

The Luxury Lingerie Boutique is organized into the following departments:

• Marketing – responsible for all marketing and branding efforts;

• Product Development – responsible for sourcing and designing new products;

• Customer Service – responsible for customer inquiries and satisfaction;

• Fulfillment – responsible for order fulfillment and shipping.

Operations Plan

The Luxury Lingerie Boutique will operate from a virtual office space and utilize third-party vendors to source materials, manufacture items, and manage fulfillment services. We will use traditional advertising methods (e.g., radio, print, and direct mail) and digital marketing techniques (e.g., search engine optimization, social media campaigns, affiliate programs, etc.) to reach our target market.

Financial Plan

The Luxury Lingerie Boutique will require an estimated start-up capital of USD 50,000. This will be used for infrastructure costs (e.g., website development, virtual office space rental), inventory purchases, and marketing expenses. We anticipate a breakeven point after six months of operations, followed by steady growth in revenue as the business expands its customer base and product selection.


The Luxury Lingerie Boutique is well-positioned to become a successful online lingerie business offering quality products at affordable prices. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and an extensive selection of designer collections and exclusive lines of sophisticated pieces, we are confident that our business will meet the needs of every woman’s style and body type.

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