How to Design a Marketing Plan that Has Successful Results

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By Jacob Maslow

A business needs to be marketed and promoted to stay competitive. This is the reason behind designing a marketing plan, so a company or product may succeed.

To create a successful marketing plan, there are quite a few things that must be considered. First, you want to consider the product or service and how it differs from the competition. Second, you want to consider how people will be able to find it and the message that you want to send out. This is why a company may seek an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist. This article will explore how to create a successful marketing plan in detail.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a marketing approach used in a few companies to determine how customers receive the product, service, or message. After setting up an experiment, a company will want to measure and analyze the results carefully. This can help them make decisions on how to market their product. Since customers may react differently, the company may want to reevaluate its marketing plan. This step will help them design a successful marketing plan.

Define Your Challenge

The very first step in designing a marketing plan is to define what your challenge is clearly. It may increase market share, attract new customers or get higher profit margins. Understanding your company’s challenge will help you design a marketing plan that will have success.

Define SMART Goals and Objectives

To design a successful marketing plan, goals and objectives need to be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented, and Time-bound are how SMART goals or objectives are described. This is how the goals should be written to get the best results.

Define Your Target Audience

To market a product, you must know who will be buying your product or service. This is why it is essential to know your target audience. You want to know who will likely buy your product to get the best results.

Know Your Competitors

Knowing your competitors is very important when designing a marketing plan that will have success. Knowing what they are doing and how they are marketing their products or services will be beneficial in developing your marketing plan. If a company doesn’t know its competitors’ strategies, then it may spend time and money on a plan that won’t be successful.

Determining Your Budget

You also want to determine your budget for marketing your product or service. This will help you develop a realistic marketing plan. Once a reasonable budget is determined, the next step is to allocate the money across several different aspects of marketing.

Determine Your Marketing Mix

A marketing mix is a product of the four Ps: product, price, place, and promotion. To design a successful marketing plan, these four aspects must be considered. Each aspect should be carefully thought through to have the greatest impact. A marketing mix is a way to plan marketing activities and allocate the money that you have set aside.


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