European Investors Remain Cautious Ahead of Q3 Economic Growth Data

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By Jacob Maslow

European markets remain mixed on Friday, much like Thursday, due to uncertainty of the ECB and economic growth data being released for Q3. Declining commodity prices continued on Friday, with markets remaining rather flat.

The EURO STOXX 50 eased up in early morning trading at 0.02% before falling later in the day, down 0.77% to close. Germany’s DAX 30 initially rose by 0.07% in early morning trading before falling 0.71% to close. The CAC 40, out of France, dipped into negative territory all day, with a closing down of 1.01%.

Data that has been released on Friday shows that Germany’s GDP rose 0.3% on the quarter. This figure is aligned with original forecasts, but is slightly slower than Q2 when the GDP growth rate was 0.4%

France’s GDP met analyst expectations of 0.3%.

Oil prices continue to struggle all around the world, reaching a two-month low due to a supply glut that continues and will likely continue into 2016, according to OPEC. No plans have been made to cut back on oil production by the world’s biggest producers.

Gold prices also slumped on Thursday, heading into a five-year low as a the direct result of a pending interest rate hike in the United States that is being considered in mid-December.

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