Beware of Fake Locksmiths

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By Jacob Maslow

Fake Locksmiths are everywhere. If you ever get locked out of your house or car, be careful. They are known to con people out of hundreds dollars. Do you know what to look for if one tries to scam you?


Fake locksmiths manage to cause hundreds of dollars in damage to the everyday consumer that is not aware of how their tactics work. When you go online to look up a locksmith, you believe you are getting a legitimate business to tend to your need. Instead you end calling the business only to find out it is a dispatch. The person will take your information and then tell that the will only be about $19 or $20. Once the person arrives to your house or vehicle, they proceed to get in. The problem is that they will drill into your lock causing more damage. At that time they will lie and say that it took more work than required and ask for more money. Because you just want to get into your home or vehicle you pay what they want not realizing you have been defrauded.


It can very frustrating when the money you worked so hard for ends up being scammed out you. So what do you do to prevent this from happening again? To their credit Google does have a filter that weeds out some of the fake locksmiths, but it’s so many of that they can catch them all. So that means you have to use caution. If the person you are speaking too claims to be dispatch, ask about the name of the company. If that does not work ask the locksmith when he shows up for ID. If he insists on drilling your locks instead of picking them. At this point you need to refuse the service and call the police. You should not have to deal with scammers looking to take all of your money. Once the police arrive explain to them what happened. They would know a real locksmith and would be happy to let you know that number, so you can the real help you need.


You do not have to be a victim of a fake locksmith. Now that you know what to look for, you can beat that scammer at their own game. Fighting back against fake locksmiths can be so rewarding. They will never know what hit them. Hiring the right locksmith can save you thousands

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