Apple Safari Crashes Worldwide

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By Jacob Maslow

The web browser Mac users depend on, Safari, crashed worldwide yesterday, leaving millions unable to search for websites.

The crash happened when users utilized the search feature of the browser on mobile and mac computers.

To begin with, Apple believed that the problem lay in the recent update, but later discovered that it extended to users who had not yet installed it.

Apple has not commented on the origin of the problem, but claim they have now fixed the issue and users are back online and fully functional.

Web experts have speculated that the problem lay in Apple’s data centers, rather than in the browser’s code. It appears the problem is not linked to a malicious link which went viral earlier in the week, causing web browsers Chrome, Safari and Firefox to crash.

Apple users in Europe were worst affected, but most have reported that the bug is now fixed and they are able to search for websites in the address bar again.

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