How to improve your dating experience with AI

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By Jacob Maslow

If you’ve never thought of tapping into the power of digital matchmaking to help you unearth ‘the one’ (or, at the very least, ‘one for tonight’), isn’t it about time you found out what all the fuss was about? Many websites and downloadable apps provide excellent platforms for reaching out to prospective partners or finding hookups locally. These outlets provide a relaxing backdrop of discreet communication channels and friendly chat rooms where newcomers are always made to feel welcome. But if you still feel your dating skills could be fine-tuned, how about tapping into AI? While nothing will ever replace human creativity and imagination, advances in AI ensure that the technology out there now certainly comes close these days!

Use websites with AI-based matching

Let’s take an example of a single whose primary motivation for socializing online isn’t necessarily to find a long-term partner or soulmate. It’s simple to connect with others on the same wavelength. If you were seeking local hookups on relevant dating sites, uploading personal data would immediately place your details alongside others in a vast database. AI can then analyze this information, cross-referring your particulars with those of site users you would appear to be most compatible with. AI can also be extremely perceptive at weeding out individuals who would not make ideal partners. Behavior patterns characteristic of fraudulent actions can be detected, ensuring your chances of coming across time-wasting catfishing are significantly reduced. AI-powered verification is being increasingly applied to eliminate fake profiles. Inappropriate messages can also be filtered out, allowing you to focus on those genuinely committed to relationships.


Use ChatGPT to come up with cool icebreakers


ChatGPT is an AI chatbot aimed at mimicking human conversations through text interaction. The technology driving this feature is advanced compared with similar chatbots you might have previously encountered and gained widespread notice for its articulate responses. ChatGPT is designed to react to various prompts, so don’t hesitate to be specific with your requested information. It can be utilized even for dating purposes, especially with a WhatsApp plug-in, and help you start a new chat, potentially leading to a hook-up or something more serious. Getting into a series of date-related chats would enable you to develop the confidence to transpose your conversations to a live face-to-face scenario with another site user. As well as inspiring, conversational AI can be used with online discussions, ensuring the chat flows naturally.

Use Bing AI Chatbot to compose romantic poetry

BingAI is another handy chat tool that will handle diverse content, including less ‘formal’ interactions such as poems or songs. If you want to impress the other members of the dating app you’ve just downloaded to your smart device, you could tap into the chatbot to gain some useful insights. The responses you’ll be able to trigger answers to your suggestions after making requests in a conversational tone, which is so much more helpful for any digital matchmaking platform than preparing for online interaction via search forms. The only aspect to keep an eye on is the limitations to how frequently you can use this source, as chat sessions are limited to five per day or 50 questions.

How Google Bard AI could be ideal for first-date ideas

Google Bard AI is a chatbot capable of generating disparate types of text that could be harnessed for dating purposes. Once you’ve signed up for this software, you’ll discover you can ask all sorts of questions, and provided there are no violations of Google’s content policies, the AI will give you all the answers you require. So, when thinking of wonderful ideas for a first date, Bard AI would be so much more flexible than traditional online searches for local restaurants, clubs, bars, or whatever social outings are most likely to float your boat. Although Bard AI doesn’t currently have a mobile version, you can access this AI chatbot via browsers on your smartphone. Other positive news is that Bard AI is available in 180 countries, giving access to information that might be relevant for arranging romantic weekend getaways. Another powerful feature is that it recognizes images as well. Send a picture of a tasty dish you’d like to prepare as a centerpiece of a dinner date, then ask the chatbot about recipe ideas.

AI can be used in so many ways, with more and more apps being introduced that are set to make life even more streamlined. If you sometimes feel your busy schedule of meetings and correspondence can often make it more difficult to factor in leisure time, one answer might be to adopt a content writing AI to take some of the pressure off your daily tasks. Putting things down in print can be onerous, but a little help from a digital assistant would free you up to devote more time to the more important – and infinitely more enjoyable – things in life!




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