Best Town to Live For Seafood Lovers?

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By Jacob Maslow

Among the top reasons why most people travel is to have a great culinary experience. So if you’re a seafood lover seeking local delicacies you’ll hardly find at home, you may want to consider destinations with seafood sourced from the local waterways.

So, whether you have cravings for crabs or a penchant for prawns, this guide explores some of the best places to try out seafood. Here are a few you should know.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is popular because of its history as a fishing port as well as its diverse restaurants. Ensure to visit the popular restaurants like the Swan Oyster Depot and try out their famous cioppino, Dungeness crab, and Tadich grill. Also, don’t forget to try out culinary hotspots like the Liholiho Yacht Club and Petit Crenn and try out seafood from Asia, Hawaii, and more.

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Murrells Inlet boasts of some of the best seafood restaurants in the United States. If you’re looking for the best fried shrimp, grilled salmon, or crab legs, be sure to try out the Inlet Crab House. This restaurant serves excellent seafood with a southern and Caribbean twist — top of the delicacies to try out. On your visit to Murrells Inlet in South Carolina, Saltwater Creek is a top restaurant worth visiting.

This place serves some of the best twists of the American classics, like the crab cake on a potato bun. It’s also worth trying out the Gulfstream Café, open-air dining that serves the best jumbo lump crab and lobster tail.


Charleston is a great destination to visit as a seafood lover because fishing has been an integral part of the town’s success for over 350 years. One of the famous restaurants in the area is the Hanks Seafood, popular for its locally sourced shellfish.

Other restaurants worth trying out include the Pearlz Oyster Bar, Blossom, and 82 Queen. Some of the best dishes to order at this destination include crab cakes, Charleston Scallops, Fried Oyster, and Crab Soup with hushpuppies.


As a seasoned traveler, you probably are familiar with acclaimed seafood restaurants like Salmon Bay and the RockCreek. These restaurants serve some of the best Dungeness crabs, pristine oysters, and a comprehensive menu of fish dishes. However, if you want takeout to enjoy with your family, make sure that you visit the Pike Place Fish Market and enjoy fresh seafood.

Baltimore, Maryland

This destination is famous for its remarkable collection of seafood like scallops, oysters, clams, and crabs. This town is also home to some of the best old-school seafood spots, such as Jimmy’s Seafood Restaurant, Fiddleys Seafood, popularly known for their lump crab cake. The other place worth checking out is Dylan’s Oyster Celler, a restaurant famous for its regional oyster.

New Orleans

As a seafood lover, New Orleans is a great destination to live in because of the diversity of seafood that includes dishes such as the Oyster Rockefeller, Cajun Seafood Gumbo, Creole Jambalaya, and Seafood Etouffee. You can find these seafood options in different upscale restaurants in New Orleans like the Commander’s Palace, Bourbon House, Louisiana Kitchen, and the GW Fins.

If you’re searching for more affordable options, you should consider places such as the NOLA Po-Boys, Dooky Chase Restaurant, and the Acme Oyster House.

Final Thoughts

Seafood is a highly beloved food across the United States. So, if you’re a seafood lover searching for the best places to live, the few highlighted in this guide offer a wide range of options. Besides the diversity of restaurants that offer seafood worldwide, these places are popular fishing destinations.


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