Donald Trump falls to 2nd place in new national poll

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Businessman Donald Trump has fallen to second place in the national race for the Republican presidential nomination, according to a new poll that puts Senator Ted Cruz in first place.

The national poll, which is the first since Saturday’s tense debate and was carried out by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, put Cruz at 28 percent, a jump of 8 percentage points when compared to last month. Trump, who led by 33 percent in last month’s poll, fell to second place with 26 percent.

It is unclear how the results could influence Saturday’s Republican primary in South Carolina, where a recent CNN poll found Trump to have a comfortable lead with 38 percent. The poll noted that Trump’s support among South Carolina Republicans had fallen to 31 percent in surveys carried out after the debate.

Two Republican party elections have taken place so far: the first in Iowa which was won by Cruz, and the second in New Hampshire which was won by Trump. The next Republican votes will take place in South Carolina on Saturday and in Nevada on Tuesday, followed by Super Tuesday on March 1.

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