Hiker dies in 400-feet fall from Washington mountain

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A 24-year-old hiker has died after falling approximately 400 feet (396 meters) from the summit of Mount Pilchuck in the state of Washington, sheriff’s deputies say.

The man and other members of his group had hiked up to the mountain’s summit on Tuesday but the victim later left the group and continued on his own. Contact between the group and the man was lost just before dark, said Shari Ireton, a spokesperson for the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

On Wednesday morning, a 911 call came in from someone who had been up at the mountain’s summit, stating that they saw a man below the north side of the summit’s lookout tower. The caller reported that it was too dangerous to hike down and check on the man’s condition, after which a helicopter rescue team was sent to the area.

The rescue team arrived just before 10 a.m. PT and confirmed that the man had died, Ireton said. The victim, whose name has not yet been released, was transported to the rescue team’s facility, where the medical examiner took custody of the body.

Other details were not yet available.

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