Florida Governor Rick Scott rules out endorsement before primary

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Florida Governor Rick Scott, who was rumored to prepare an endorsement for businessman Donald Trump, says he will not be endorsing any of the Republican candidates before the state’s primary.

“I have made it my practice to not get involved in primaries because picking the Republican candidate is the voters’ job,” Scott said in a Facebook post. “The political class opposed me when I first ran for office, they did not want a businessman outsider, but the voters had other ideas.”

Although Scott’s statement appeared to favorably hint at Trump as the Republican nominee, Scott said he trusts the voters to make the decision themselves in the March 15 primary in Florida. “I continue to believe that economic growth and job creation is the most crucial issue for the next President to tackle,” he said.

Fox News reported on Tuesday that Governor Scott had decided to endorse Trump for president, but the governor’s press secretary quickly rejected the report. An outright endorsement from Scott would have been a blow to the campaigns of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, as Florida offers the second-most number of delegates in the remaining Republican primaries.

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