What Can You Use Google Play Credit For?


Google Play is like the App Store for Android users.

It was first launched in 2008 as the Android Market, but it was renamed Google Play four years later. It’s the official platform for buying and downloading official Android apps.

Users buy and download apps utilizing Google Play balance. Nowadays, you can also buy movies, books, and music. The same account users can access the purchased content through different devices. The best part? You can also access your purchased content through iOS.

There’s also a popular app Google Opinion Rewards which awards people with Google Play Credits when they answer surveys linked to their browsing and location history or other activities that they do online. Have you gained any Google Play Credits by answering short surveys?

If yes, let’s learn how to put your credits to good use.

What Can I Use Google Play Credit For?

Google Opinion Rewards rewards users with Google Play Credits when they answer short surveys linked to your browsing and location history and other activities you do online, mainly associated with Google’s services. Later, you can buy paid apps from the store.

While buying and downloading paid apps from the Google Play website is one of the most common redemption ways, you can also use credit for other things. That said, let’s learn how to redeem your credits and get the best bang for your buck or virtual buck, in this case.

Buy or rent books and movies.

You can pick from millions of apps and games on the Google Play store app, but you can also purchase or rent other things like Google Playbooks and movies with your credits. The best part? They’re affordable! However, I prefer renting movies and books from the Google Play store because it’s even cheaper!

In-app as well as in-game purchases

Not everyone knows that they can make in-app and in-game purchases with credits. You do now, so go ahead and unlock the full version of apps or remove those annoying ads in-app by adding your credits as the payment method. You can also buy things and add-ons inside the games from your Google Play store!

YouTube Premium subscription

Who likes those annoying ads which usually appear in the middle of your favorite podcast, music video, or whatever else you’re into. The good news? Thanks to your Google Play credits, you can enjoy a YouTube Premium subscription.

Just pick Google Play credits as your payment method for YouTube Premium if you have enough balance and enjoy a free-ad experience. If you don’t have enough balance, answer more surveys until you gather enough credits and enjoy YouTube Premium for free! 

Google One subscription

Google One represents a cloud storage solution provided by Google. It’s like your own drive but with a super high storage cap that you can pick. However, your Google drive is restricted to 15GB free per user, but thanks to Google One, you can get extra storage between 100GB and 30TB per user. And just as with YouTube Premium, you can buy a Google One subscription with your credits.

Paid or premium apps

Last but certainly not least, you can buy paid or premium apps from your Google Play store. You can buy keys to unlock premium or pro features inside free apps.

What Can I Spend Google Play Credit On?

You can spend your credit on buying paid or premium apps from the Google Play store, buying or renting movies and music, and doing in-app as well as in-game purchases from your Google Play app. You can even pay for your YouTube Premium subscription and Google One subscription with your credits. However, you can’t transfer your credits to your PayPal or bank account. Lastly, make sure you spend your credits within a year because they expire after one year. You can also merge your balance with other types of payments if you don’t have enough credits for your purchases.

Can I Use Google Play Balance On Amazon?

You can use your balance on Amazon for app purchases via Amazon products. For instance, if you visit the Amazon Pay page, you can log in and choose Google Play as a purchase option. However, you can’t purchase any physical products, only apps.

Can I Convert Google Play Credit To Cash?

You can convert your credit to a physical Google Play gift card or any other e-card from online retailers such as Amazon. However, converting your credit to cash is a bit more difficult. 

So far, I haven’t found a verified or official way that you can send credits to PayPal, but what I did find is that you can get your Google Play account, as well as PayPal account shut down because converting any Google Play gift cards or credits, goes against their terms and conditions, so keep that in mind.

If you still want to give it a try, download the Coin Factory app from the Google Play store to buy coins from your Google Play balance, convert them into cash, and wait up to 1 week for the money to be unloaded into your payment account.

Can I Transfer Google Play Balance To PayPal?

Unfortunately, despite what others say, you can’t transfer your balance to your PayPal account. Furthermore, if you add some money to your Google Play balance, you can’t return that money. Gift cards aren’t refundable either, so keep that in mind.

Can You Buy Bitcoin With Google Play Credit?

As much as I would like to say yes, you can buy Bitcoin with your credit; you can’t. It’s only used for in-app and in-game purchases, buying or renting movies, books, and music, paying for subscriptions such as YouTube Premium and Google One, and buying paid or premium apps.


In short, you can use your Google Play credit for different things such as paying for a YouTube Premium subscription or Google One subscription, buying or renting movies, books, and music from the Google Play store, and making in-app and in-game purchases. !


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