HitchSwitch vs Easy Name Change: A Comprehensive Comparison

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By Jacob Maslow

Choosing a name change service can be daunting, especially when faced with numerous options. HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change are popular choices many consider when starting the name change process. Both services are designed to streamline the process and reduce the hassle of dealing with countless forms and filings.

HitchSwitch offers a variety of packages with different levels of assistance, starting at just $39.99. They aim to simplify the process by offering customers a single form to complete, which then populates the necessary documents for a name change. On the other hand, Easy Name Change provides detailed guidance and pre-filled forms customized for each customer’s situation.

In comparing HitchSwitch vs. Easy Name Change, evaluating their features, level of support, and overall convenience is essential. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of both services to help readers decide on the best option for their name change needs.

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HitchSwitch Vs. Easy Name Change

HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change are popular name change services that streamline the process after significant life events like marriage or divorce. Both services aim to simplify the process and save time by providing guidance and auto-filled documents for users.

HitchSwitch, founded in 2013, has assisted over 500,000 people in changing their names. They offer three packages ranging in price from $39 to $99, catering to different levels of assistance required. The Print at Home package provides immediate access to name change applications with auto-filled information. At the same time, the Full Service Package includes printed, auto-filled name change applications shipped to the user.

On the other hand, Easy Name Change offers two packages, a $39 print-at-home kit, and a $79 print-and-post kit.

HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change provide users with a straightforward, user-friendly experience. Users need to complete a basic information form, and the services take care of the rest by auto-filling documents and providing clear instructions on how to submit each application.

Some differences between the two services include:

  • HitchSwitch focuses primarily on name changes following marriage or divorce, while Easy Name Change also includes options for adoption and other scenarios.
  • The price range for HitchSwitch is $39 to $99, whereas Easy Name Change offers services at $39 and $79
  • HitchSwitch has been in the market for a shorter time than Easy Name Change but has already gained popularity among users.

When selecting a name change service, it is essential to consider the user’s specific requirements, budget, and level of assistance needed. Both HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change serve as valuable resources to simplify the name change process and offer various options to suit individual needs.

Easy Name Change

Changing Your Name

Changing your name can be a significant life event, whether due to marriage, divorce, adoption, or a gender change. This section will discuss the different situations that might require a name change and how online services like HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change can help simplify the process.


Marriage is one of the most common reasons people change their names. Traditionally, one spouse takes the other spouse’s last name, but there are other options, such as combining both last names or setting up a hyphenated surname. Online services like HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change offer packages that make it easy to complete the necessary paperwork and notify the appropriate institutions of your new name.


In the case of a divorce, many individuals choose to revert to their previous name. Changing your name after a divorce can be similar to marriage but may require additional documents like the divorce decree. HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change offer services tailored to the divorce name change process, streamlining the application processes and ensuring the accurate completion of forms for a smooth transition.


When families grow through adoption, name changes may reflect the new family dynamics. Both adoptive parents and adopted children may opt for name changes as part of the adoption process. Online name change services like HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change offer support and guidance on handling these situations, making it simpler for families to navigate the paperwork and requirements of a successful adoption and name change.

Gender Change

For individuals going through a gender change or transition, updating their names to reflect their identity accurately can be a crucial step. HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change have options for those undergoing this type of name change, providing resources and assistance in completing the necessary forms and procedures with sensitivity and efficiency.

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Name Change Process

In this section, we will discuss the name change process provided by HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change, focusing on three main aspects: Forms, Paperwork, and Legal Review.


Both HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change offer auto-filled forms to help ease the process of changing your name. These forms cover various aspects of the name change process, such as social security, passports, and other necessary documents. Autofilled forms help save time as they already have your basic information filled out, which reduces the chances of errors and streamlines the process for you.


HitchSwitch provides different packages to assist with the paperwork involved in the name change process. They can send you print-at-home documents or mail you the printed auto-filled paperwork depending on your package.

On the other hand, Easy Name Change aims to make the process less stressful by guiding how and where to submit the necessary documents. They compile a customized list of all the companies and government institutions you must contact, along with the proper forms, according to your situation.

Legal Review

While Easy Name Change focuses more on guiding you through the process, HitchSwitch offers legal services through collaboration with LegalZoom. By utilizing their legal services, you can receive support and assistance from a legal professional who will review your documents and provide expert advice to ensure accuracy and compliance with the law.

Both HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change prioritize helping you navigate the complex process of updating your name on important documents, such as bank accounts and credit cards, and streaming services where your name may be displayed.

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What To Update After Changing Your Name

After changing your name, updating your personal and professional documents is crucial. This process could include numerous steps, depending on your situation. In this section, we will explore some of the essential updates you should make, which include:

Social Security Card

Updating your Social Security card should be among the first things you do after changing your name. This ensures that your earnings and benefits are properly recorded under your new name. To change your name on your Social Security card, complete and submit the required application to your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office, along with proof of identity and a certified copy of the name change document.

Driver’s License

Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to change your name on your driver’s license. Each state has its requirements, but you’ll need a certified copy of your name change document, your current driver’s license, and a small fee. Don’t forget to update your vehicle title and registration as well.

Vehicle Title/Registration

To update your vehicle title and registration with your new name, contact the DMV in your state. Generally, you’ll need to provide a certified copy of your name change document, vehicle title, and registration. There may also be a fee for the title update.


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If your name has changed, apply for a new passport or update your current one through the U.S. Department of State. Submit your name change document, a new passport photo, the appropriate fees, and your application.

Voter Registration

It’s important to update your voter registration to reflect your new name. Contact your local election office or visit their website for instructions on updating your voter registration information.

Professional Licenses

If you hold any professional licenses or certifications, ensure you update them with the relevant licensing boards. Contact each board individually for specific requirements and processes for updating your name.

Once you have updated all the essential documents mentioned above, consider updating other personal and professional accounts, such as credit cards, loyalty programs, email addresses, and social media profiles. Completing these updates ensures a smooth transition to your new name across all aspects of your life.

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Financial Updates

When going through a name change process, updating your financial accounts to reflect your new name is essential. This section guides updating your bank accounts, investments, and reward programs.

Bank Accounts

Updating your bank accounts should be a top priority after changing your name. It’s important to ensure that all your financial transactions are associated with your new name to avoid potential issues. To update your bank accounts, follow these steps:

  • Contact your bank and inform them of your name change.
  • Provide them with the necessary documentation, such as a marriage certificate or court order for a legal name change.
  • Request new checks, credit/debit cards, and any associated banking materials reflecting your new name.

Keep in mind that procedures may vary depending on the bank. It is advisable to consult your bank’s customer service for specific instructions and requirements.


Updating your new name with the financial institutions managing your investments is crucial for any investments you have made. This includes brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, and other long-term savings plans.

To update your investments, proceed with the following steps:

  • Reach out to the financial institution managing your investments.
  • Provide the necessary documentation to prove your name change.
  • Complete any required forms the institution provides to update your name on the account.

It is vital to check with each institution for specific requirements and procedures. Ensure all your investments are updated to prevent any future complications.

Reward Programs

When updating your name, rewards such as frequent flyer miles, hotel loyalty programs, and credit card rewards should not be overlooked. Ensuring your accounts are updated will help avoid issues when redeeming your rewards. Follow these steps to update your reward programs:

  • Contact the customer service department of each reward program.
  • Provide them with your new name and any required documentation.
  • Request an updated account or card with your new name, if applicable.

Remember to keep track of all the reward programs you have enrolled in and update them accordingly. Doing so allows you to continue enjoying and utilizing the benefits without disruptions.

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Comparing Services

Pricing and Package Levels

HitchSwitch offers three package levels:

  • Print at Home – $39.99: Includes necessary name change forms, instructions, and email assistance.
  • Full Service – $69.99: Along with Print at Home services, this package provides pre-filled forms, pre-addressed envelopes, and priority shipping.
  • Platinum – $99.99: Besides the above, it includes unlimited access to their database and additional concierge premium services.

On the other hand, Easy Name Change offers varying prices and package levels based on your needs.

Ease of Use

HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change provide easy-to-use platforms for individuals wanting to change their names. They guide users through the process and offer assistance when needed. Both companies also offer digital options to streamline the process even further.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for these services suggest that clients are satisfied with their experiences using either HitchSwitch or Easy Name Change. Both platforms have received positive feedback on their accessibility, convenience, and customer support.

Satisfaction Guarantee

HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change aim to provide quality services to their clients. While no specific satisfaction guarantees were found for HitchSwitch, Easy Name Change offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with their service. It is essential to read their respective terms and conditions before using their services to ensure you understand their policies and commitments to customer satisfaction.

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Additional Considerations


When comparing HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change, one important factor is the ease of updating your information with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Both services assist with DMV name change forms and instructions. However, it’s essential to remember that you’ll need to visit your local DMV office in person to finalize the name change on your driver’s license and vehicle registration.


As you plan your wedding, consider which service best suits your needs in incorporating your new name into the event. HitchSwitch offers a “Print at Home” package, which provides immediate access to name change applications, instructions, and email assistance. Easy Name Change may have similar offerings, so it’s crucial to compare the two services and choose the most convenient and cost-effective option for your wedding preparations.


Communicating your name change to friends and family is a personal process that depends on your preferences. Neither HitchSwitch nor Easy Name Change can handle this aspect for you, but they can help ensure that your essential documentation is updated correctly. Remember that you’ll need to inform your network about your new name and consider using social media or personalized announcements to make your friends aware of the change.

Professional Licensing

For individuals with professional licenses, updating your name following state or federal requirements is vital to avoid complications in your career. HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change can help you with the necessary forms and instructions to update your licenses with the respective licensing boards. Ensuring that your professional credentials are updated promptly will prevent disruptions in your practice or potential legal issues.

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Comparing HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change, both services have unique features and offerings. HitchSwitch has gained a reputation as a popular choice for its user-friendly platform and minimal time commitment. It is an appealing option for those who want a quick and efficient name change process. On the other hand, Easy Name Change is a more budget-friendly solution with a wide range of document packages catering to different name change scenarios.

When deciding between the two, customers should consider their needs and preferences. Budget, customer support, and the extent of name change options can play a role in making the final decision. While HitchSwitch may be a good choice for a simple, hassle-free process, Easy Name Change could be the better option for those looking for more customization and affordability.

In conclusion, HitchSwitch and Easy Name Change have advantages and drawbacks. Potential users are advised to assess their specific requirements and evaluate the pros and cons of each service before making an informed decision. Ultimately, the choice comes down to individual preferences and priorities.

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