How to Get Through an Afternoon Slump

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By Jacob Maslow

You’re probably familiar with the typical afternoon slump if you’re like the rest of us. It usually comes around 2 or 3 pm, characterized by a lack of energy, motivation, and maybe a bout of sleepiness to go along with it.

Most of us will power through it one way or the other, but there are some things you can do to get through it more easily. Afternoon slumps are natural, and most of us need to break up the day with rest despite what corporate hustle culture might tell us. It is physically and mentally destructive for us to work all day without rest or energy rejuvenation, even if we get many things done. It isn’t sustainable, and don’t let any company leader, executive, or higher-up tell you otherwise.

With that said, take a look at these six ways to help you get through an afternoon slump and rejuvenate yourself for the day.

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One of the best ways to give yourself a boost of feeling awake in the afternoon is by using a caffeine patch. A caffeine patch is applied to the skin which absorbs the components of the patch resulting in a helpful energy spike during your afternoon slump. They don’t just contain caffeine and are packed with green tea and vitamin B12. Caffeine on its own can do a lot for keeping you awake, but when combined with other powerful energy boosters, you can say goodbye to your afternoon slumps!

Prepare: Eat Breakfast

If you feel prone to experiencing these afternoon slumps, it’s best to prepare yourself for the possibility. One way to do this is by eating a healthy and satiating breakfast each morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives our body energy reserves so we can keep going all day long and get our metabolism going in the morning. Skipping breakfast can be tempting. It’s easy to get up and get right into our routine with nothing but a cup of coffee for some people, but most end up feeling pretty awful by the afternoon. That’s because they’re body is essentially running on fumes. Make sure to get up and get something in your belly first thing in the morning!

Get Some Exercise

Regular exercise is guaranteed to keep your energy elevated during the day. But when we have an afternoon slump, it’s usually because our body needs something. Taking that time to get up and do something lightly active is a great way to break up the energy throughout the day and get your blood flowing again. This can be especially essential for those working in office jobs or the tech industry. We recommend getting those exercise breaks while you still can!


Hydration is another crucial aspect of being energized throughout the day and avoiding obnoxious mid-day slumps. Lack of water can seriously impact our general energy levels throughout the day, and a surprising amount of people go through the majority of their day without enough hydration. A reusable water bottle is a great way to solve this problem and create a habit of drinking water. If you’re someone who doesn’t carry a water bottle, you won’t believe the difference it makes to how you feel during the day.

Take A Break

We know that taking a break seems blasphemous these days in the tech and office job industry. But don’t be fooled; your body going into a slump midday indicates that you need to care for yourself to a greater degree. It is essential, necessary, and a federal right to take a break during the day. One more time for the people in the back. It is the law to take a break during your shift. Use your rights, and they are yours to use!

Snack Throughout The Day

Midday slumps may also be tied to nourishment. Even if you eat a big breakfast, you’re likely doing a lot of work during your day, and you might start to feel a dip in energy as your body uses up the fuel it got during the morning. Carrying light snacks to munch on during the day can do wonders to break the midday slumps and get through the day with energy and enthusiasm.


From a caffeine patch to eating a healthy breakfast, there are many ways to fight a mid-day dip in energy. It comes down to ensuring you take care of your diet, sleep habits, and work-life balance to the best of your ability. Remember that work-life balance means a proper balance between work and life, not resting for the upcoming work day. Life should be enriching, and work should support that.


What is the best way to fight a mid-day slump?

The best way to fight a mid-day slump is to make sure you eat a healthy and satiating breakfast, exercise, stay hydrated, take regular breaks throughout the day, and a snack. All these things will help keep your energy levels up and get you through the day with more energy!

Is caffeine an effective way to combat afternoon slumps?

Caffeine can help combat afternoon slumps, but it should not be used as your only method. Combining other powerful energy boosters such as eating breakfast, exercising, staying hydrated, and snacking throughout the day can give you a much more substantial boost in energy that lasts longer than just caffeine.

What should I do if I don’t have access to food?

If you don’t have access to food, make sure to stay hydrated! Dehydration can cause severe dips in energy levels, so ensure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. Additionally, other low-calorie snacks such as fruits and vegetables can be excellent sources of nutrients and vitamins that help keep your energy up.

Is it necessary to take breaks during my shift?

Yes! Taking breaks during your shift benefits your mental health and well-being and is legally mandated by law.

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