Best Things to Buy with Google Play Credit: Top Picks for 2024

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By Jacob Maslow

Google Play credits offer a versatile currency for unlocking a plethora of digital entertainment and productivity tools. With an ever-expanding library on the  Google Play Store, choosing the best value items can be overwhelming. 

This article simplifies the process by highlighting top options for spending your Google Play credits, including engaging games, productivity tools, streaming services, and e-books. 

Understanding Google Play Credit

Google Play Credit is a virtual currency that can be used to purchase apps, games, movies, and other digital content from the Google Play Store. This credit can be added to your Google Play balance and spent on the wide variety of content available in the store.

How to Earn Google Play Credit

There are several methods to earn Google Play Credit:

  • Google Opinion Rewards: This app developed by Google provides users with surveys to complete. Upon completing these surveys, users receive Google Play Credit as a reward.
  • Gift cards: Google Play gift cards can be purchased at various retail locations and added to your account.
  • Promotional offers: Google occasionally offers promotions where users can earn Google Play Credit for participating or making specific purchases.

Redemption and Expiration

Redeeming Google Play Credit is quite simple. Once you have obtained the credit, it will automatically be added to your Google Play balance. Your Google Play balance can be selected as a payment method when purchasing in the Google Play Store.

It is important to note that Google Play Credit may expire. Gift cards usually expire after one year of being added to your account, while credits earned through promotions or Google Opinion Rewards may have different expiration dates. Check the specifics of your Google Play Credit to avoid losing it due to expiration.

Utilizing Google Play Credit for Apps and Games

Paid Apps vs Freemium Apps

Google Play Store users face the decision between paid and freemium apps. Paid apps require an upfront fee, providing comprehensive access. Examples include high-quality games and professional tools. Freemium apps are free but may have limitations, relying on in-app purchases or ads for revenue. Popular freemium categories include casual games and social media apps.



In-App and In-Game Purchases

In-app and in-game purchases play a crucial role in the freemium model, enhancing user experiences. They unlock features, eliminate ads, and offer virtual currency for smoother, enjoyable interaction.

Common in-app purchase options include:

  • Content: New levels, characters, or items for an enriched experience.
  • Functionality: Unlock premium features, remove ads, or enable offline access.
  • Virtual Currency: Accelerate progress or obtain unique items in games.

Supporting favorite apps and games through in-app purchases with your Google Play Credit is rewarding, aiding developers and ensuring platform growth. Consider the value of paid and freemium apps, along with in-app purchases, for optimal use of your credits.

Google Play Credit for Entertainment

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Renting Movies and TV Shows

Google Play Store offers a wide range of movies and TV shows for rental using Google Play credit. Rentals on Google Play Movies and Google TV are typically available for a 48-hour viewing period, giving viewers ample time to enjoy their chosen content.

Some advantages of renting movies and TV shows on Google Play Store include:

  • High-quality streaming: Enjoy crystal-clear pictures and sound quality.
  • Easy access: Watch rented content on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.
  • Offline viewing: Download content for offline viewing when Wi-Fi or data connections are unavailable.

Purchasing E-Books

Google Play Books is an excellent platform for purchasing e-books using Google Play credit. The extensive library includes fiction and non-fiction titles, covering various genres and subjects. Purchased e-books can easily be accessed across multiple devices, allowing readers to carry their library anywhere.

Some features of purchasing e-books on Google Play Books include:

  • Customizable reading experience: Adjust font size, line spacing, and background color for a comfortable reading experience.
  • Built-in dictionary and search tools: Easily locate unfamiliar words and phrases.
  • Bookmarks and notes: Save your progress and leave personalized messages for future reference.

To sum up, using Google Play credit for entertainment is an excellent way to enjoy movies, TV shows, and e-books at your convenience, offering a vast array of content across multiple platforms.

Subscription Services with Google Play Credit

YouTube Premium Subscription

Purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription using Google Play credit is an excellent way to enhance the viewing experience for Android and iOS users. YouTube Premium offers an ad-free experience, allowing users to enjoy videos without interruptions. Additionally, it enables offline viewing and access to YouTube Originals, exclusive content not available to non-subscribers.

YouTube Premium subscription price:

Duration Price
1 month $11.99
3 months $35.97

Google One Subscription

Another worthwhile investment is a Google One subscription. Google One provides cloud storage solutions for Android and iOS users. By subscribing to Google One, users gain additional storage space for their Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Furthermore, Google One subscribers enjoy added benefits such as expert support, exclusive features, and additional benefits from other Google services.

Google One subscription plans:

Storage Monthly price Yearly price
100 GB $1.99 $19.99
200 GB $2.99 $29.99
2 TB $9.99 $99.99

YouTube Premium and Google One subscriptions can be purchased with Google Play credit. These subscription services offer users a seamless and enjoyable experience using their preferred operating systems and platforms.

The Limitations of Google Play Credit

Despite the numerous benefits of Google Play Credit, there are some limitations to be aware of. This section focuses on one of the significant limitations: Compatibility with iOS Devices.

Compatibility with iOS Devices

Google Play Credit, primarily designed for the Google Play ecosystem, comes with limitations for iOS users. Unlike Android counterparts who freely spend on apps, games, and more, iOS users face constraints.

Direct purchases on the Apple App Store using Google Play Credit are a no-go. Apple and Google operate in separate ecosystems with non-interchangeable currencies.

Yet, some apps and services offer cross-platform perks. Buy a subscription or in-app item with Google Play Credit on Android, and in some cases, enjoy access on your iOS device. However, this varies by app or service.

In essence, Google Play Credit has its perks for Android users but encounters hurdles in direct iOS transactions. Cross-platform access depends on app compatibility.


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