How Much Can You Make on OnlyFans: Tips and Strategies

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By Jacob Maslow

How much you can make on OnlyFans largely depends on your strategy, dedication, and understanding of the platform. This blog post will delve into various aspects that contribute to maximizing your earnings as an OnlyFans creator.

We will discuss the benefits of having two subscription channels and explore strategies for promoting your OnlyFans account effectively. Additionally, we’ll examine how leveraging social media platforms can help grow your audience and increase engagement with followers.

Furthermore, creating a strong brand identity on OnlyFans is crucial for long-term success. Therefore, we’ll provide insights into developing a unique presence that resonates with subscribers. Lastly, analyzing performance data plays a significant role in optimizing content strategy; hence we will guide you through utilizing these metrics to enhance creator earnings.

By implementing these tips and techniques discussed in this post, you’ll be better equipped to answer the question: “How much can you make on OnlyFans?”

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How Much Money Onlyfans Models Make

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OnlyFans models are raking in significant cash from the subscription platform. Business Insider spoke with eight OnlyFans creators about how much money they made in a year, and their answers ranged from $143,000 to an eye-popping $5.4 million.

Bryce Adams was at the upper end of that range, earning over $5 million across three accounts in a year. She attributed her success to having “over 300 videos” on the site and keeping things fresh by providing “a lot of variety.” That strategy paid off for Adams, who has since built her business to over $6.4 million yearly on OnlyFans alone.

But even if you don’t have ambitions as lofty as Bryce’s, there are still plenty of ways to make money on OnlyFans – many creators leverage multiple income streams like merchandising and Patreon subscriptions alongside their work on the platform itself. And with CEO Ami Gan reporting that OnlyFans had paid out over 10 billion dollars since its founding back in 2016, it’s clear that serious money must be made here.

Plus, you don’t need any special qualifications or certifications; you only need a creative vision and some savvy marketing skills. From creating exclusive content (like photosets or video tutorials) for your subscribers only, setting up paywalls for certain tiers of content access, or offering one-on-one consultations via direct messages – these are just some examples of how models can monetize their platforms beyond simply posting pictures or videos online.

Finally, it’s crucial not to forget that making money through adult entertainment may seem like an easy street now. However, this industry isn’t immune to changes, so always keep an eye open for new opportunities and potential pivots should circumstances change.

Maximizing Your Earnings on OnlyFans

how much can you make on onlyfans


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When it comes to making money on OnlyFans, there are several strategies you can employ to maximize your earnings. From setting the correct subscription prices to monetizing adult content, let’s explore some of the most effective ways to increase your income on this popular platform.

Setting Subscription Prices

Determining an appropriate fee for access to your content is critical in maximizing earnings. Therefore, it is crucial to find a balance between enticing people to subscribe and make sure they perceive worth in their investment. Here are some tips for setting subscription prices:

  • Research similar creators: Look at what other successful creators in your niche are charging and use that as a starting point.
  • Avoid overpricing yourself: Ensure your pricing is competitive so you don’t scare away potential subscribers. Start low and increase gradually: You can always increase prices as you gain more followers and offer additional content or access to members-only areas.  The trend is to provide free or very low-cost subscriptions and monetize via pay-per-view, live streaming, and the like
  • Finding the sweet spot: Experiment with different pricing levels until you find one that maximizes subscriber numbers and overall revenue.
  • Create two channels: Free and a premium VIP with more explicit and exclusive content.

Monetizing Adult Content

OnlyFans provides an excellent opportunity for the monetization of adult content. In addition to setting subscription fees, consider these additional revenue streams:

  • Paid private messages (PPMs): Offer exclusive photos or videos through PPMs at an additional cost per message.
  • Tips from fans: Your followers can send tips if they particularly enjoy specific content – make sure they know about this feature.
  • Custom content: Offer personalized content for a premium price, such as custom videos or photos tailored to individual subscriber requests.

Bundling Content and Offers

To further increase your earnings potential, consider bundling different types of content together or offering special promotions. For example:

  • Discounted subscriptions: Offer limited-time discounts on subscription prices to entice new subscribers or encourage existing ones to renew their membership.
  • Packages: Create packages that include access to multiple pieces of exclusive content at a discounted rate compared to purchasing each item individually.
  • Limited edition merchandise: If you have a strong brand identity, consider selling branded merchandise like t-shirts, posters, or other items – this can be an additional revenue stream and help promote your OnlyFans account simultaneously.

Maximizing your earnings on OnlyFans requires a combination of creative content, effective marketing strategies, and dedication. With these tips in mind, you can now explore the benefits of having two subscription channels to maximize your income potential further.

Key Takeaway: This article outlines several strategies to maximize earnings on OnlyFans, such as setting the right subscription prices and monetizing adult content. Additionally, creators can boost profits by bundling content or offering promotional discounts – an effective way to bring in extra cash while building their brand identity.

Benefits of Having Two Subscription Channels

how much can you make on onlyfans


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Offering different access levels to your content through two subscription channels can be a game-changer for creators on OnlyFans. This approach allows you to cater to a broader audience with varying budgets and preferences, maximizing your earning potential.

A. Attracting More Subscribers

By providing both a premium and a free subscription option, you can appeal to fans who may not have the means or desire to pay for higher-priced content. In addition, offering a free option can act as an introduction to your services, giving potential customers a glimpse of the more expensive packages you offer. Then, as their interest grows, they might decide to upgrade their subscription level.

B. Diversifying Your Content Offerings

  • Premium Channel: On this channel, offer exclusive content tailored specifically for your most dedicated fans willing to pay extra. This could include more explicit content,  personalized interactions, custom videos or photosets, behind-the-scenes footage, or early access releases.
  • Affordable Channel: Use this channel to share more general content that still showcases your talents but doesn’t require as much time and effort in production – think candid snapshots or shorter video clips.

C. Catering To Different Fan Preferences

Different people enjoy different types of adult entertainment; some prefer softcore, while others seek hardcore experiences. By offering two separate channels with distinct styles and themes within the same niche market (e.g., cosplay), you can tap into a broader audience, increasing your chances of attracting more subscribers and generating higher revenue.

D. Retaining Subscribers

Having two subscription channels can also help you retain existing fans by providing them with a variety of content options to choose from. By providing two subscription choices, users can select the one that suits their budget and interests, thus helping keep them loyal subscribers and guaranteeing a steady revenue. This flexibility helps maintain subscriber loyalty and ensures a steady income stream.

E. Experimenting With Content Strategies

Two channels allow you to test different types of content and gauge which resonate most with your audience without alienating any particular group of fans. You can then use this valuable feedback to refine your overall content strategy, ensuring you consistently deliver what your followers want while keeping things fresh and engaging.

Having two subscription channels allows you to diversify your income streams and maximize potential earnings. In addition, by utilizing strategies for promoting your OnlyFans account, you can use multiple platforms to increase revenue further.

Key Takeaway: Using two subscription channels on OnlyFans allows creators to attract more subscribers, diversify their content offerings and cater to different fan preferences. This approach can also help retain existing fans and experiment with new content strategies, thus maximizing earning potential.

Strategies for Promoting Your OnlyFans Account

how much can you make on onlyfans


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To maximize your earnings on OnlyFans, promoting your account effectively and reaching more potential subscribers is essential. Various tactics can expand your reach and build a more significant following.

A. Collaborate with Other Creators

One of the most effective ways to promote your OnlyFans account is by collaborating with other creators in the adult content industry. This can be done through shoutouts, guest appearances in each other’s content, or even creating exclusive joint content for both fan bases. By leveraging the potential of collaborations, you can increase your reach and gain access to a new pool of followers interested in subscribing.

B. Utilize Reddit Communities

Reddit is an excellent platform for promoting adult content due to its numerous communities (subreddits) explicitly dedicated to this niche market. Join relevant subreddits and share teaser images or short clips from your OnlyFans content while following community guidelines carefully to avoid getting banned or flagged as spam.

List of Popular NSFW Subreddits:

  • /r/OnlyFansPromotions
  • /r/SexWorkersPromo
  • /r/GoneWildPlus
  • /r/RealGirls
  • /r/PetiteGoneWild

C. Offer Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Promote limited-time offers such as discounted subscription rates or bundle deals on custom videos/photosets exclusively available on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram Stories, where users are more likely to click through links. This can help incentivize potential subscribers to join your OnlyFans account.

D. Engage with Your Audience

Interact with your followers on social media by replying to comments, answering DM questions, and hosting live Q&A sessions or giveaways. By engaging with your audience, you’ll build a strong connection that will encourage them to support you financially through subscriptions and tips on OnlyFans.

E. Utilize Hashtags Effectively

When promoting your content on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, use relevant hashtags related to the adult industry and general interests to appeal to the target demographic. This increases your chances of being discovered by users who may not be following you yet but are interested in the content you create.

Examples of Popular Adult Content Hashtags:

  • #onlyfansgirl
  • #onlyfanspromo
  • #adultcontentcreator

By implementing these strategies consistently over time, you’ll increase visibility for your OnlyFans account, ultimately leading to higher earnings from new subscribers joining the platform and supporting work financially through tips and purchases of exclusive content offerings available only to members’ fan base.

By utilizing the right promotional strategies, you can maximize your OnlyFans earnings. In addition, leveraging social media platforms is an effective way to increase your audience and boost engagement with them.

Key Takeaway: As an experienced adult content creator, the key to success on OnlyFans is utilizing effective promotional strategies such as collaborating with other creators, leveraging Reddit communities and hashtags, offering exclusive deals and discounts, and engaging with your audience – all of which will help drive more traffic to your page. You can make a bank quickly with hard work and savvy marketing tactics.

Leveraging Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Audience

how much can you make on onlyfans


Expanding your reach on OnlyFans is crucial for maximizing your earnings, and leveraging popular social media platforms can effectively achieve this goal. Here are some tips on how you can use Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to drive traffic to your account:

A. Utilizing Instagram

  • Create a dedicated account: Create a separate Instagram profile to promote your OnlyFans content.
  • Cross-promote with other creators: Collaborate with fellow OnlyFans creators by sharing each other’s content in stories or posts.
  • Incorporate hashtags strategically: Use relevant and trending hashtags related to the adult industry or specific niches.
  • Leverage IG Stories & Highlights: Share teasers of upcoming content through Instagram Stories and save them as highlights on your profile page.

B. Maximizing Twitter Exposure

  • Tweet regularly about new content: Keep followers updated about what they can expect from subscribing to your OnlyFans account by posting regular updates on Twitter.
  • Engage with fans: Responding promptly to comments and messages will help build rapport with potential subscribers.
  • Participate in community discussions: Join conversations related to the adult industry or specific niches to showcase the value of your content.

C. Harnessing the Power of YouTube

  •  Create teaser videos:  Produce short, enticing videos that give viewers a taste of what they can expect from your OnlyFanscontent. Be sure to follow YouTube’s guidelines for adult content.
  • Collaborate with other creators: Partner with fellow YouTubers in the same niche to cross-promote each other’s channels and OnlyFans accounts.
  • Optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags: Use relevant keywords related to your niche and the adult industry to improve search visibility.

In addition to these strategies, consider using other platforms like TikTok or Snapchat if they align well with your target audience. By effectively leveraging social media platforms, you’ll be able to grow your audience on OnlyFans and ultimately increase your earnings potential.

Leveraging social media platforms to grow your audience is essential to creating a successful OnlyFans profile. Increasing engagement with followers can further boost your visibility and attract more subscribers.

Key Takeaway: By using Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to their fullest potential, you can give your OnlyFans account a significant boost. Utilize strategic hashtags, collaborate with other creators, and optimize video titles for increased search visibility to maximize exposure and rake in the dough.

Increasing Engagement with Followers

how much can you make on onlyfans

One of the keys to making more money on OnlyFans is keeping your audience engaged and returning for more content. Connect with your audience by creating captivating content that will make them look forward to what you post next.

A. Interact with Your Audience

Engaging directly with your subscribers can make them feel valued and connected to you as a creator. Responding to comments, hosting live streams, or even sending personalized messages are great ways to interact with your audience and build rapport.

B. Collaborate with Other Creators

Connecting with other content makers in your field can open up new audiences to your material while providing exciting content for existing fans. Reach out to fellow OnlyFans creators with similar interests or styles, and propose collaborative projects that could benefit both parties.

C. Offer Exclusive Content & Perks

  • Premium Posts: Share exclusive photos or videos only available through pay-per-view (PPV) posts, incentivizing subscribers to spend extra on unique content they won’t find anywhere else.
  • Fan Club Membership: Create an exclusive channel within OnlyFans where members receive additional perks such as early access to new releases, discounts on merchandise, or private chat sessions.
  • Limited-Time Offers: Run promotions like discounted subscription rates or free trials during specific periods (e.g., holidays) as incentives for potential subscribers who may be hesitant about signing up at the full price.

D. Post Consistently & Diversify Your Content

Maintaining a regular posting schedule is essential for keeping your audience engaged and interested in your content. Experiment with different types of posts, such as behind-the-scenes footage, Q&A sessions, or tutorials, to keep things fresh and cater to various subscriber preferences. Business Insider recommends posting at least once daily on OnlyFans to maintain consistent engagement.

E. Utilize Feedback from Subscribers

Your subscribers are the best source of information when you understand what type of content they enjoy most. Encourage them to provide feedback through comments or direct messages, then use this insight to tailor future posts that align with their interests and preferences.

By increasing engagement with followers, creators on OnlyFans can create an active and supportive community that helps to increase their income. However, to maximize financial gain, constructing a recognizable brand is essential.

Key Takeaway: This article provides strategies for creating captivating content and increasing engagement on OnlyFans. It encourages creators to interact with their subscribers, collaborate with other creators in the same niche, offer exclusive perks like premium posts or fan club memberships, post consistently and diversify content types as well as utilize feedback from followers. In short: connect with your audience, give them something special they can’t get anywhere else, be consistent, and listen to what they have to say – all critical components of boosting revenue on OnlyFans.

Creating a Brand Identity on OnlyFans

how much can you make on onlyfans


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Developing a unique style and aesthetic that will help you stand out from the crowd is crucial for success on OnlyFans. In this competitive platform, a solid brand identity can set you apart from other creators and attract more subscribers to your content.

A. Define Your Niche

To create a compelling brand identity, define your niche or target audience. Consider what makes you unique and how you can cater to specific interests or preferences within the adult content industry. For example, some creators focus on niches like cosplay or fitness, while others specialize in particular performances or roleplay scenarios.

B. Develop Your Aesthetic

Your visual style plays a significant role in establishing your brand identity on OnlyFans. Choose colors, fonts, images, and overall design elements that reflect your personality and appeal to your target audience’s tastes. For instance, if you’re targeting fans of vintage erotica, consider using retro-inspired color palettes and typography in your profile design.

  • Colors: Select two to three primary colors representing your style or theme.
  • Fonts: Use legible fonts with distinct characteristics that match the tone of your content (e.g., the playful script for lighthearted themes).
  • Images: Curate high-quality photos showcasing yourself and any props/costumes relevant to your niche.
  • Videos: Create engaging video thumbnails with consistent branding elements like color schemes and fonts.

C. Craft a Compelling Bio

Your OnlyFans bio is the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality, communicate your unique selling points, and make a lasting impression on potential subscribers. Ensure that your OnlyFans bio contains details about yourself, the content you provide, any exclusive benefits for subscribers, and links to other places where admirers can discover more of your work.

D. Consistency Is Key

Consistency across all aspects of your brand identity helps build trust with followers and makes it easier for them to recognize you among countless other creators. This includes maintaining a consistent posting schedule and ensuring that all visual elements (e.g., profile pictures and banners) align with the aesthetic established earlier.

By creating a strong brand identity on OnlyFans, you’ll attract more subscribers and foster loyalty among existing ones who appreciate the effort put into crafting an engaging online persona.

Creating a brand identity on OnlyFans is essential to maximize the earning potential of your content. With an analytical approach, you can use performance data to optimize your strategy and further increase revenue.

Key Takeaway: Creating a unique style and aesthetic that sets you apart from other creators is essential to success on OnlyFans. Defining your niche, developing an attractive visual style, crafting a compelling bio, and being consistent in all aspects of your brand identity are critical for attracting more subscribers and fostering loyalty among existing ones.

Analyzing Performance Data to Optimize Your Content Strategy

Using analytics tools to track engagement and make informed decisions about what works best for your audience is crucial in optimizing your content strategy on OnlyFans. By analyzing performance data, you can identify trends, discover areas of improvement, and ultimately increase your earnings.

A. Understanding Key Metrics

To analyze the performance of your OnlyFans account effectively, it’s essential to understand key metrics such as:

  • Subscriber growth: Track the number of new subscribers over time to gauge how well you’re attracting new followers.
  • Engagement rate: Measure likes, comments, shares, and other interactions with your content relative to total views or followers.
  • Bounce rate: Determine how many users leave after viewing only one piece of content without engaging further.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU): Calculate the average amount each subscriber spends on subscriptions and tips by dividing total income by total subscribers during a specific period.

B. Identifying Successful Content Types

Analyzing which types of content generate higher engagement rates will help you create more successful posts in the future. For example,

  1. Social Insider’s blog post on OnlyFans Analytics suggests paying attention to the following:
  • The ratio between paid vs. free posts that perform better;,}.
  • Different themes or topics that resonate with your audience;
  • Formats such as images, videos, or text that generate higher engagement;
  • The optimal posting frequency and time of day for your content.

C. Adjusting Your Content Strategy

Once you’ve identified trends in your performance data, use this information to adjust your content strategy accordingly:

  • Create more of what works: Focus on producing content that has proven successful with your audience.
  • Business2Community’s guide on repurposing contentsuggests ways to:
    • Repurpose popular posts: Transform well-performing pieces into new formats (e.g., turning a blog post into an infographic).}.
    • A/B test different approaches: Experiment with themes, formats, and posting times variations to determine which factors contribute most significantly to success.}.
    • Analyze competitor accounts::-: Compare the performance metrics of similar creators’ profiles to identify best practices within your niche.
Key Takeaway: Analyzing performance data is essential for optimizing your OnlyFans content strategy, as it helps you identify successful types of posts and adjust your approach accordingly. AB testing different approaches and analyzing competitor accounts can help you create engaging content that resonates with followers, ultimately leading to increased earnings.

Onlyfans Statistics

Payment Rates:

Bella Thorne had set her OnlyFans subscription at $20 per month (with a limited-time 20% discount for a one-month subscription and 15% off if fans purchase three- or six-month access). Her time on the platform may have been brief but eventful. She caused controversy for offering $200 pay-per-view photos for “naked” pictures, but the images showed her wearing lingerie. This caused numerous refund requests, resulting in OnlyFans allegedly changing the rules regarding payment rates and chargebacks. Most performers do not make a fortune from OnlyFans; they receive less than $145 monthly.

Revenue Generated:

Variety reported that when Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans in August 2020, they had paid out more than $1 billion to creators. By November 2020, The Information said this figure had risen to an impressive $2 billion. In just 24 hours of joining, she earned over 1 million dollars – doubling that amount within days. No wonder so many people are flocking to this platform, as there is money to be made here.


Thorn’s actions reduced their livelihoods, and sex workers on the platform complained about it heavily, which created quite a stir amongst users of only fans who felt like their work was being undermined by someone with much more influence than themselves. Furthermore, despite Thorn claiming she opened her account as part of an experiment for filmmaker Sean Baker’s documentary, he has denied such claims leading some people to believe that monetary gain rather than experimentation purposes purely drove Thorn’s actions.

What is OnlyFans? For the uninitiated, it is a social media platform founded by British businessman and CEO Tim Stockley in November 2016 that primarily caters to adult entertainment. However, fitness gurus, foodies, and workout influencers also frequent the website/app, which allows users (or “content creators”) to generate income through one-time tips or subscription-based services while simultaneously earning additional revenue when others subscribe (“followers” or “fans”).

How Much Do People Make on OnlyFans in 2023?


Average Income for Content Creators on OnlyFans:

The average content creator on OnlyFans makes only $151 to $180 monthly, which requires much work for little compensation. This means that those who used to make $200 per month are now making closer to the new average monthly income due to increased competition from other creators entering the platform.

Competition and Lower Earnings:

With more people joining the platform, it has become increasingly difficult for content creators to earn money as they have less chance of being noticed by potential subscribers amongst all of their competitors. This decrease in earnings is also due to viewers expecting more from their favorite creators at lower prices than before; this puts pressure on them as they need to produce higher quality content while not being able to charge much more than what their fans are willing or able to pay for it.

How Much Do the Most Popular Content Creators Make?:

We have researched data on how much money some of the most popular content creators made last year, with estimates ranging between tens of thousands up to six-figure incomes annually depending on how many followers they had and how often they posted content onto their pages throughout the 2020-2021 period. Those with more significant followings tend to be paid better than those just starting because there’s a greater demand from fans wanting access or exclusive items from these more prominent influencers.

Finding Your Fortune on OnlyFans

It is possible to be successful on OnlyFans. If you want to invest your time and energy into creating a thriving business, you can do so. With the right strategy and dedication, you can build a profitable business that will generate steady income for years. However, success doesn’t happen overnight and requires hard work and patience. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Set Goals:

Before diving into OnlyFans, set clear goals for yourself. For example, consider how much money you want to make each month or what content you want to create for your subscribers. Specific goals will help keep you motivated and focused on achieving them over time.

Create Quality Content:

Creating quality content is essential for people to subscribe to your page. Try experimenting with different types of content, such as videos, photos, stories, polls, etc., so that there’s something new every week for your followers to enjoy. Additionally, make sure all the posts are consistent in terms of style and theme so that it looks professional and engaging at the same time.

Promote Your Page:

People must know about your page before they can subscribe or purchase any content from it. So use social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, where most of your target audience hangs out; post regularly about updates on your page; use hashtags related to NSFW topics; collaborate with other creators who have similar interests as yours – these are just some ways through which you can promote yourself effectively online.

Engage With Followers:

Building relationships with fans is critical when it comes to succeeding on OnlyFans. Most successful creators spend a great deal of time flirting and sexting. Make sure you respond quickly whenever someone comments or messages on one of your posts; interact with other creators by liking their posts, commenting, sharing, etc.; offer discounts and freebies occasionally – this way, more people will become aware of what kind of services products they’re getting from subscribing purchasing from OnlyFans account holders like yourself.

Reward Loyal Subscribers:

Understand and appreciate your audience. Show appreciation towards loyal subscribers by offering exclusive benefits such as free access to early releases or special discounts & offers once in a while- this encourages them further & makes them feel like valued customers, thereby increasing chances for long-term subscriptions too. You could also consider creating fan clubs within the platform wherein members get additional perks like sneak peeks, private chats & other rewards.

Stay Organized:

Last but not least, stay organized throughout the entire process. For example, have separate folders created for images, videos stories; plan accordingly & schedule postings timely manner; track analytics regularly – all these steps ensure smooth functioning overall experience on both the user end (subscriber) and creator side (OnlyFans account holder ).


Frequently Asked Questions

How much can you realistically make on OnlyFans?

Realistically, earnings on OnlyFans vary greatly depending on factors such as content quality, audience size, and promotion efforts. Some creators make a few hundred dollars monthly, while top earners make tens of thousands monthly. On average, users earn around $180 per month, according to Business Insider.

Can you make $10,000 on OnlyFans?

Yes, it is possible to make $10,000 or more on OnlyFans if you have a large and engaged following willing to pay for your content. Consistently producing high-quality content and effectively promoting your account are key factors in achieving this income level.

Can you really make money on OnlyFans?

Absolutely. Many creators successfully monetize their content through subscriptions, tips, and paid messages. To maximize earnings potential on the platform: create unique and engaging content; promote your account strategically; interact with followers regularly; analyze performance data; and optimize your strategy accordingly.


The money you can make on OnlyFans depends mainly on your ability to create compelling content, promote yourself effectively and engage with followers. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for success, understanding the platform’s features and exploring strategies like setting subscription prices or leveraging social media platforms can help maximize earnings potential. Ultimately, your income potential is contingent on the initiatives you take as a creator of adult content – so get imaginative and identify what works for you.

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