8 Easy Gift Ideas Perfect for Your Co-Worker’s Birthday

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By Richard

If you’re lucky enough to be friends with a co-worker, once their birthday rolls around, you may find yourself wondering how to approach their gift. Do you give them the same kind of gift you would one of your friends outside of work? Should you hold back a bit to keep it more professional? Don’t worry: Remind yourself of everything cool about your co-workers and what they’ve told you that they’re interested in, and take a look to get that birthday ball rolling!

1- Health and Wellness Items

Does your work pal complain of different pains connected to their job? This is a great time to swoop in with a gift that makes their work environment better. From whimsically shaped (but effective) keyboard wrist rests to fancy shoe insoles that they may not splash out for themselves, what might initially feel like a boring gift to give might turn out to significantly improve every workday for your friend.

2- Candles and Wax Melts

While a candle is often cited as an easy gift to give, that doesn’t make it a bad gift to get. A unique, high-quality candle in colors or a scent that your co-worker loves is a lovely gesture. Try out wax melts if you know your friend has a sensitivity to smoke.

3- Items Related to a Hobby

Is your friend a huge Dungeons & Dragons fan? Do they participate in a particular sport each weekend? Whatever the passion, you’ve probably heard them talk about it at the water cooler, and that’s your key to a great personalized gift. Find a small, well-made trinket that they can add to their desk related to their hobby, or there may even be affordable tickets to a local event that’s related to it that they don’t even know about yet. Keep an open mind, and you may find something truly memorable.

4- Body Scrubs

No matter the lifestyle, everyone needs and deserves a refreshing treat. Body scrubs that utilize organic ingredients are always a wonderful reward at the end of a long day or a perfect invigorating start to tackle what may come.

5- Lunch Out

Carve out some time to relax and catch up when you give your buddy a restaurant gift certificate for their big day. For more flexibility, grab some menus from eateries close to your work, gift them to your co-worker in a bow, and tell them to pick the time and place and lunch is on you. This is a fun gift that will have your friend looking forward to that special lunch day.

6- Movie Theater Gift Card

As long as your co-worker at least likes movies, they’ll appreciate a cinema-centric gift. Grab some candy they like or a bag of fancy popcorn and pair it with a gift card to a local cinema chain, and your friend will feel like a star.

7- Snacks

Speaking of snacks… well, snacks! Does your friend have a food allergy and has a hard time finding something to munch on during the workday? Do they constantly crave a certain kind of candy bar but rarely treat themselves? Buy as many as your budget allows, and wrap them as if they were an expensive gift.

8- Hydration Holder

Whatever your friend’s drink of choice, from a thoughtful mug to a sleek tumbler, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that a working friend must be in want of a really cool thing to pour their beverage into.

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