Discover What it Takes to Be an Event Host

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By Jacob Maslow

Event hosting is a more dynamic and exciting way to make money, but it takes a special talent and lots of hard work. The world’s best event hosts have a natural ability to pump up the crowd and bring the fun and technical and practical skill sets to make it all come together.

Maybe you’re curious about what it takes to be an event host, or you’re just looking for the next all-star interactive DJ to headline your next corporate event or wedding. Let’s explore the main attributes of the world’s greatest event hosts and make sure you’re on the right track.

High Energy

Energy is everything, whether you’re hosting a destination retreat for your team or celebrating a benchmark event with friends and family.

An event host should bring positivity and enthusiasm to the crowd when they hit the stage and keep that energy level high throughout the event. Even if the crowd doesn’t seem excited at first, the host’s job is to get everyone involved.

Not every moment calls for over-the-top energy, of course. Experienced event hosts know precisely when to tone it down and ramp it up, matching the natural flow of the event.

Hard Working

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that an event host has a super easy job all the time. On the contrary, this career is hard work if you want to make an impact and be compensated accordingly.

You’ll need to train your mind, body, social skills, business acumen, and technical abilities with audio equipment to succeed in this niche.

If you’re looking for someone to host your event, a trusted and hard-working host is what you most want. Of course, style and substance are key, but work ethic brings it all together.


Many events hosts just stand at a laptop, pick a playlist, then stand watching the clock until the event is over and the check is cashed. As you might have guessed, this is not a good long-term strategy. Being interactive is the way to go, so get ready to move!

The top event hosts are highly mobile and ready to engage directly with everyone at the party, whether that means dancing, laughing, or just getting people on their feet.

Even at the most low-key events, we all need a bit of encouragement to feel more comfortable and enjoy ourselves. With the right event host in place, the stage is set for fun from the start.


You’ll notice that the best hosts have the unique ability to customize their music and persona for the event at hand. So, for example, your company’s annual sales team conference will need a different vibe from your best friend’s wedding – see what we mean?

Find a DJ that knows how to read the room, match the right energy of the setting, and understand what’s appropriate for the occasion.

On top of that, an event host should understand why the event is essential, the type of people involved, and how they fit into the equation.

Emcees should be ready to introduce themselves from the start, deliver a fresh, original statement to the audience, and keep the energy going for hours. It’s never a one-size-fits-all thing – every event is unique. That’s what being dynamic is all about.


As an event host, you’ll be expected to maintain a high level of professionalism at every point, no matter the scope of the event or the client.

Whether it’s a wedding in New York, a corporate function in Silicon Valley, or a dog’s birthday party in the middle of nowhere, you’ve got to interact professionally and be highly organized.

This means managing your time exceptionally well and responding quickly to emails and inquiries. It also means following through with relevant details regarding the event, payments, fees, and other necessities.

After all, this is a business, and it should be treated as such.

Proven Track Record

You won’t be hosting billion-dollar IPO events when you first start as an event host, and that’s to be expected. However, you’ll want to develop a track record sooner than later, building up your portfolio to attract more business and improve your reputation in the space.

Everyone has to start somewhere, so give yourself some time to develop your style and stack experience. Your big break will happen soon enough if you stay focused and dedicated.

Event Hosts Make it Happen!

Being an event host is harder than it looks, and a lot happens behind the scenes to ensure success for the emcee and client.

Consider all these factors whether you’re starting on your emcee career or searching for the ultimate host for your event.

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