Apple iOS accounts for majority of Thanksgiving mobile shopping

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By Larry Banks

During the Thanksgiving holidays, Apple was the dominant platform for those shopping on mobile devices, as the iPad and iPhone accounted for 78.3% of e-commerce orders during Thanksgiving Day. Those people using some type of Android device made up only 21.5% of online orders in the same period.

The latest figures come from Custora’s E-Commerce Pulse, which is a report on online buying and shopping trends, made up of more than 200 online retailers, 500 million anonymised shoppers, and $100 billion in e-commerce revenue.

On Thanksgiving, the company said that online shopping revenue rose by 12.5% compared with last year, while transactions rose by 10.8% over the same day in 2014.

Orders made online via mobiles and tablets rose to 39.9% of online sales at Thanksgiving, beating the 34.3% mark reached last year. iOS devices made by Apple represented more then 3.6 times the online shopping compared with all the Android makers together.

Mobile devices are increasingly popular for buying online, but the trend has notably favoured Apple’s iOS, which still has a huge lead, even though it fell 1.6% compared with last year, when 79.9% of mobile orders were made on an iOS device.

Apple’s smartphone market share is currently just above 40% in the US.

SOURCE: Custora.

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