Apple Watch Kit SDK Outlines Limitations of the Apple Watch

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By Jacob Maslow

Apple WatchA lot of investors and market observers have placed a lot of high hopes on the Apple Watch. Many investors are projecting Apple to be worth more than 1 trillion dollars in market valuation sometime soon. A lot of this hype is obviously wishful thinking. Even if the Apple Watch were to be a runaway success, it’s still not going to produce enough money to justify 1 trillion dollar valuation for Apple.

Apple or all intents and purposes is still primarily dependent on the iPhone for its bread and butter. With that said, there might be another wrinkle in the unfolding Apple Watch story.

The Apple Watch turns out, uses third party apps that have to interact with existing iPad or iPhone apps. This is a serious impediment to the broad adoption of the Apple Watch. Why is this a big deal? Well, for the Apple Watch to truly live up to its fullest potential, it has to have native apps that are designed particularly for the Apple Watch environment.

As it stands, the SDK issued by Apple to potential Apple Watch app developers seems to suggest that the Apple Watch apps, at least the first wave, would necessarily have to be ports or adaptations of existing Apple iPhone or Apple iPad apps. Supposedly, Apple will be supporting fully native apps next year. It remains to be seen how robust this support would be. I highly suspect that the future fortunes of the Apple Watch will depend heavily on how independent these third party apps will be.

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