How to Prevent Back Pain While Working From Home

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By Jacob Maslow

Working from home becomes common practice with each passing year. Now everyone knows at least one person that works from home. However, there are unknowns or unwanted effects such as back pain. 


People who work from home have proven very susceptible to back pain. So if you work from home and want to prevent inevitable back pain, here are a few things you need to know. 

Keep Your Back in Contact With Your Chair 

Back pain often stems from unnecessary pressure in specific regions. This is why people often specifically complain about their lower back or upper back. However, in minor cases of discomfort, it is rarely the entire back at once. 

This is why chairs have a back to them. Sitting back in your chair allows your lower back to naturally curve towards your stomach, relieving unwanted pressure and giving you a happy back. 

Keep Your Feet Flat on the Ground 

Keeping your feet flat on the ground is another way to ensure that no unnecessary pressure is applied anywhere on your body. When your feet dangle or cause one leg to have more pressure than the other, your nerves and blood flow can become strained. If you can’t reach the floor, it is best to get a footrest. 

Keep Your Neck Straight 

You must set up your screen in a way that is comfortable for your neck. If you can, set up your screen directly in front of you and as close to eye level as possible so your neck can stay straight while you work. 

Support Your Back 

One of the best ways to prevent back pain while working is by supporting your back with Straight 8. Straight 8 is a size-adjustable training tool that helps improve your posture, widen your shoulders, and prevent/relieve unwanted back pain. With eight support points, this tool can relieve your lower, mid, and upper back and neck. 

Get Up and Move Around 

Sitting for long periods is not a good practice. So, get up and move around every hour. This will get your blood flowing and help your mind as well. You can also check with your practitioner and try schroth method exercises to ease a stiff back. 

Purchase the Right Chair for You 

You may already know this, but your chair plays a role in your daily work comfort and productivity. Unfortunately, while many chairs are comfortable, comfort doesn’t mean support. So, over time, sitting in a chair that doesn’t support you properly can lead to a lot of back pain. So, find a chair that is comfortable and provides back support. You will thank yourself later. 

Don’t Slouch 

This may seem rather obvious, but it should still be addressed. Slouching is typically the number one suspect in the cause of back pain. Unfortunately, it is easy to do without noticing, especially when you stare at a computer all day for your occupation. So, pay attention to your posture and use the Straight 8 if you need extra help. 

Stretch Before You Work 

Stretching is just good for you. Before you sit down for work, take a few minutes to stretch out not just your back but your whole body. This will keep you from locking up while sitting down all day, plus it feels great once you get the hang of it. 

Exercise Regularly 

Exercise regularly is a general rule of thumb for leading a happy and healthy life. Exercise promotes overall bodily health and strengthens your back to maintain great posture and be less susceptible to pressure-based pain. 

Keep Your Computer in a Comfortable Position 

While at your desk, you will want to change things up and place the computer in different positions that allow you to lean on the desk or look at it from a different angle. While having your computer in a comfortable position is essential, it doesn’t mean you can abandon the correct posture. There is a happy balance to strive for. 

Don’t Stand Too Long 

This is an excellent tool for those with standing desks to help you change things throughout the day. However, you mustn’t stand for too long. Standing for extended periods can apply as much pressure on your back as sitting, so be sure to time how long you stand and keep it to a controlled number. 

Don’t Use Soft Wrist Support 

Contrary to popular belief, soft wrist support is bad for you. The soft nature of the cushion can cause unwanted pressure on your fingers. Thus leading to nerve issues, joint pain, and other unwanted effects.  

Don’t Work for Too Long in Bed 

You work from home. So naturally, three is the temptation to work from bed in your pajamas. This luxury is new to most people. It’s best to avoid working from bed altogether for several reasons, but if you must, keep it at a minimum and try following the above tips. 

The Bottom Line

Working from home is a luxury that many people experience every day. However, it can be dangerous for your back if you don’t have the right tips and tools. Following the tips above is a great way to prevent back pain and enjoy working from the comfort of your own home. 

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