Donald Trump continues to lead Republican presidential race – CBS poll

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Donald Trump, US next president?
Donald Trump, US next president?

Donald Trump remains in the lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, followed by Ben Carson, according to a CBS News poll released on Sunday.

The poll showed that 27 percent of Republican primary voters chose Trump as their first choice, which is unchanged from the previous poll in September. Carson has 21 percent, which is down from 23 percent last month. Ted Cruz is in the third place with 9 percent, a four-point increase from September.

Marco Rubio is fourth, Jeb Bush is fifth, and Carly Fiorina is sixth.

Carson and Trump have the highest favorable ratings among Republican primary voters, but Trump – along with Jeb Bush – also has the highest unfavorable rating. Jeb Bush’s favorable rating has dropped 11 points since August, according to the polls.

Among registered voters overall, Trump is viewed more negatively; 53% are unfavorable.

Carson receives strong assessments from Republican primary voters on being honest and caring, while Trump continues to be seen as the strongest leader.

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