Boost Efficiency with the Best Time Management Apps

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By Jacob Maslow

We all know that time is money, making it essential to use it wisely to ensure efficiency. However, in the digital age, where everything happens fast, we all feel more pressured than ever to manage our time correctly.

Time management apps offer several benefits. Besides making it easier to plan your day and schedule appointments, they can help you prioritize tasks to ensure you maintain your focus. The best time management apps allow you to collaborate with others and delegate tasks, ensuring smooth workflows and no missed deadlines.

Finally, a time management app lets you establish and track your goals. Meanwhile, they allow you to identify areas for improvement in your time management schedule, ensuring you can eliminate the tasks that stunt your project completion.

1. Top Time Management Apps

If you want better control of your time, you’ll be glad to know that most high-achieving professionals have a favorite time management app. One of the significant benefits of these apps is providing them with improved productivity during work hours. Working smarter allows them to improve their better work/life balance.

These have proven to be some of the top time management tools:


Rize is suitable for various individuals and teams that value time management. The productivity tool works on Web, iOS, and Android. It tracks activity automatically on your computer, categorizing your time spent on websites and eliminating the need for manual input.

You can also have it capture the time spent in meetings and calls if you directly integrate it into your calendar, whether it’s Google or any other of your choice.

Besides time tracking, Rize has other features that can help you improve your focus, build better time management, and increase your productivity.

Rize provides one of the simplest ways to manage your time by showing how much time you have spent focusing, context switching, and where you have been distracted with its daily reporting.


  • Free Plan with a session timer retaining one day of data
  • Paid Plan of $9.99 monthly when billed annually or $14,99 if paid monthly, with access to its full range of features.


Nifty is another top time management app available for Web, iOS, and Android. It’s easy to track and manage the time spent on your daily workflow. Start tracking time on any device by hovering over Tasks on the My Work screen.

Combining all the essential features of Nifty cuts project development cycles and improves team productivity. You can manage tasks through Kanban or the list view with Nifty’s software. You can also integrate its built-in calendar with Google and share files and documents.

Nifty makes collaborations and communication easy, even inter-departmental, with its discussion threads and the GitHub integration.

You get initiative-oriented reporting since you can keep track of your personal time log and time spent on tasks.


  • A free version is available, or a free trial
  • Starter is $5/month per user
  • Pro is $10/month per user
  • Business is $16/month per user


Notion is an excellent project management tool with several customizable features to help you prioritize tasks and improve time management and performance. You can use Notion to stay organized by combining all your productivity apps into its platform. There is a steep learning curve, but once you get used to the tool, it can help you stay organized by streamlining your work for more effective time management.

The app works on Web, iOS, and Android formats. Use Notion to collaborate,


  • Free version
  • Plus is $8/month per user
  • Business is $15/month per user
  • Enterprise has custom pricing is an excellent time and project management tool for collaboration and complex team workflows. The software works in three formats – Web, iOS, and Android. You can view projects in several ways, including calendar, timeline, chart, map, Kanban, and Gantt.

You can use the integrated time-tracking tool to see how long it takes to complete tasks. If you don’t have the Pro tier with its excellent time tracker, don’t lose heart because it has a robust integration feature to connect to the Everhour time tracker or other productivity tools like Todoist and Zoom. has customizable templates for those who want to create their own software.


  • Free Plan for its basic features and 2 team members
  • Basic costs $8/month/seat
  • Standard costs $10/ month/ seat
  • Pro costs $16/month/seat
  • Enterprise has custom pricing for top-tier features and advanced reporting and analytic tools


ClickUp is a productivity tool available on Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. The powerful tool allows people across all industries to manage their time effectively, work together on one app, and automate processes.

ClickUp’s rich features ensure it’s suitable for students, small business owners, and huge enterprises with large teams. Use the global time tracker and time estimation feature to boost your task productivity. There are also 15  customizable views to choose how you see your work on the interface, which is simple to use thanks to its drag-and-drop feature.

You can also integrate with more than 1,000 time management tools for free to make accessing the one you prefer easier. Start saving time now with ClickUp’s intuitive features for scheduling and working on projects.


  • Free Forever allows you to add unlimited tasks and members with 100MB of storage
  • Unlimited at $5/member/ per month) with unlimited storage, integrations, Dashboards, Agile reporting, etc.
  • Business at $12/member/month providing Google SSO, unlimited teams, custom exporting, advanced public sharing, advanced automation, etc.
  • Business Plus is $19/ member/month, allowing subtasks in multiple Lists, custom role creation, custom permissions, increased automation, API, etc.

Clock faces, calendars and diary

2. Free Time Management Apps

If you have never tried a time management app, several free apps give you a taste of what to expect. As you will have noticed, there are several apps to try, and these have different features. Some are free for a certain number of users, making them ideal for smaller enterprises, allowing you to upgrade if you want more features or users.


Clockify is an excellent time-tracking app thanks to its full features and cloud-based function. It allows you to track time across projects and clients on all devices and has an integrated calendar.

Besides time tracking, you can also keep track of employee attendance for better payroll and accounting purposes. Use Clockify to optimize employee productivity and track billable time and expenses. You can also share project progress with clients. You can also generate filtered summaries or detailed reports based on your clients, projects, project status, billable hours, etc.


  • Free for unlimited users who want access to standard time tracking and reporting features
  • After that, Clockify tiers start from $3.99/month/user for Basic with added features, reaching $11.99/month/user for Enterprise.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is another free time management app that you can use in several formats to organize your projects and tasks. You see an overview of your work and meetings to help you plan and save time. One of the best features of Google Calendar is that you receive a daily email with your scheduled tasks, making it easier to plan your day.

You can seamlessly connect Google Calendar with other time-saving or project-management apps.


  • Free to anyone with a Google Account
  • Pro – $6 /month/user to get all the Google work apps
  • Enterprise is custom-priced and tailored to your business needs

Remember The Milk

Teams and individuals use Remember the Milk for better task and time management. You can attach files to tasks, create colorful to-do lists, and share the lists with others. You can also work offline in a web app.

The web-based application works in various formats and with Google Assistant. You can also connect it to your Google Drive or DropBox account. To become more organized and productive, join over 6 million people who prefer the San Francisco-based Remember the Milk.


  • Free for its basic features
  • Pro account is $49.99 per year for a whole range of added features

3. Must-Have Time Management Tools

Some time management tools are so efficient that they are on the must-have list.


Todoist is a a must-have task management tool because it’s very effective for prioritizing tasks, so you never miss an important deadline. The tool has the advantage that it’s easy to use if you want a less complicated time-management tool, but it’s also very customizable for those up to a challenge.

Its intuitive interface allows you to categorize tasks, add due dates, and prioritize. Then, you can add reminders. You can delegate, share, and create subtasks if you have collaborators. You can also customize with integrations and filter views. Unfortunately, some of its best features aren’t free, but you get progress visualization and automatic reminders.


  • Basic is free
  • Get Pro for $4/month/user
  • Business for $6/month/user

Focus Booster

If you want to stay productive and focused, then Focus Booster is a must-have management tool. You can use it on Web, Windows, and Mac formats. The app allows you to segment your work sessions into 25-minute segments through automatically recorded Pomodoro sessions so you can review them later to make improvements. Focus Booster is an excellent tool for improved productivity while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


  • Free with 20 Pomodoro sessions monthly, productivity reporting, and time tracking
  • $4.99/month/user for unlimited Pomodoro sessions


With Calendar, you can see time spent in meetings and other analytics about work, making it easy to create a more productive work schedule. Its capabilities include cross-device syncing, making managing schedules, time, and calendars easier, whether you’re an individual or a team. Use a single dashboard to share or customize your Google, iCal, or Outlook Calendar.

Use Calendar if you want to see your calendars from a single location and enjoy analytics on how you manage your time.


  • Free for the Basic features
  • $20/month.user for Standard,
  • $24/month/user for Pro
  • Custom Price for Enterprise

4. Time Management Software Recommendations

There are several comparisons online if you are looking for time-management software recommendations. Compare on sites like Software Testing Help or Friday.

However, here are some tips to help you choose the time management app that will best suit your needs, goals, and preferences:

Compare Features – Look for an app with task management, goal-setting tools, calendars, and reminders. These features are the ones that can help you manage time more effectively. You may want the app to incorporate project management and time tracking.

Intuitive User Interface – The more intuitive the user interface, the easier the time management software. You can also choose based on your professional and personal preferences.

Preferred Platform – You will want to ensure that the app is available in a format that allows you to use it on your preferred platform and devices.

Integration – If you use several other apps and tools for your work, you must look for an app that allows you to integrate them.

Price: Determine if the app fits your budget. Some you can get free, while others offer a free or trial version for testing its features before committing.

Read Reviews: Reviews and ratings can help you determine if other users had a positive experience with the app and how effective its features proved.

Customer Support: It’s essential to troubleshoot issues quickly, so check if the app offers customer support or a knowledge community to help you if any arise.

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