Business Support for EU Falls, British Survey Says

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By Jacob Maslow

An in-out referendum regarding Britain’s place in the EU is due to be held by the end of 2017.

A new survey, conducted by Deloitte, claims that business support for staying in the EU has fallen from 74% to 62% in recent times, a significant drop.

EU sentiment could be souring as the FTSE closed out 2015 down 4.93% in 2015, despite the fact that some research suggests that £236bn in exports would be at risk if Britain decided to pull the plug and go it alone.

While the numbers still indicate that a clear majority of the CFO’s interviewed are still in favor of EU membership, a decline of 12% is telling, and if this trend was to continue through until the 2017 referendum, it would cause significant concern for those who believe Britain is stronger in the EU.

Is Britain better off in the EU? What are the pros and cons of staying versus leaving? The issue is becoming increasingly divisive within Britain with opposing sides claiming the other’s vote means certain doom for the nation.

Whether Britain stays or goes remains to be seen, but support is dwindling, even if it is still in favor of staying.


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