Eugene Pallisco on Mindful Eating: Savoring Food for Better Health

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By Jacob Maslow

Delicious meals are part of living a healthy, satisfying life. As a fitness and health expert, Eugene Pallisco knows what it takes to foster a positive relationship with eating. He has dedicated his life to helping others discover the joy and ease of regular mindful mealtimes.

By taking some time to savor your food, you can improve your relationship with food and your body. Learn how you can transform your mindset on food and fitness by simply taking a few more minutes to enjoy your meals.

The Art of Mindfulness: Being Present While Eating Tasty Foods

 We often focus on other things while we’re eating. From watching television to scrolling social media, most people engage in mindless activities while loading up their forks. What if you changed the way you structure your mealtimes to encourage mindfulness?

Mindfulness refers to the act of being aware of the present moment. You’re fully engaged in what is happening right now, not ruminating on the past or thinking about the future. This skill is complicated in a world of ever-present distractions and stimulation.

When it comes to mindful eating, the most important thing you can do is notice your food’s flavors and textures. What do your favorite foods taste like? How do they feel in your mouth? These questions encourage you to savor your favorite foods instead of shoveling them in while feeling numb or distracted.

Helpful Tips for Staying Present and Engaged with Your Meals

 Eugene Pallisco understands how hard it can be to start mindfully eating. After all, many people are on strict time limits for breakfast and lunch. Dinner can be a stressful time if you have a family to feed. Use these helpful tips to remain centered and present as you eat.

Take Smaller Bites

 Instead of gobbling down large bites of food at a time, try taking smaller bites. This will slow you down and make it much easier to notice what you feel, smell, and taste as you eat. Smaller bites are also good for digestion since they allow you to chew more thoroughly and swallow less air.

Chew as Much as You Can Before Swallowing

 Digestion starts in your mouth, and it’s best to chew your food as much as possible before swallowing a bite. This also encourages mindful eating. As you chew, notice how the food texture changes and see what flavors pop out.

Avoid Screens During Mealtimes

 As tempting as it is, try not to use your phone, computer, or tablet while you eat. This will only keep you distracted and take away from the present moment. Instead, start implementing screen-free mealtimes and focus on the food in front of you.

 Transform Your Relationship With Food Using Mindful Eating Techniques

You don’t have to use food as a simple means of survival. Learn how to engage the present moment with all of your senses as you savor delicious meals. Eating is supposed to be joyful and relaxing; you can achieve this through mindful eating techniques.

About Eugene Pallisco

Eugene Pallisco is dedicated to assisting people in discovering joy and freedom in the movement of their bodies, whether through high-intensity or long-distance cardio, weightlifting, or sports training. He believes everyone can change their body into a strong, healthy physique with the appropriate mindset, patience, and effort.

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