Become Fluent in English with the Best English Teachers Online

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By Jacob Maslow

Learn English Quickly and Efficiently with English Teachers Online

If you want to improve your English or start learning the language from scratch, English teachers online are a great option. Unlike teachers in a classroom, online English teachers offer one-on-one attention and lessons tailored to your level and goals. What’s more, when you find a teacher you like, you can learn English quicker than you thought possible.

Where to Find the Best English Teachers Online

Many teachers offer services online, but best to look for a site that specializes in tutoring and vets its teachers before they provide their services. For example, when you type “English” into the search engine, you’ll be taken to a page that displays a list of all the available English tutors on the site. You can filter the list according to price, location, language, and more.

Each tutor has a star rating, so you can see whether their students love them or not. Additionally, most tutors offer a free trial session, something you’d be hard-pressed to find from local, in-person tutors.

The combination of ratings and free trial sessions makes using Eurekly a lot easier than finding tutors on your own and having to call their references. Hunting for a local, in-person tutor can waste a lot of time, and in the end, you might not even find a tutor that you click with.

Why is English a Good Language to Learn?

Due to its prevalence, English is considered an international language. It’s the official language of approximately 60 countries and is spoken in many more. Therefore, learning English as a second language or improving your current level of English can open many doors and create personal and professional opportunities.

On a personal level, knowing English can allow you to communicate better with family members who speak English, with neighbors, store clerks, service providers, and more. Knowing English can move your relationships to the next level, from “acquaintance” to “friend.”

On a professional level, English can help you secure and excel in jobs across various industries, especially those requiring international communication.

Additionally, if you speak English, you can travel almost anywhere in the world and have a common language with which you can communicate with locals.

Do Teachers Affect the Success of Their Students?

When learning English, it’s essential to understand that the student-teacher relationship can affect your success. You probably remember that, as a kid, you looked forward to certain classes because of the teacher, not necessarily the subject. And if you liked the teacher, you excelled in the class and were more motivated to participate.

Those feelings are backed by research. For example, a study published by the University of Belgrade explored the relationship between teachers and students and the students’ success. It found that students who had positive relationships with their teachers performed better academically than those who didn’t.

Another study published by the American Psychological Association found that children’s cognitive processing is more effective when they have a close relationship with their teacher.

While adult brains are different from children’s brains, the same premise is applicable. For example, if an adult has a good relationship with their English teacher, they’re likely to be more motivated and move forward quicker. Conversely, if an adult has a teacher they don’t work well with, their success can be hindered by negative emotions.

This is why it’s essential to take advantage of free trial lessons at Eurekly. You can try as many tutors as you need until you find one you enjoy learning with. Once you find the right tutor, you can move forward with your English lessons with no emotional baggage holding you back.

If you find several online English teachers you work well with, you can book regular sessions with them. There are no limitations as to how many tutors you can learn with.

How Long Does it Take to Learn English?

The amount of time it takes to learn English depends on several factors:

  • Your native language: If you speak a language similar to English, you’ll have an easier time learning it than someone whose native language is not at all related to English.
  • Your natural language abilities: Some people pick up languages quickly, while others don’t. This influences how long it will take you to become fluent.
  • How many hours you dedicate to studying: Those who put more time into their English education learn it faster than those who don’t.
  • Your degree of everyday exposure to the language: Those who live in an English-speaking community or watch a lot of English television will be more inclined to pick up the language than those who don’t have much exposure to English.
  • Who you learn with: If you learn with a good teacher who can focus on your challenges and help you overcome them, you’re likely to learn English more quickly than someone who learns in a group setting or with a teacher they don’t click with.

While learning English as an adult can be hard, choosing the right English teacher online can make great progress. So don’t let fear hold you back—take the plunge and allow yourself to succeed in ways you never thought possible.


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