Fantime: The Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Your Fan Experience

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By Jacob Maslow

FanTime is a community-building platform designed for creators that enables them to connect directly with their fans and generate monthly recurring income to support their art. This platform suits various artists, including musicians, models, photographers, and others.

Like OnlyFans, FanTime is a subscription-based social platform that supports different types of creators, such as fitness trainers, models, vloggers, chefs, photographers, and even sports stars. A key aspect differentiating FanTime from other platforms is its ability to allow creators to share content that might otherwise be blocked on more conventional social media platforms.

With a growing fanbase on Instagram and a high trust rating on, FanTime is quickly establishing itself as a safe and reliable platform for creators and fans alike. It allows creators to take control of their image and finances while providing unique, exclusive content for their supporters.

What Is FanTime?

FanTime is a content creation platform that allows creators to connect with their fans and monetize their content. Like OnlyFans, the site mainly focuses on images and videos as its primary content format. However, due to the nature of the community, many content creators often share explicit sexual images and mature posts on the platform.

What sets FanTime apart from other platforms is its user-friendly design and commitment to maintaining a sense of control for creators. By allowing creators to set the terms of their content subscriptions, FanTime enables entrepreneurs to earn an income while maintaining their desired level of privacy and discretion.

Some notable creators who have succeeded on FanTime include Erika Fernandez, a TV host, Nicky Jam, a singer and actor, Christmas Abbott, a fitness guru and actress, Mandy Sacs, a wrestling champion and bikini world champion; and Jorge Masvidal, a mixed martial artist. These individuals represent a diverse range of fields, showcasing the broad appeal of FanTime to different types of creators.

To access content on FanTime, users must subscribe to a particular creator’s content hidden behind a paywall. This subscription-based model provides a steady income stream for creators while ensuring fans receive exclusive content that caters to their interests.

Subscription and Pricing

FanTime is a platform that connects fans with their favorite content creators using a subscription-based model.

Benefits of Subscription

Subscriptions offer various benefits for both creators and subscribers. This model allows creators to establish a stable monthly income from their art, providing financial security and support. This income is generated from subscription fees and tips that fans pay. Creators get to keep 80% of this revenue.

On the other hand, subscribers gain access to exclusive content that is not available for free users. By subscribing, fans can directly support their favorite artists and help them continue producing content.

Monthly Fee

Subscription fees on FanTime vary depending on the quality and quantity of content provided by the creator. The starting fee is usually around $4.99 per month, but it can go up to $50 for creators who offer high-quality or exclusive content. Subscribers will typically be charged monthly, with the renewal date being the day after the last subscription purchase.

FanTime also offers the option to subscribe to some content creators for free, allowing users to access a limited amount of content without paying a monthly fee. However, most services and features on the platform require a paid subscription.

Content on FanTime

FanTime is an innovative platform that allows content creators to connect with their fans and earn a stable income. This section will look at the different types of content available on FanTime, including exclusive videos, photos, and social media integration.

Exclusive Videos and Photos

Content creators on FanTime can provide their fans exclusive access to their work by sharing videos and photos behind a paywall. This could include artistic performances, fitness routines, and behind-the-scenes footage. This content’s exclusivity incentivizes fans to subscribe to their favorite creators and maintain a more personal connection with them.

Social Media Integration

Many creators also use FanTime to complement their social media channels like Instagram and Twitter. By integrating their FanTime content with their existing social media presence, creators can drive traffic to their FanTime pages and offer their most loyal followers additional content unavailable to the general public.

Overall, FanTime offers a unique blend of exclusive content and social media integration, making it a valuable platform for content creators and fans. However, it is essential to remember that the platform’s primary purpose is monetizing content, so users should expect a different experience than traditional social media channels.

Creators and Users

FanTime is a platform that caters to various creators, including models, artists, and sports personalities. It enables them to effectively monetize their content while providing users access to exclusive material.

Monetizing Content

Creators on FanTime can establish a steady revenue stream by offering their unique content to dedicated fans. For example, former WWE star Mandy Rose reportedly earned over $500,000 after using the platform. Content creators can share photos, videos, and engage directly with their fanbase, ensuring that their work is both protected and appreciated by a paying audience.

Subscription-Based Platform

FanTime operates on a subscription model, where fans can opt for paid subscriptions starting at $4.99 per month and going up to around $50, depending on the quality and quantity of the content. However, it’s also possible for fans to follow creators for free, allowing them to view selected content.

Support for Models and Artists

The platform provides invaluable resources to models and artists, including domain registration, content protection, and access to an experienced social management team. FanTime’s user-friendly infrastructure empowers creators to prioritize their work and easily build online communities.

Some prominent creators on the platform include Erika Fernandez (TV Host), Nicky Jam (Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, and Actor), Christmas Abbott (Fitness Guru and Actress), Mandy Sacs (Wrestling Champion and Bikini World Champion), Jorge Masvidal (Mixed Martial Artist), and Jamie Stone (Model and Blogger).

Notable Members and News

Mandy Rose’s Fantime Page

Mandy Rose, a well-known pro wrestler, gained attention recently with her Fantime page. As a popular figure in the wrestling world, Mandy Rose held the title of NXT Women’s Champion for over 400 days. However, her association with Fantime and the content she shared on the platform led to her shocking release from WWE.

Roxanne Perez, another notable personality, appeared in association with Mandy Rose on her Fantime page. The content garnered a significant number of subscribers, showcasing the platform’s growing popularity among wrestling fans.

Mature Content and Leaks

One of the challenges faced by Fantime and its users is the potential for mature content and leaks. As a platform that allows creators to share content that may have been blocked on other social platforms, the risk of mature content reaching unintended audiences is present.

Such situations can lead to controversies and even legal issues, as seen when Mandy Rose’s Fantime content became the subject of TMZ’s coverage. Internet leaks can affect both the creator and subscribers and the platform’s overall reputation.

Departure and Promotion

Following her departure from WWE, Mandy Rose has continued to capitalize on her popularity and association with Fantime. Her agent, Malki Kawa, made headlines when he reportedly secured a $1 million promotional deal for Rose, indicating that her career is far from over.

This development suggests that Fantime can provide creators like Mandy Rose with opportunities for promotion and support outside their traditional careers, further solidifying its position in the dynamic content creation market.


How do I follow a creator on FanTime?

To follow a creator on FanTime, visit their profile and click the subscribe button. Once subscribed, you’ll have access to their exclusive content and updates.

How do I cancel my subscription to a creator?

Subscriptions can be canceled through your account settings. Locate the list of creators you are subscribed to, and click the unsubscribe button next to the creator you wish to cancel your subscription with.

How do I post content as a creator on FanTime?

To post content, log in to your FanTime account and navigate to your profile. From there, you can upload photos, videos, or other media for your subscribers to enjoy.

How do I set up my Twitter account on FanTime?

Connecting your Twitter account to FanTime is an optional feature that can help increase your reach. To do so, visit your account settings, find the social media integration section, and follow the prompts to connect to your Twitter account.

How much can I earn as a creator on FanTime, and how often do I get paid?

Your earning potential on FanTime depends on various factors like subscription prices, the number of subscribers, and your content quality. Payments are typically made monthly, but each creator’s specific payment schedule might vary.

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