7 Effective Ways: How to Make Money as a Teen Today

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By Jacob Maslow

Discovering how to make money as a teen is essential to achieving financial independence and developing valuable skills for the working world. This guide will explore ways to make money as a teen and discuss traditional and modern options like jobs, businesses, freelancing, online ventures, and investing.

We’ll delve into traditional options, such as getting a job or starting a business while discussing current opportunities like freelancing and online ventures. Moreover, we will cover investing strategies tailored for teenagers eager to grow their wealth over time.

By exploring various methods of earning income as a young person, you can gain the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve financial objectives and establish yourself for future prosperity.

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1. Get a Job

how to make money as a teen

It’s also the first taste of what it’s like to enter the working world, which can help you develop critical skills that will be useful later on. Teens can find many job opportunities, from looking after children to tutoring or working in retail and food service at a grocery store or eatery. You could even start mowing lawns or playing video games online for extra cash.

Before beginning the job hunt, knowing any legalities related to employing minors is essential. In most states, the minimum age for obtaining a job and earning wages is 14. Before seeking employment, verifying your state’s labor regulations is wise to avoid any potential complications. Verify your state’s labor regulations before applying for a job to prevent future problems. Once you’ve determined the position and fulfilled all prerequisites, it’s time to begin looking for potential openings in your vicinity.

The internet has made finding employment easier than ever – many companies now offer remote positions that allow teens to work from home without worrying about transportation costs or commuting long distances each day. Plus, tons of websites are dedicated solely to helping young people find gigs quickly and easily – they may even have gift cards available if you complete specific tasks. Affiliate marketing programs are another excellent way for teens who want some extra cash while still attending high school classes during the day – remember, not every opportunity out there is legit, so constantly research potential employers thoroughly before signing up with them.

Overall, getting a job as a teenager can be beneficial both financially and personally. With careful planning and dedication, earning money through part-time employment can help set you up for success when entering adulthood by giving yourself financial goals early on in life. Plus, some extra spending money never hurts, either.

Getting a job is an excellent way for teens to gain valuable work experience and make money. As a teen, you can take the reins of your monetary destiny by launching your venture.

Key Takeaway: Young people can exploit the many job openings, such as babysitting and tutoring, to begin creating their fiscal autonomy. With the proper research and dedication, they’ll be able to find legitimate gigs that provide a steady income and valuable skills for when they enter adulthood. In addition, earning money while still attending school is an easy way for teens to hit the ground running financially.

2. Start a Business

how to make money as a teen

Beginning a venture as an adolescent can be a great way to generate income and attain financial objectives. Although many jobs may have a minimum age requirement, teens can still find ways to make extra money. Despite certain limitations for teens when it comes to launching a business, there are still numerous opportunities available that can provide young people with an introduction to the world of work and enable them to begin generating income.

Generating a business concept based on your interests and abilities is the initial step in establishing any venture. Depending on your skills and interests, you could pursue anything from cutting grass or selling wares at a nearby flea market to establishing websites or writing online articles. Once you have an idea, formulating a plan that includes research on competitors, pricing of services/products offered, and advertising strategies is essential for a successful business launch. This should include researching competitors, setting prices for services/products, advertising strategies, etc., so everything runs smoothly when launching your business.

Once you have created a plan for how your business will run, it’s time to start. Depending on the work involved, you may need help from parents or guardians (for example, if opening a bank account). Also, consider whether or not you need permits or licenses based on where you live before beginning operations – many cities require specific types of businesses, like food vendors operating within their boundaries, to obtain special permits before they can open a shop.

Finally, it is time to launch once all legalities are covered. Consider offering discounts at first as part of promotional efforts; things like gift cards after purchase or discounted rates for new customers can help draw attention away from larger competitors who do not offer such incentives. Additionally, affiliate marketing programs that involve promoting products through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter often pay top dollar per sale, making them another great option for teens looking into starting their businesses online without needing too much capital upfront.

Beginning a venture as an adolescent can be an incredible method to acquire cash, yet it is critical to recall that dangers are included. Nevertheless, investing offers another avenue for teens looking to make money and build their financial portfolios.


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Key Takeaway: Starting a business as a teen is an excellent way to make some extra cash and hit financial goals. It requires developing an idea, creating a plan for success, getting the necessary permits or licenses if needed, then launching it – perhaps offering discounts initially to get ahead of larger competitors. Affiliate marketing programs can also be lucrative without needing too much start-up capital.

3. Investing

how to make money as a teen

Investing is essential for creating monetary security and wealth. Starting early can help teens gain a better understanding of the working world, as well as make money to pay for college or other expenses. Investing need not be an intricate process; it can be relatively straightforward. When beginning, adolescents can explore a variety of investment options.

Young people seeking to invest early on may consider stocks a potential option. Investors can purchase portions of publicly traded firms and gain from their progress by collecting dividends or reselling at a higher cost than the original. However, adolescents must research before investing in stocks to comprehend the dangers and determine how much capital should be invested based on their ambitions and risk-taking capacity.

Mutual funds present a more practical approach for teen investors to engage in the stock market without having direct control over individual stocks or bonds. By putting money from several investors into one fund, these investments are handled by professionals who curate a selection of securities such as stocks, bonds, and commodities according to predetermined criteria crafted by the fund’s manager(s). Compared to owning individual assets directly, mutual funds boast a good spread of risk across multiple asset classes instead of just concentrating on one sector (i.e., only investing in stocks), thus offering teens lower-risk access to diversified portfolios. Keywords: Investment | Mutual Funds | Risk Reduction

ETFs, offer yet another option for teen investors looking to diversify their portfolios with less risk than owning individual assets directly. Unlike mutual funds, ETFs trade like stocks on exchanges and thus require brokerage fees when buying/selling shares. By investing in an ETF, teens can benefit from the spread of risk across multiple asset classes instead of just being concentrated on one sector (i.e., only investing in stocks), thus providing them with lower-risk access to a diversified portfolio. Keywords: Investment | Exchange-Traded Funds | Risk Reduction

Investing can be lucrative for teens to generate income, but it necessitates understanding and self-control. Freelancing can also be an excellent source of income for teenagers with the proper skill set and attitude.

Key Takeaway: By investing in stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs, teenagers can begin building their portfolios with lower-risk access to diversified portfolios. These options provide lower-risk access to diversified portfolios than owning individual assets directly, allowing teenagers to “dip their toe into the stock market” without exposing themselves to too much risk.

4. Freelancing

how to make money as a teen

Freelancing is an excellent way for teens to make money from home or on their schedule. With the right abilities and determination, you can earn supplemental income with just a few mouse clicks. From web design to writing, there are many services that you can offer as a freelancer. Here’s how to get started and find clients online.

Before you begin freelancing, it’s essential to understand the minimum age requirements in your area. Most states require teens under 18 years old to have parental permission before they can work remotely or sign up for freelance jobs. In addition, you must open a bank account to receive payments quickly and easily.

Once you’ve satisfied all legal requirements, it’s time to hone in on your skill set and determine the services you intend to provide as a freelancer. Do your due diligence online and figure out which trends in the working world fit your bill – whether mowing lawns, playing video games for a living, designing websites, editing videos, etc., there are plenty of fish in the sea if you know where to cast your line. Keywords: Freelancing; Services; Skill Set; Trends; Working World

When deciding on rates for each job opportunity, consider how much time each task takes compared with its potential pay rate (i.e., do some math.). Don’t sell yourself short; make sure that whatever amount of money is offered pays top dollar while still being competitive enough to attract and retain customers. If possible, try negotiating deals like gift cards instead of cash. Every little bit helps to reach financial goals, such as saving up for college tuition or even something simpler like grocery shopping at the store next week.

Once everything is squared away on your end, it’s time to search high and low across various local and international job sites until an ideal client match pops up. Depending on availability, this may take several days, so patience is key here. Once contact has been established, don’t forget to negotiate terms upfront (payment method/amount/deadlines) before signing any contracts and discussing other pertinent details associated with the project(s). Finally, always keep communication lines open throughout the assignment(s) to ensure a smooth sailing finish line when it comes into sight.

Freelancing allows teens to gain monetary benefits, granting them the freedom to acquire more than just a minimum wage. However, selling items online can also be an effective strategy for earning extra income as a teen.

Key Takeaway: Freelancing is an excellent way for teens to make money on their terms. It’s essential to understand the legal requirements and decide what services you can offer that are competitively priced. Once everything is in place, search job sites high and low until a suitable client match appears – then negotiate payment methods, amount, deadlines, etc., before signing any contracts.

5. Selling Items Online

how to make money as a teen

Selling items online is an excellent way for teens to make money. From selling vintage clothes on Instagram to flipping video games on eBay, there are plenty of ways to turn your old stuff into extra cash. Plus, you can start earning with minimal effort and no minimum age requirement.

If you’re ready to begin, consider evaluating the value of items already in your possession that may have been appreciated since their original purchase. Then, look through your closet or garage and see if anything could fetch top dollar in an online marketplace like eBay or Etsy. You might even find something marked down significantly at the grocery store or department store – these items often sell well when listed online.

Another option is starting an affiliate marketing business where you promote products from other companies in exchange for a commission on sales generated from your links. It doesn’t require any inventory, and it can help generate steady income over time as long as you have access to a website or blog platform where people can click through your affiliate links when making purchases.

Social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Instagram are also great places for teens looking to make money by selling items online without setting up their websites or blogs. All you need is an account on either platform and some quality pictures of whatever item(s) you plan on selling – this will help attract potential buyers interested in purchasing them from you directly.

Finally, don’t forget traditional methods like mowing lawns, babysitting jobs, pet-sitting gigs, etc., which remain popular among high school students looking for extra cash around town during summer months (or anytime). These jobs may not pay as much per hour as the working world, but they offer flexibility, so it’s crucial not to forget about them too.

Teens can acquire supplemental income by hawking products online, but it does necessitate diligence and commitment. Participating in surveys and focus groups is another viable option to help teens earn an income without investing too much time or energy.

Key Takeaway: Teens can make money easily and quickly by selling their old items online, setting up an affiliate marketing business, or using social media platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Instagram. Additionally, traditional methods like mowing lawns, babysitting jobs, and pet-sitting gigs remain popular for high school students seeking extra cash.

6. Participate in Surveys & Focus Groups

how to make money as a teen

Participating in surveys and focus groups is an excellent way for teens to earn extra cash without leaving their houses or investing too much time or effort. Surveys reward teenagers handsomely for expressing their views on various matters. At the same time, focus groups present an even greater chance to acquire monetary gains by participating in dialogues regarding products and services. Both methods can help teenagers reach their financial goals quickly and easily.

The minimum age required to participate in most surveys and focus groups is typically 13-14 years old, depending on the company running them. In addition, teens will need a bank account (or PayPal account) to receive payment when they complete a survey or group discussion. Most companies pay via gift cards, direct deposit, check, or PayPal transfer; however, some may also have other options.

The duration of surveys can range from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the topic and the number of questions. They’re usually very straightforward, with multiple-choice answers that don’t require deep thought processes or research skills, making them perfect for busy high schoolers who want something quick and easy that pays well. Focus groups are longer than surveys but offer higher rewards – sometimes up to $100 per session. In addition, you can benefit from engaging in stimulating conversations with various individuals, making the experience even more gratifying.

Teens can generate income in numerous ways, from cutting grass and watching their neighbor’s children to playing video games with acquaintances (and outsiders.) plus merchandising wares via eBay/Amazon. Affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon Associates & Rakuten Linkshare can also be an excellent way for teens to earn extra cash in addition to writing articles or blog posts. The opportunities are limitless. Utilize your intelligence and savvy by utilizing these keywords – active voice, idioms, colloquialisms, grammar, spelling, punctuation – when engaging in any of the activities above; you will surely reap the rewards.

Exploring surveys and focus groups could be a great way to generate some extra cash from the comfort of your own home. Of course, be careful that it is a legitimate opportunity, and be extremely wary if asked to pay upfront. Nevertheless, participating in surveys and focus groups can bring a monetary gain and offer a chance to acquire knowledge.

Key Takeaway: With an IQ of 150, savvy teens can easily make money from the comfort of their own homes by participating in surveys and focus groups. These opportunities offer rewards for sharing opinions on topics or engaging in discussions about product services – allowing teens to hit their financial goals quickly and effortlessly.

7. Become an Influencer

how to make money as a teen

For teens looking to make money, becoming an influencer on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok is a great way to do something they enjoy while earning extra cash. Influencers are paid top dollar for their content by companies who want to advertise products or services through them.

The minimum age requirement varies depending on the platform, but most allow anyone over 13 to create an account and start making money. To get started, teens should quickly open a bank account to receive payments from sponsorships and endorsements. This will also help with budgeting and saving money for future financial goals.

Once signed up, influencers must build an audience by creating quality content related to their interests, such as video games or fashion trends. They must post regularly and engage with followers for the page to grow organically over time.

Monetizing one’s account is a cinch for influencers, with various ways to rake in the dough. For example, affiliate marketing programs can be utilized by leveraging their audience and earning commission from product sales on their page. In addition, companies may offer gift cards as an incentive when viewers use special codes, sponsored posts that pay out flat fees per post, or direct payments to provide exposure to brands wanting more visibility on the profile page; all these methods have the potential to bring home the bacon.

Finally, teenagers must remember that although many opportunities are available online today, nothing can replace hard work when striving for success in the working world.

Key Takeaway: Teens looking to make money can become influencers on various social media platforms, open a bank account for payments from sponsorships and endorsements, then create quality content related to their interests. They can bring home the bacon with the right hard work and dedication by leveraging affiliate marketing programs or sponsored posts.

Additional Ways for Teens to Make Money Online


Creating YouTube videos is an excellent way for teens to make money online. You must be 18 to earn ad revenue from your YouTube channel, but you can create an account with a trusted adult. Many YouTubers earn much more money from sponsored videos, swag, and paid product promos than from any ads on their YouTube videos. While teens make up the majority of minors, who make money by creating videos about topics they love, even younger kids can get in on this opportunity as long as an adult is willing to create a channel for them.

Social Media Management:

Running social media accounts is another excellent way for teenagers to earn money. Teens can land roles at major companies or work with smaller businesses or individuals needing help managing their social media accounts. This position is perfect for anyone with a large social media following since it showcases your abilities on the platform. But remember: businesses know how adept young adults are at navigating social media so that bad choices could destroy reputations quickly.

Freelance WritingEditing:

Freelance writing and editing jobs are also popular among teens looking to make extra cash online. Most freelance gigs involving writing articles or blog posts about various topics, such as business and finance – which makes this job attractive if you’re already knowledgeable in these areas. To find work, try searching job boards like Upwork or Fiverr, where employers post projects that require writers and editors with specific skill sets (e.g., SEO experience). Additionally, many websites offer remote internships specifically geared towards high school students – check out InternshipsHQ and RemoteInternshipPrograms for more information, such as freelance writing, web design, and virtual assistant work. Finally, starting a business venture with friends can be an excellent way to learn about entrepreneurship while making some extra cash at the same time.

Additional Offline Ways to Earn Money as a Teen


One of the oldest and most reliable ways to make money as a teen is babysitting. It’s a great way to learn responsibility, communication skills, and how to interact with children. Plus, you get paid for it. So before offering your services to strangers, babysit for family members or friends who know and trust you. This will give you experience that can help when looking for paying gigs.

House Sitting:

If someone needs someone they can trust while away from home on vacation or business trips, house sitting may be the perfect gig for teens looking to earn extra cash. Responsibilities might include bringing in mail, watering plants, taking care of pets (if applicable), and watching for any suspicious activity around the property. House sitting also provides a unique opportunity to explore different neighborhoods without committing long-term.

Pet Sitting:

Pet sitting could be an ideal job option for those who love animals but don’t want the full-time commitment of owning one themselves. Pet sitters provide food and water for their furry charges, walk them (if necessary), and sometimes even stay overnight with them if the owners require it. Potential pet sitters must know animal behavior to know what signs indicate distress or illness in their clients’ pets – this is especially true if they are asked to stay overnight at someone else’s home while watching over their four-legged charge(s).

Dog Walking:

Another great way teens can make money is dog walking – not only do they get paid, but it’s also good exercise. Dog walkers usually have regular agreements with people they already know or join apps like Wag. which match dog walkers with customers nearby needing assistance getting their pup out into nature more often than during weekends or holidays.


How can a 14 or 15-year-old make money?

At age fourteen or fifteen, there are numerous methods to earn money. Teenagers may consider obtaining part-time work, such as babysitting, pet caretaking, yard maintenance, and teaching. Many businesses also hire teens for tasks like delivering newspapers or flyers and working in retail stores. Teens can also offer services online,

How can a 13-year-old make 1k?

Making 1K as a 13-year-old is possible with hard work, determination, and savvy. Start by exploring ways to earn money online or in your local community, such as babysitting, pet sitting, tutoring, selling crafts on Etsy, or offering services like lawn mowing. Look into work opportunities that pay more than the minimum wage and save up your income gradually. If you’re tech-savvy, consider freelance writing or graphic design gigs, which can be lucrative sources of income if done correctly. With dedication and persistence, you’ll have no problem reaching your goal.

How can a 13 or14-year-old make money?

At 13 or 14, there are several options for earning money, such as babysitting, dog walking, mowing lawns, and other odd jobs that don’t require special skills. One way is to look for employment without special skills or qualifications, such as babysitting, dog walking, mowing lawns, and other odd jobs. Online tutoring can be a great way to earn money, providing instruction in maths and English. Additionally, many companies offer paid internships that provide valuable experience while earning an income. Finally, you could explore selling items online through platforms like eBay and Etsy to generate extra cash. With the right attitude and determination, it’s possible to start making money at this age.

How can a 15-year-old make money online?

15-year-olds can make money online by taking on freelance jobs such as web design, content writing, virtual assistant work, or social media management. They can also create and sell digital products like ebooks or courses. Other options include selling services on Fiverr or Etsy, becoming an affiliate marketer for companies they believe in, creating a YouTube channel to monetize their videos with AdSense revenue-sharing programs, and starting a blog to generate income from advertisements. With the right skills and dedication, 15-year-olds can make money online.


As a young adult, you can bring in income through various methods. Whether getting a job, starting your own business, investing wisely, or freelancing online – plenty of opportunities are available for teens who want to make extra cash. In addition to surveys and focus groups, teens can leverage their influence on social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube to monetize their online presence. Making money as a teen is achievable with the right attitude and determination.

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