5 Essential Features To Look For In Men’s Briefcases

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By Jacob Maslow

Regarding men’s accessories, a briefcase is a timeless and essential item combining functionality and style. Whether you’re a working professional, a student, or a fashion enthusiast, finding the perfect briefcase can elevate your overall look while providing functionality for your daily needs.

But with countless designs, materials, and elements available in the market, selecting the right briefcase can feel overwhelming. So, before you head over to fashionsizzle.com, or other reputable shops, to buy a briefcase, here are the essential features to look for when shopping for one:

  1. Quality Material

The material of your briefcase speaks volumes about its durability and style. Traditionally, men’s briefcases have been crafted from high-quality leather, revered for its classic look, luxurious feel, and long-lasting durability. A genuine leather briefcase ages gracefully, gathering a rich patina that amplifies its charm over time. A leather briefcase is an excellent choice if you’re going for a professional, timeless aesthetic. This is something that the No.1 Briefcase by Von Baer can offer.

The Epitome of Luxury: No.1 Leather Briefcase By Von Baer

“No.1 from Von Baer”

Crafted with premium full-grain leather, the No.1 Briefcase by Von Baer epitomizes lasting durability. Painstakingly constructed in Italy by seasoned artisans, it stands as a reflection of exquisite craftsmanship. Built to accommodate a laptop of size up to 15.6 inches comfortably, its practical dimensions of 40 cm (16 in) in width, 29 cm (11 in) in height, and 14.5 cm (6 in) in depth yield ample space for organizing your essentials.

Complete with a luxurious cotton lining, it adds an extra touch of elegance. The detachable shoulder strap enhances its versatility. The updated 2023 edition of the No.1 Briefcase represents a notable improvement over its predecessor, delivering exceptional quality for its reasonable price. And despite its robust construction, it weighs only 1.7 kg (0.8 lbs), making it a breeze to carry around.

  1. Ample Storage

The primary function of men’s briefcases is to carry your work essentials. Therefore, they must offer sufficient storage. However, ‘sufficient’ can mean different things to different people. Some men might need to carry laptops, tablets, documents, and stationery, while others may only need space for a notepad and a pen. So, consider your daily carry before making a purchase.

Look for a briefcase with a dedicated laptop compartment if you need to carry a laptop. Pockets for stationery, chargers, mobile phones, and business cards can keep your belongings organized and easy to access. Also, check if the briefcase has external pockets for items you need to grab quickly. But remember, while many compartments can help organize your items, they can also add to the weight and size of the briefcase. So, balance is key.

  1. Comfortable Carrying Options

Men’s briefcases are designed primarily with a professional or business-focused aesthetic. Despite this, it’s still important for these briefcases to be comfortable to carry. The modern man is always on the move, hopping from meetings to flights, so a comfortable carrying option becomes an important feature to look for in a briefcase. Depending on your preference and lifestyle, you can opt for a suitcase with handles, a shoulder strap, or even one that converts into a backpack.

Handles are perfect for those who prefer a classic look and don’t have to carry their briefcase for extended periods. However, if you commute a lot, a shoulder strap or a backpack-style briefcase can distribute the weight more evenly and free up your hands. Whichever style you choose, ensure the handles and straps are padded for extra comfort.

  1. Robust Hardware For Durability

The hardware of a briefcase may not be the first thing you consider, but it plays a significant role in its durability and aesthetics. Zippers, buckles, locks, and handles can make or break your experience with the briefcase. A briefcase with high-quality hardware ensures that it will not fail you in the middle of a busy day.

When checking the hardware, look for sturdy metal zippers and locks that are easy to operate. If you opt for a hard briefcase, check that the hinges are robust and well-fitted. Examine the handle to ensure it is securely attached and comfortable to hold. For a shoulder strap, confirm that the hooks and adjusters are durable. Remember, superior hardware not only lengthens the lifespan of your briefcase but also adds a touch of sophistication.

  1. Size And Structure

The size and structure of your briefcase aren’t just about aesthetics. They directly impact the usability and convenience of the bag. The size should be adequate to fit your essentials without being too bulky. As a rule of thumb, your briefcase should be large enough to carry a 13 to 15-inch laptop, which is a standard size for most professionals.

In terms of structure, you have two main options: soft-sided and hard-sided briefcases. Soft-sided briefcases offer more flexibility and are lighter, while hard-sided ones offer more protection and maintain their shape even when empty. Depending on your job demands and personal style, you might prefer one.


When searching for the perfect men’s briefcase, it’s essential to consider the features that align with your needs and preferences. Remember, it’s all about balancing functionality and personal style. So, take your time, consider these features, and you’ll surely find a companion that’ll serve you faithfully in your professional journey.

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