Everything You Need to Know to Start a Successful Computer Repair Business

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By Jacob Maslow

Computer repair businesses require a small startup investment, excellent computer skills, and some business savvy. The pros include work flexibility and respectable revenue and profit potential because you can charge between $60 and $80 per hour.

The number of computer owners in the U.S. continues to grow, and figures indicate that at least 92% of households have at least one computer. However, one drawback of the computer repair business – the low replacement cost of laptops makes it easier for consumers to replace than repair, especially their laptops. Big players have also entered the market, making competing more difficult.

However, you can still put your computer skills to use in several areas where demand continues to remain strong and profitable, including network installations in homes and businesses, disaster recovery after a virus attack, and offering at-home repair services. You will need to consider your area’s market gap and the services you can offer.

SWOT Analysis of a Computer Repair Business

Before launching your computer repair business, it is essential to undertake a thorough SWOT analysis. Start by creating a list of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats you may face.


• Low startup costs

• Ability to work from home or other remote locations

• Variety of services offered, such as software installation and hardware repairs


• Lack of brand recognition in the market

• Limited customer base due to competition from larger companies


• Develop partnerships with IT professionals who can refer clients to you for specific services

• Focus on niche markets that require specialized knowledge or skillset (e.g., healthcare, government)


• Lower than expected profits due to the cost of parts and labor

• The emergence of new technologies that make computer repair services obsolete

• Increasing competition from big-box stores with lower prices.

Franchise Opportunities

Franchising can be a great way to get into the computer repair business with minimal startup costs and access to resources, such as customer service training and buying power.

However, before committing, you must consider the pros and cons of franchising.


• Access to successful practices and strategies from experienced franchisees

• Receive an established brand name in the industry

• Receive help with marketing your business


• High upfront costs for joining a franchise network

• Lack of creative control over your business decisions

• Limited profit potential due to restrictive rules imposed by the franchisor.

Some popular franchisors that offer computer repair services include Geek Squad, Geeks On Call, and CompUSA. Each provider offers different services and fees associated with joining the franchise network. Be sure to research each provider thoroughly before committing.

Niches and Specializations

To succeed in the computer repair business, it’s essential to focus on finding a niche or specialization. It’s not enough to offer general repairs; you need to identify an area with significant demand for your services. Some potential niches include working with older computers, gaming systems, software installation, virus removal and prevention, server maintenance, network troubleshooting and setup, cloud computing solutions, security management, data recovery, and storage solutions.

Each of these areas requires specialized knowledge and expertise and access to parts or resources that may be difficult to obtain. By focusing on a specific niche, you can become the go-to expert for your clients and establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise.

Steps to Starting a Computer Repair Business

Now that you have recognized the pros and cons of the computer repair business, here is how to start a computer repair business.

1.      Create Your Computer Repair Business Plan

A business plan is a foundation that fortifies your business, whether you work from home or start a computer service business with several services and employees.

You can see our template below if you don’t know where to begin with your business plan. However, these are the most important questions to address as you write your plan because they will guide you as you start your business and run it. In addition, your planning helps you drive your business as you adapt to the market and into the future:

Services Offered:  Include a list of services you plan to specialize in and offer your consumers. These could include server maintenance, virus removal, virus protection, hardware repairs, computer training, etc.

Target Customers: Decide whether your target customers are businesses, individuals, or both to help you understand their needs and create a plan to reach out to them.

Your Business Structure: Your business structure can affect your taxes and legal liability. Most smaller business owners choose either a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), or the S Corp (a tax structure). If you feel unsure about which will suit your computer repair business, speak to your accountant or lawyer for advice.

Your Business Location:  Your business location will impact your expenses, business insurance needs, and meeting customer needs. For example, if you have a storefront, it’s easier for customers to bring their computers to you unless you offer on-site service. On the other hand, if you run the business at home, you may need a business vehicle and the necessary insurance.

Business Financing Needs: The startup costs for a computer repair business can add up depending on your needs. If you already have the certification as a technician, a reliable computer and equipment, and don’t need a company car, you may only need about $4,000. However, you will need about $12,100 if you need the qualifications and equipment. These costs exclude a vehicle and employees.

If you don’t have startup financing, you will need to consider your financing options, e.g., a small business loan, a partnership with an outside investor, and crowdfunding.

Your competitors: Take the time to analyze your competition. Your business plan includes their strengths, weaknesses, and how you plan to fill the gap in the market. In addition, include the marketing strategies they use and how these may affect your ability to gain a footing in the market.

Projected Income and Expenses: You need to set your goals in your business plan for at least the next five years by considering your costs and your projected income.

Marketing Strategy: In this section of your business plan, discuss the marketing strategy you plan to adopt and its cost.

Running of the Business: Address your computer business employee needs, even if these fall into your future plans. Employees can help you scale the business, so you need to determine at what point your business will afford employees and what skills they need.

You don’t have to start from scratch when writing your business plan. Software services and online templates can provide guidance, such as LivePlan and Bizplan. These services can save time and help ensure accuracy when putting together the necessary information for your business plan. For example, LivePlan offers a specialized template tailored to computer repair businesses with step-by-step instructions, which helps create an effective plan in no time. Additionally, Bizplan is another service that provides helpful resources, including industry-specific templates and access to investor networks to benefit entrepreneurs in further starting their businesses. With both of these services, users have access to comprehensive guides on how to write a business plan as well as tutorials and business calculators. For more information on LivePlan, visit https://www.liveplan.com/, and for Bizplan, please see https://bizplan.com/. These services can help entrepreneurs make their business plan dreams become a reality.​

2.      Name Your Business

Naming your computer repair business provides it with an identity, making it easier for your customers to spot you in a competitive market. Make sure to brainstorm a catchy name that is both unique and memorable. You must register a “doing business as” or DBA if you want to choose a different name to trade with than your chosen business name.

Once you have decided on the ideal name for your business, secure its domain name and check that it’s available with your state and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

If you have no business name ideas, see the list of names and slogans we have chosen for you below. Then, you can either use them as they are or use them to brainstorm a business name idea.

3.      Register Your Computer Repair Business

You must register your business to make it official. The registration process starts from the state you choose to register in, and most people choose to register in the state they live. However, transferring a business to another state is easy if it offers your type of business more advantages or incentives.

4.      Get an EIN for Paying Business Taxes

Every business must pay taxes according to its chosen business structure. If you have decided to have a sole proprietorship, you don’t need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to pay your business taxes. LLC owners can visit the IRS website, apply for an EIN, and choose their tax year.

5.      Acquire Appropriate Business Permits and Licenses

Depending on your location, your license and permit needs may change, so determine what you need by asking your local licensing office or the SBA. The list may include a business, vendor’s and contractor’s license, and a seller’s permit.

6.      Insure Your Business

The scope of your services will determine your insurance needs. Therefore, if you have a mobile unit offering repair services, you will need commercial auto insurance. Every business requires general liability insurance to cover injuries and accidents on your property and equipment.

If you have employees, you have a legal obligation to protect them against accidents and injuries in the workplace with worker’s compensation insurance.

Other insurance worth looking into is business interruption, commercial property, and professional liability insurance, depending on your business needs.

A good insurance agent can help you determine which policies suit your business best and offer a consolidated form of business insurance.

7.      Market Your Business

As you reach the final stages before opening to the public, you need to inform your target market about your business. Attracting and retaining customers requires marketing efforts. You will need to develop a logo based on your business name and slogan.

You must also create a website and establish your chosen social media accounts. Make sure to use SEO to get organic traffic and consider what traditional marketing methods will best introduce you locally, e.g., flyers, local media advertising, business cards, etc. Remember, word-of-mouth is an excellent marketing effort, so ask friends, family, and satisfied clients to spread the word about your business.

Marketing Tips:

  • Utilize the power of the internet to create relationships with potential customers
  • Spread the word through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Offer discounts or free services for referrals
  • Use email marketing campaigns to inform your clients about the latest services or offers.
  • Run local ads in newspapers and magazines to reach wider audiences.
  • Attend industry conferences and trade shows to promote your services
  • Utilize SEO techniques to improve visibility on search engines
  • Give back to the community by offering free computer repair services or discounts for students, seniors, low-income families, etc.
  • Participate in local business organizations such as chambers of commerce to network and build relationships with other businesses
  • Leverage online platforms such as Google My Business and Yelp to showcase your computer repair services
  • Develop strategic partnerships with vendors and local companies that target similar audiences.

8.      Open Your Computer Repair Business

Once your business location is ready and you have the required software and equipment, you can open your computer repair business to the public. You have taken all the proper steps to help your business succeed. You can soon have a thriving business by combining these with your excellent skills.

Tips for Running a Successful Computer Repair Business:

  • Offer excellent customer service to stand out from your competitors
  • Create an online presence and leverage the power of social media
  • Focus on providing high-quality services at competitive prices
  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends and new technologies
  • Develop creative marketing strategies to attract more customers
  • Keep detailed records of each job you complete
  • Be willing to go the extra mile for clients, providing warranties or other guarantees if needed.
  • Build relationships with local vendors and businesses to get better deals on parts and materials.
  • Take advantage of software updates as they become available so that you can provide the best repair services possible.

Safety and Security

Keeping your business safe from theft, data breaches, and other malicious attacks is essential.

Tips for Safe & Secure Computer Repair Business:

  • Secure all computers within the workplace using passwords and encryption software
  • Securely backup critical customer data and store it offsite
  • Regularly update antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall applications
  • Restrict employee access to sensitive information such as customer records
  • Implement secure remote connection protocols
  • Perform regular system scans for vulnerabilities
  • Require employees to use strong passwords
  • Encrypt confidential client data when transmitting over public networks or storing on portable media
  • Train staff on safe online behavior, including not clicking on suspicious links or opening attachments from unknown sources
  • Be aware of common scams and phishing emails.

What we like and dislike about a computer repair Business

We like:

  • Customer service is a top priority in the computer repair business, so it’s important to provide excellent customer service.
  • The potential for growth and success is high; as technology advances, more opportunities open up for computer repair businesses.
  • The ability to stay ahead of industry trends and capitalize on new technologies can be pretty beneficial.
  • Business owners are their own bosses, so they have complete control over their business running and growing.
  • It can be a lucrative profession if you are willing to put in the time and effort required to make your business successful.

We Dislike:

  • The start-up costs involved in opening a computer repair business can be expensive, and it can take time to make the business profitable.
  • The field is highly competitive, so there will be competition from other computer repair businesses in your area.
  • Getting the business off the ground may require long hours and hard work.
  • If business owner isn’t tech-savvy, they may have trouble keeping up with industry trends and new technologies.
  • Business owners must stay organized to provide quality services and securely keep track of their customer’s data. In addition, they must remain up-to-date with any changes or updates in their chosen software or operating systems.  Failing to do this could result in costly mistakes or even legal issues.
  •  Computer repair may also be subject to lawsuits from unhappy customers, so business owners need to carry adequate insurance coverage.


Do I need a license to start a computer repair business?

Depending on your location, you may need certain licenses and permits to operate your business. You should contact your local licensing office or the SBA for more information about the specific requirements for starting a computer repair business in your area.

How do I market my computer repair business?

To market your computer repair business, consider developing a logo based on your chosen name and slogan, creating a website and establishing social media accounts, using SEO to get organic traffic, and utilizing traditional marketing methods such as flyers, local media advertising, and business cards. Additionally, word-of-mouth is an excellent form of marketing – ask friends, family, and satisfied clients to spread the word about your business.

Do I need insurance for my computer repair business?

Yes, you should acquire appropriate business permits and licenses to operate legally. Depending on the scope of services offered, you may need commercial auto insurance if you offer mobile repairs and general liability insurance to cover any injuries or accidents on your property and equipment. If you have employees, worker’s compensation insurance is also a legal requirement. Other types of insurance worth looking into are business interruption, commercial property, and professional liability insurance. Consult with an insurance agent to determine which policies suit your business best.

What are the steps to start a computer repair business?

1. Research competitors, competition, and market opportunities

2. Create a business plan

3. Determine startup costs

4. Choose your business location

5. Secure software and equipment for repairs

6. Acquire the necessary permits and licenses

7. Market your services

8. Open your business to the public!

9. Maintain a steady workflow

10. Monitor your progress and adjust accordingly.

What other services could I offer as part of my computer repair business?

In addition to traditional computer repairs, you could also offer software installation, data recovery and backup solutions, virus removal and malware protection services, networking setup and troubleshooting remote IT support, system upgrades, printer support and repairs, laptop screen replacements, PC health checks, and optimization services. Additionally, you could provide training on essential computer use and more specialized topics such as coding languages or graphic design software. By offering a wide range of quality services, you can reach out to new markets and increase your customer base!  You can also expand the scope of your business by selling computers, parts, and accessories.

Resources for computer repair businesses

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is an excellent resource for small business owners. They offer free online courses, webinars on starting and managing a business, and an array of resources to help you succeed. The SBA also provides loan programs and counseling services for entrepreneurs looking to get their businesses off the ground.

Business Know-How is a website that provides articles, tips, and advice about launching, managing and growing a successful business. Their comprehensive library covers topics such as taxes, legal issues, marketing strategies, information technology, accounting principles, and more – all tailored toward small businesses like yours.

The Association of Computer Repair Business Owners (ACRBO) is dedicated to helping computer repair professionals be successful. They provide various resources, from home-learning courses to mentoring support and networking opportunities, as well as advice on developing business strategies, marketing plans, and legal issues.

The Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is also an excellent resource for computer repair businesses. CompTIA provides certifications in IT-related disciplines, such as networking and security, which can help you gain credibility and demonstrate your expertise in the industry. They also offer a range of professional development materials, including books on business planning and financial management.

The International Association of Computer Repair Businesses (IACRB) is another helpful organization that offers resources and support to computer repair professionals. Their website features industry news updates, a forum for networking with other computer repair business owners, and access to exclusive discounts on key products and services.

Finally, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides free one-on-one advice and resources to small businesses in all stages of growth. They offer assistance with developing your business plan, marketing strategies, financial management, operations planning, and more. The SBDC also offers specialized training courses designed specifically for entrepreneurs in the IT industry.

By taking advantage of these resources, you can start and manage a successful computer repair business that attracts customers from near and far! With dedication, commitment, and expert advice from knowledgeable professionals, you will be well on your way to success!

Small Business Administration: https://www.sba.gov/

Business Know-How: https://www.businessknowhow.com/

Association of Computer Repair Business Owners: https://acrbo.org/

Computer Technology Industry Association: https://certification.comptia.org/

International Association of Computer Repair Businesses: http://iacrb.org/

Small Business Development Center: https://www.sbdcnet.org/

Starting and managing a successful computer repair business requires dedication, commitment, and expert advice from knowledgeable professionals. Resources such as those provided by the Small Business Administration (SBA), Business Know-How, Association of Computer Repair Business Owners (ACRBO), Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), International Association of Computer Repair Businesses (IACRB), and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) can help you with various aspects of launching and running your business. With these helpful resources at your disposal, you will be well on your way to success!

Creating Effective and Compelling Social Media Ads

Advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn can be an effective way to increase your reach and build brand awareness. You can target potential customers interested in computer repair services with the right strategy.

When creating a Facebook Ad or LinkedIn ad campaign, it is essential to consider the goal of your ad. Are you looking to drive website traffic? Increase sales? Generate leads? Once you have established this, create content around that goal that will resonate with your target audience. A combination of inspiring visuals, engaging copy, and attractive offers will help capture their attention. Ensure to include a clear call-to-action (CTA) so viewers know what action to take next.

In addition to great content, you should also target your advertisements. This can be done through audience targeting on Facebook and LinkedIn Ads Manager. Consider age, gender, location, interests, and more. Doing this will help ensure that your ads are reaching the right people.

Sample Facebook and LinkedIn Ads:

Facebook Ad: “Is your computer giving you trouble? Let us take care of it for you! Our experienced technicians can get your devices running smoothly again in no time. Contact us today for a free quote!”

LinkedIn Ad: “Looking for reliable computer repairs? We specialize in data recovery, virus removal, hardware repair, system upgrades and more! Contact us to learn how we can help.”

Facebook Ad: “Don’t let your computer woes slow you down! Our experienced technicians will provide top-notch repair services and get your devices running like new. Contact us for a free consultation!”

LinkedIn Ad: “Need help with your computer? We offer reliable, cost-effective repair services to get your device up and running quickly. Schedule an appointment today and take advantage of our special discounts!”

Facebook Ad: “Computer problems getting in the way of work or school? Let us handle it for you! Our team of certified technicians is here to provide professional repairs and get your device back on track. Call now to book an appointment!”

LinkedIn Ad: “We specialize in all things tech! From data recovery to hardware upgrades, our certified technicians can help you with any computer repairs. Contact us for a free consultation and get your device running like new!”

These are just some examples of how to create engaging content for Facebook and LinkedIn Ads. You can reach potential customers who need computer repair services with the right strategy. For more tips on creating successful ads, check out our blog posts! Good luck!

Sample Lead Magnet

Creating a lead magnet is an effective way to drive more leads for your computer repair business. A lead magnet is something of value that potential customers find useful in exchange for their contact information. Examples may include ebooks, white papers, webinars, and cheat sheets.

When creating a lead magnet, consider what content will be most valuable to your target audience. Think about what problems they are facing with their computers and how you can provide solutions. Keep the content concise, actionable, and relevant.

Here is an example of a lead magnet your computer repair business could offer:

“Unlock the Secrets to Troubleshooting & Maintaining Your Computer. This ebook will provide you with detailed tips and tricks on troubleshooting common computer issues, understanding complex technical terms, and keeping your system running smoothly.”

By providing potential customers with helpful information through your lead magnets, they are more likely to contact you for help with their computer problems. Offer something valuable in return for their data, and watch as your leads grow!

200 Names and Slogans for a computer repair business

1. Tech Masters – “Where Technology is Our Art”

2. Premier PC Solutions – “Mastering Your Machines”

3. Electric Engineers – “Say Goodbye to Computer Troubles”

4. Data Doctors – “We Cure Your Device’s Ailments”

5. Geek Squad – “The Experts of IT Knowledge”

6. Digital Dynamics – “Smooth Connections and Reliable Results”

7. Techno-Wizards – “Tomorrow’s Tech Today!”

8. Quick Fix Computers – “Fast Repairs, Done Right”

9. The Computer Workshop – “Servicing All Your Electronic Needs”

10. Masterminds – “The Ultimate Tech Solutions”

11. Digital Menders – “Bringing Life Back to Your Device”

12. Byte Breakers – “Expert Computer Repair Services”

13. PC Engineers – “Your Personal Technology Team”

14. CompuSolve – “The Fix for All Your Computer Troubles”

15. Advanced IT Solutions – “Taking IT To The Next Level”

16. Tech Success – “Making Technology Work For You”

17. SuperTechs – “Keeping Computers in Top Condition”

18. Reliable Repairmen – “We’ll Get the Job Done Right!”

19. Data Doctors Plus – “Experts in Data Recovery & Repair”

20. The Computer Repair Shop – “Your One Stop Tech Solution”

21. CyberCasters – “Unlock the Power of Technology”

22. System Saviors – “Making Your Machine Work Again”

23. Digital Doctors – “The Miracle Makers of Technology”

24. PC Wizards – “Breathing Life into Your Device”

25. Fix It Fast Computers – “Where No Problem Is Too Big or Small”

26. The Technicians – “Getting You Back Online”

27. PC Remedies – “Your Computer Care Specialists”

28. Micro Mechanics – “Repairing Your Tech, One Byte at a Time”

29. TechTastic – “The Best in Computer Repair Services”

30. System Solutions – “The Key to Unlocking Your Technology Needs”

31. The iGurus – “Providing IT Solutions for All”

32. CompuCrew – “Bringing the Power of Computers to Life”

33. Digital Pros– “Smoothing Out Your Digital World”

34. Device Doctors – “Helping You Get Back on Track”

35. The TechTeam – “We Fix It All”

36. PC Innovators – “The Leaders in Computer Repairs”

37. Data Masters – “Making the Most of Your Machine”

38. ByteBackers- “Bringing Out the Best in Technology”

39. Geekology – “Mastering Your Machines Today!”

40. PC Technicians- “Servicing Your Digital Life”

41. Cyber Services – “Your Reliable IT Partner”

42. System Rockstars– “Saving Computers from Oblivion”

43. System Support – “Where Assistance is Always Available”

44. Tech Heroes– “Righting Digital Wrongs”

45. Computer Corner – “Putting the Pieces Back Together”

46. The PC Fixers – “Repairing Your Device, No Problem Too Small”

47. Data Recovery Services – “Bringing Back Lost Data”

48. Compu-Geniuses – “Your Ultimate IT Support”

49. Tech Warriors – “Guiding You Through Technology Troubles”

50. System Specialists – “Experts in Resolving Computer Problems”

51. The Repair Pros – “Saving Machines from Disaster”

52. Help Desk Heroes – “We Handle It All”

53. Tech Ninjas – “The Stealthy Problem Solvers”

54. Data Defenders – “Protecting Your Digital Assets”

55. Device Geeks – “Taking Care of Your Computer Needs”

56. The IT Wizards – “Unleashing the Power of Technology”

57. PC Repair Solutions – “The Most Efficient Fix for Every Issue”

58. Techno-Fixers – “Solving All Your Technical Problems”

59. Geek Gods – “Bringing Out the Best from Your Machines”

60. Logic Doctors – “Where Technology Makes Sense Again”

61. High Tech Helpers– “Relieving You of Digital Stress”

62. The Computer Gurus – “Making Machines Do the Impossible”

63. Tech Doctors – “Diagnosing and Curing Device Woes”

64. Pixel Wizards – “Making Computers Do Magic”

65. System Solutions Plus– “The Comprehensive IT Assistance You Need”

66. Byte Masters – “Unrivaled Expertise in Troubleshooting”

67. Data Saviors – “Preserving Your Most Valuable Information”

68. Technology Services Group- “Bringing Your Tech to its Full Potential”

69. PC Care Center – “We Repair, Restore and Rejuvenate Your Machine”

70. The IT Gurus – “Your One Stop Shop for All Things Tech”

71. Computer Repair Experts – “Taking Care of Your Digital Needs”

72. System Specialists Plus – “Turning Technology Into Power”

73. Compu-Fixers – “Getting You Back Up and Running”

74. Guardians of the Grid – “Keeping Data Safe and Secure”

75. PC Masters – “We Make Computers Work Better”

76. Tech Support Heroes – “Where Technology is a Piece of Cake”

77. TechnoGeniuses – “Smoothing Out Your Computer Issues”

78. Data Defenders – “Providing Comprehensive IT Security Solutions”

79. The Fixers – “Getting Your Device Back in Shape”

80. Computer Kingpins– “Making Technology Work for You”

81. Tech Troubleshooters– “Averting Digital Disaster”

82. Geek Squad– “We Make Technology Simple Again”

83. PC Care Specialists – “Giving You Technical Expertise With a Personal Touch”

84. System Mechanics – “Bringing Out the Best from Your Machines”

85. Digital Doctors Plus – “The Maximum Solution to All of Your Tech Troubles”

86. Computing Clarity- “Helping You Get the Most Out of Your Machine”

87. Byte Warriors – “Battling Bad Technology to Bring You Good Results”

88. Tech Solutions – “Getting You Up and Running in No Time!”

89. Computer Medic- “The Cure for What Ails Your Digital Life”

90. Device Rescue – “We Restore, Rejuvenate and Save”

91. High Tech Healers– “Making Machines Work Again”

92. The IT Technicians – “Don’t Fear Technology, Let Us Help”

93. Geek Mechanics – “Putting Things Right with Your Machines”

94. PC Pros Plus – “Your Comprehensive IT Specialists”

95. Tech-Savvy – “Making Technology Your Friend”

96. The Smartphone Specialists – “Competent and Efficient Solutions for Every Device”

97. System Supervisors – “Maximizing Performance, Minimizing Problems”

98. Data Security Services – “Providing Total Protection For You and Your Data”

99. Computer Repair Pros – “The Best in Technical Support and Maintenance”

100. Troubleshooting Titans – “Where Complex Issues are No Match”

101. Tech Geniuses – “Solving Problems at Light Speed”

102. PC Repair Services – “The Professional Solution for Any Computer Issue”

103. Geek Assistants- “Your Friendly IT Helpers”

104. System Specialists – “Experts in Resolving Computer Problems”

105. High Tech Rescuers – “Saving You from Digital Peril”

106. The Device Experts – “Where Technology is No Longer a Mystery”

107. Techno-Savants – “Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Machines”

108. Digital Masters Plus – “The Ultimate Resource for IT Solutions”

109. PC Maintenance Services – “Keeping Your Machine Running Smoothly”

110. Computer Wizards – “Making Technology Easy Again”

111. IT Support Super Heroes– “When All Else Fails, We Can Save the Day!”

112. Byte Mechanics – “Mastering Any Task with Ease”

113. Data Defenders Plus – “Complete Protection and Optimization Solutions”

114. Technology Consultants – “The Help You Need With the Expertise You Deserve”

115. Gadget Geniuses – “Your Digital Life Made Easier”

116. Device Doctors- “Curing All Of Your Technical Woes”

117. System Supervisors – “Eliminating Problems and Enhancing Performance”

118. Tech Savvy Heroes– “No Issue Too Big, No Task Too Small”

119. PC Repair Angels- “Bringing Peace of Mind to Your Digital World”

120. Computer Care Specialists – “We Make Tech Easy for Everyone”

121. The Tech Titans – “Unlocking the Possibilities of Technology”

122. Geek Gurus – “Providing All Your IT Solutions”

123. Network Ninjas– “Cutting Through the Complexity of Computer Issues”

124. High-Tech Healers Plus – “The Best in Professional Repair Services”

125. PC Professionals – “Making Technology Work For You”

126. Troubleshooting Technicians – “Making IT Simple Again”

127. Digital Rescue Team – “Solving Problems Quickly and Efficiently”

128. Techno Magicians – “We Make Your Digital Dreams Come True”

129. Device Wizards – “Making Digital Technology Easy for Everyone”

130. System Solutions – “The Key To Unlocking Your Computer’s Potential”

131. Data Security Professionals– “Protecting You from the Unseen Menace”

132. Computing Doctors- “Bringing Machines Back to Health”

133. Geek Squad Plus – “We Make Technology Work For You”

134. IT Masters – “Unlocking the Possibilities of Your Machine”

135. Tech Support Specialists – “Expertise at a Low Cost”

136. Gadget Rescuers – “Saving You Time and Money”

137. Smartphone Sanitizers – “Cleansing Your Digital Life of Viruses and Malware”

138. The Computer Consultants – “We Make Technology Work For You”

139. Device Diagnosticians – “Maximizing Performance, Minimizing Problems”

140. Tech Wizards Plus – “Solving Issues Quickly and Efficiently”

141. Network Navigators – “Exploring the Possibilities of Your Machine”

142. PC Problem Solvers- “Bringing Machines Back to Health”

143. Data Defenders – “Professional Solutions for Any Security Issue”

144. High Tech Heroes– “The Masters of Digital Machinery”

145. System Superheroes – “Making Technology Work For You”

146. Technical Troubleshooters – “Experts in Device Diagnostics”

147. The Tech Gurus – “Your One-Stop Solution for IT Solutions”

148. Digital Masters – “The Best in Professional Repair Services”

149. Gadget Mechanics Plus – “Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Devices”

150. Computer Caretakers – “We Make Tech Easy for Everyone”

151. Network NinjasPlus – “Cutting Through the Complexity of Computer Issues Quickly and Efficiently”

152. Security Savants – “Protecting You from the Unseen Menace”

153. Device Doctors Plus – “Curing All of Your Technical Woes and Enhancing Performance”

Regional names and Taglines

154. New York City’s Tech Titans – “Unlocking the Possibilities of Technology”

155. Seattle’s System Superheroes – “Making Technology Work For You”

156. Los Angeles’ Digital Masters – “The Best in Professional Repair Services”

157. San Francisco’s Data Defenders Plus- “Complete Protection and Optimization Solutions”

158. Miami’s Tech Support Super Heroes– “When All Else Fails, We Can Save the Day!”

159. Chicago’s Geek Gurus – “Providing All Your IT Solutions”

160. Boston’s Smartphone Sanitizers – “Cleansing Your Digital Life of Viruses and Malware”

161. Dallas’ Network NinjasPlus- “Cutting Through the Complexity of Computer Issues Quickly and Efficiently”

162. Houston’s Techno Magicians – “We Make Your Digital Dreams Come True”

163. Phoenix’s High-Tech Healers Plus– “The Best in Professional Repair Services”

164. Philadelphia’s PC Professionals – “Making Technology Work For You”

165. Las Vegas’ Gadget Mechanics Plus – “Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Devices”

166. San Diego’s Computer Care Specialists – “We Make Tech Easy for Everyone”

167. Detroit’s Technical Troubleshooters Plus- “Advanced Solutions to Any Problem”

168. Denver’s Device Wizards– “Making Digital Technology Easy for Everyone”

169. Washington DC’s Network NavigatorsPlus- “Exploring the Possibilities of Your Machine”

170. Baltimore’s System Solutions – “The Key To Unlocking Your Computer’s Potential”

171. Atlanta’s Computing Doctors – “Bringing Machines Back to Health”

172. Charlotte’s Data Security ProfessionalsPlus- “Providing You with Complete Protection from Cyber Threats”

173. Orlando’s Smartphone Sanitizers Plus– “Cleansing Your Digital Life of Viruses and Malware”

174. Nashville’s Technology Titans- “Unlocking the Possibilities of Technology”

175. St Louis’ Tech Support Specialists – “Expertise at a Low Cost”

176. Minneapolis’ Computer ConsultantsPlus – “We Make Technology Work For You”

177. Tucson’s Gadget Rescuers– “Saving You Time and Money”

178. Pittsburgh’s Device DiagnosticiansPlus- “Maximizing Performance, Minimizing Problems”

179. Cincinnati’s PC Problem Solvers – “Bringing Machines Back to Health”

180. Cleveland’s Network Ninjas- “Cutting Through the Complexity of Computer Issues Quickly and Efficiently” 181. Tampa Bay’s Tech Wizards Plus – “Solving Issues Quickly and Efficiently”

182. Kansas City’s Security SavantsPlus- “Protecting You from the Unseen Menace”

183. Indianapolis’ Techno Masters– “Making Digital Technology Easy for Everyone”

184. Milwaukee’s Computer Caretakers – “We Make Tech Easy for Everyone”

185. New Orleans’ High Tech Heroes Plus – “The Masters of Digital Machinery”

186. San Antonio’s System Superheroes- “Making Technology Work For You”

187. Riverside’s Device Doctors – “Curing All of Your Technical Woes and Enhancing Performance”

188. Sacramento’s Network NinjasPlus – “Cutting Through the Complexity of Computer Issues Quickly and Efficiently” 189. Honolulu’s Security Savants Plus– “Protecting You from the Unseen Menace”

190. Albuquerque’s PC Professionals- “Making Technology Work For You”

191. Portland’s Data Defenders – “Complete Protection and Optimization Solutions”

192. Salt Lake City’s Smartphone SanitizersPlus – “Cleansing Your Digital Life of Viruses and Malware” 193. Colorado Springs’ Tech Support Super Heroes – “When All Else Fails, We Can Save the Day!”

194. Columbus’ Geek GurusPlus- “Providing All Your IT Solutions”

195. Tulsa’s Techno Magicians– “We Make Your Digital Dreams Come True”

196. Omaha’s High-Tech HealersPlus – “The Best in Professional Repair Services”

197. Fresno’s Network Ninjas- “Cutting Through the Complexity of Computer Issues Quickly and Efficiently”

198. Long Beach’s System Solutions – “The Key To Unlocking Your Computer’s Potential”

199. Oakland’s Gadget MechanicsPlus – “Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Devices”

200. Arlington’s Technical Troubleshooters – “Advanced Solutions to Any Problem”

201. Wichita’s Computing DoctorsPlus – “Bringing Machines Back to Health”

202. Raleigh’s Data Security Professionals– “Providing You with Complete Protection from Cyber Threats”

Images Courtesy of DepositPhotos