China Mobile claims a new 4-inch iPhone will launch in April

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By Larry Banks

Chinese website has fielded a report that claims China Mobile’s 2016 product roadmap mentions a new Apple product called the iPhone 7c.

As shown in the main photo, China Mobile expects the new device in April, in what appears to be the 4-inch iPhone that has been rumoured on tech sites for several months now. However, the rumours have generally agreed that the new phone will in fact be called the iPhone 6c.

The image has not been independently verified but it’s one more rumour on the fire that many believe Apple is set to launch a smaller iPhone early next year. However, the real “new iPhone” will be the iPhone 7, which is expected to make an appearance in September 2016.

Tech sites such as Apple Insider and 9to5Mac have already reported that Apple plans an event in March to reveal the Apple Watch 2. The new 4-inch iPhone may in fact be unveiled at the same event, and is expected to include similar internals as the current-generation iPhone 6s albeit with an appearance more like the iPhone 6s – keeping the smaller chassis and 4-inch display size. The new model will also target a cheaper price point than Apple’s current devices, though will appeal to those consumers who are said to be put off by larger screens.

The smaller iPhone may well end up being Apple’s latest phone for six months, until the flagship devices are released in the autumn. Based on the claimed release date, many are claiming the iPhone 7c will in fact be known as the iPhone 6c.


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