How to Become a Witch: Embracing Modern Witchcraft Today

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By Jacob Maslow

Discovering how to become a witch in the modern era can be empowering and transformative. The resurgence of witchcraft has brought many resources for those wanting to delve into this old craft.

This comprehensive guide will delve into essential aspects of becoming a skilled practitioner of modern witchcraft. You’ll learn about gathering supplies necessary for casting spells and creating your magical space. We’ll also discuss honing your intuition through various divination methods.

Furthermore, you’ll gain insight into establishing protection techniques that ensure safety during spellwork and rituals. Lastly, we’ll look into the significance of forming connections with kindred spirits with a similar ardor for witchcraft as you embark on this mysterious journey to learn how to be a witch.

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What Does it Mean to Be a Witch Today?


how to become a witch

The term “witch” has been around for centuries, but what does it mean to be a witch today? Witchcraft is no longer the same as it was in the past.

It has evolved and become more mainstream, with many people practicing witchcraft as part of their spiritual journey.

A witch is someone who practices magic or sorcery.

They may use spells, rituals, and other forms of divination to gain insight into the future or manipulate events in their favor. Witches can also be healers and teachers who help others on their spiritual path.

The practice of witchcraft dates back thousands of years and has taken different forms throughout history.

In some cultures, witches were seen as wise women who could provide healing services or advise on love and fertility.

In other cultures, they were feared because they were believed to have supernatural powers that could harm people if misused.

Modern Practice:

Today’s witches are much different than those from centuries ago; most modern-day practitioners focus on using natural elements like herbs, crystals, oils, candles, etc., rather than relying solely on spells or rituals for power over nature or other people’s lives (which would be considered black magic).

Many believe connecting with nature through these tools can bring balance into their lives while respecting all living things around them – something traditional witches did not always do!

Practicing witchcraft can bring about positive changes in one’s life, such as improved self-confidence and better mental health due to its emphasis on personal growth and development through introspection.

Additionally, it allows individuals to explore spirituality without having to adhere strictly to any particular religion – allowing them freedom from dogma while still providing a sense of community among fellow practitioners worldwide!

how to become a witch


Recently, witchcraft has become popular, and many individuals are eager to acquire spell-casting fundamentals. Before initiating, having all the required materials for a successful spell-casting experience is critical.

The essential items for modern witchcraft are herbs, candles, and crystals. Herbs can be used as an offering or burned during rituals to create smoke that carries prayers into the heavens. Popular herbs for magical rituals include lavender, sage, rosemary, thyme, and chamomile – each possessing unique properties depending on the spell being cast. Candles provide light and heat when working with magic; they also help set your intentions before starting a ritual or meditation. Choose colors based on their meaning: red for passion or strength; blue for peace or healing; green for abundance or luck; yellow for happiness or clarity; white for protection or purification; black to banish negativity from your life. Crystals are powerful tools that absorb energy from their environment while providing energetic protection simultaneously – think amethyst (for spiritual growth) and tourmaline (for emotional balance).

When gathering supplies together ahead of time, it is essential not to forget about other materials like incense sticks/cones, feathers (to represent air), shells (to represent water), stones/rocks (to represent earth), and cloths/fabrics in different colors that correspond with your intention(s). For certain magical practices, these items may be essential. Last but not least, do not forget some paper and pen so you can write down any notes during rituals and meditations; this will help keep track of what works best over time.

Having the right supplies is essential for any witch looking to practice their craft. Divination can help a witch understand and interpret the universe’s energies to make decisions.

Key Takeaway: Modern witchcraft is rising and requires key supplies such as herbs, candles, crystals, and other items. These are needed to cast spells or perform rituals with intentions that can be written down for future reference. All of these components come together to form an effective magickal practice.



Divination is a practice used by many modern witches to gain insight into the future. Other methods of divination include tarot cards, runes, and scrying.

Tarot cards are a widely used form of divination among today’s witches. Tarot decks consist of 78 cards representing different aspects of life, such as love, health, money, and more. By shuffling and laying out the cards in specific patterns called spreads, a witch can interpret what the cards mean for their current situation or questions about their future.

Runes are an ancient form of divination wherein symbols etched on small stones signify special meanings when combined with other runes from a set called an alphabet or futhark. Runes are symbols carved on small stones holding unique meanings when interpreted together with other runes from a set known as an alphabet or futhark. A witch will cast these stones onto a cloth spread out before them and interpret how they fall relative to each other to determine the meaning or answer questions posed by the querent (the person asking).

Scrying is also commonly practiced among modern witches today, allowing them to look into unknown realms beyond our physical world for guidance and clarity on matters at hand. Scrying typically involves gazing into reflective surfaces such as crystals or water while focusing on particular images or ideas until visions appear within those surfaces that offer answers or solutions sought after by the practitioner.

In conclusion, divination is an integral part of modern witchcraft today used by practitioners worldwide seeking insight into their futures through methods like tarot card readings, rune casting, and scrying sessions using reflective surfaces like crystal balls or bowls filled with water. Divination offers a potent means for witches to attain comprehension and information about their upcoming lives.

Divination can provide profound foresight to inform choices, enabling one to make wise decisions. Protection spells are essential to witchcraft, allowing practitioners to ward off negative energy and protect themselves from harm.

Key Takeaway: Modern witches use divination to gain insight into the future through tarot card readings, rune casting, and scrying. Divination is a powerful tool that allows practitioners to get answers and clarity on their current situation or what lies ahead.

how to become a witch


Modern witchcraft is a powerful practice that can help bring positive energy into your life. It’s critical to guard oneself against adverse energies and impacts when engaging in spiritual work, including modern witchcraft. To maintain a safe and secure environment, experienced modern witches may employ various techniques to protect themselves from negative influences.

Grounding & Centering:

This is one of the most basic yet effective protection techniques for modern witches. Grounding involves connecting with the earth’s natural energy by visualizing roots growing from your feet and extending deep into the ground below you. Centering focuses on creating balance within your energy field by taking several deep breaths and allowing yourself to relax completely to become more aware of what’s happening around you.

Casting Circles:

A circle-casting ritual creates a physical boundary between you and anything outside its perimeter—both good and evil forces alike. To cast a protective circle, envision a bright white light surrounding you in all directions; this will be your shield against any negative energies that may try to enter your space during spellcasting or meditation practices. You can also use herbs like sage or salt water for additional protection when casting circles around sacred spaces such as altars or shrines.

Crafting talismans and amulets is another effective way to shield oneself when practicing modern witchcraft. Talismans’ objects, imbued with magical properties, act as a barrier against any negative entities or psychic attacks from others attempting to manipulate through their spells/rituals. Common materials for making talismans include crystals, metals, wood pieces carved with symbols related to specific intentions (e.g., love), feathers, bones/teeth/claws of animals associated with certain powers (e.g., wolves). Meanwhile, amulets are charms worn around the neck or tucked away inside pockets that have been charged energetically for protection – typically created using stones such as jadeite, believed to possess healing qualities -or coins stamped with images that bring good luck and fortune.

Visualization exercises involve picturing various forms of shielding and protection, whether walls made up of fire surrounding your body or armor crafted from metal encasing your entire being – whatever best resonates with you at the time. Once the visualization is complete, hold onto the mental image until you feel fully secure, then release and go about your day without fear or worry. These exercises should be done regularly to ensure a continuous flow of positive vibes throughout your life journey.

Key Takeaway: Modern witchcraft is a powerful practice that can help protect and shield you from negative energies. Grounding, centering, casting circles, crafting talismans & amulets, and visualization exercises are all great ways to keep your spiritual energy safe – so wrap yourself in the warm blanket of protection.

What is a Modern Witch?

A modern witch is a woman in her power—wise and connected to nature’s cycles and phases of the moon. She’s in touch with the dark side and knows how to witness, let go of things that don’t serve her anymore, and trust herself above all else. This definition can include any woman who wants to channel her innate powers and intuition to manifest their goals or desires—it doesn’t have anything specifically to do with Wicca or other forms of witchcraft like shamanism or hoodoo. Every woman has these powers within them; they need to be unlocked.

How To Awaken The Witch Within

If you’re ready for this journey of self-discovery, here are some tips on how to awaken your inner witch: First off – get comfortable being alone with yourself. Spend meditation connecting back into your body to start trusting yourself again. Secondly – explore ways that bring out your creative energy, such as journaling or art making, as these activities help access our subconscious mind, which holds many hidden truths about ourselves we may not even be aware of. Thirdly – look into different spiritual practices like astrology, which can give us insight into our personality traits while guiding decision-making processes. Lastly – learn more about herbalism to understand what plants are best used for healing purposes (both physically & spiritually). All these steps will help you unlock your inner witch power so that you feel confident enough to decide based on what feels suitable for YOU instead of relying solely on outside sources.


Modern witchcraft is a growing movement, and connecting with other witches is integral to the journey. Joining a coven or online community can provide valuable support and guidance for those just starting their practice. These communities are also great resources for experienced practitioners to stay connected, share ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences.

The modern witch has many options when it comes to finding like-minded individuals. For those who prefer more traditional forms of gathering, there are physical covens that meet regularly in person or virtually through video chat platforms such as Zoom or Skype. Online forums are another popular option for meeting fellow witches and discussing topics related to casting spells, divination techniques, protection rituals, supplies needed for various practices, etc. There are also websites dedicated specifically to modern witchcraft where members can join discussion groups based on specific interests or areas of expertise they wish to explore further.

No matter which type of community you choose to connect with, having access to others who understand your craft is invaluable. It helps build confidence by providing feedback on your work and offering advice when you get stuck on something challenging during spellcasting sessions or divination readings. Additionally, discussing any issues you may be facing without fear of judgment allows you to express yourself fully without worrying that someone will think less of you because they don’t understand what it means “to be a witch.”

Access provides support and opportunities for growth, too; by learning from one another’s mistakes, we become better practitioners while strengthening our understanding and knowledge base and making us stronger witches overall. Whether joining an existing group online or creating your local coven with friends, make sure that whatever path you take aligns with your values and goals. Hence, everyone benefits equally from this experience.

Key Takeaway: Joining a modern witchcraft community can benefit witches of all levels, providing support, guidance, and opportunities to learn from one another. Finding the appropriate community that matches your beliefs and ambitions is essential to making the most of this experience and advancing your practice.

Positive Community on TikTok


TikTok has become the go-to platform for modern-day witches to congregate and share their knowledge. It’s no surprise it’s caught on so quickly – its 15-second videos are perfect for narrating or pairing with music and can be ‘duetted’ by other users. This makes it a much more laid-back and accessible experience than Instagram. Natasha Slee from FREEDA Media says, “TikTok seems open to interpretation.” Selby has 283k followers who appreciate her quick tips and insight into being a mother and a witch. Juliet Diaz adds that there is also an abundance of positivity in this community compared to other platforms, which helps people connect regardless of beliefs or backgrounds. With its ability to humanize witches through storytelling and provide an array of resources about the occult, such as tarot readings and crystal healing tutorials – it’s clear why TikTok is becoming the home of modern witchcraft.



What are the steps to becoming a witch?

Becoming a witch requires dedication and commitment. First, study the basics of witchcraft, such as magical theory, spellcasting, and divination techniques. Then practice these skills regularly to become proficient. Next, research various traditions and rituals in the craft to decide which path is right for you. Finally, find or create a coven to share your knowledge and learn from others in the craft. With hard work and perseverance, anyone can become an adept practitioner of witchcraft.

How do I know if I have the right skills and knowledge for witchcraft?

One must appreciate nature’s workings and thoroughly grasp symbolism to practice the craft. Possessing logical and intuitive thinking abilities and practical communication skills is essential for successful witchcraft practice. You must be accepting and eager to acquire knowledge. Finally, having patience and discipline will help ensure success in your craft. If you feel these qualities align with yours, then yes – you likely have the right skills for witchcraft.

What types of rituals should I be familiar with when practicing witchcraft?

It is necessary to be acquainted with various ceremonies when engaging in witchcraft. These can include casting spells and invoking deities, making offerings or sacrifices, meditating or visualizing desired outcomes, creating an altar space for ritual work, cleansing and consecrating tools used in practice such as wands and athames (ritual knives), chanting incantations or mantras during ritual work, grounding oneself before beginning any spellwork. Solid knowledge of the correspondences between elements is also essential when crafting powerful spells. It is essential to have a secure and pleasant environment for conducting rituals.

Are there any ethical considerations to consider when performing magic spells or rituals?

Before engaging in magical practices, it is crucial to consider the ethical ramifications of such activities. It is essential to guarantee that any magical operations are conducted securely and responsibly, with consideration for all affected individuals. Before engaging in such activities, it is vital to consider the potential impacts on oneself and others. Thought should be put into any spiritual or faith-related aspects that may come with particular incantations or ceremonies, as the significance of these can differ depending on the situation.

Is it necessary to join a coven or group to become a witch?

It’s not essential to enter a coven or collective to bewitch. Becoming a witch involves learning and practicing the craft of witchcraft independently. Although there are many ways to approach this path, each individual must ultimately determine the most suitable for them as they advance. Joining a coven or group may be beneficial in gaining knowledge and support from others who have already traveled down this path; however, it is by no means required for someone wishing to practice witchcraft.


Becoming a witch is an exciting journey that requires dedication, practice, and the right supplies. Divination can help you gain insight into yourself and the world, while protection rituals protect your energy from harm. Connecting with other witches in your community will provide support and opportunities to learn more about witchcraft. Gaining proficiency in witchcraft is a gradual process, but with persistent effort, you can eventually call yourself a witch.

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