Apple Gets Offended: Says They Aren’t to Blame

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By Jacob Maslow

Woman holding new iPad Air
Woman holding new iPad Air

Every one knows about Apple. The manufacture everything from computers to mobile devices. Right now the company is coming under fire. Apple is being accused of mistreating their workers.

As of recently, there has been so-called breaches made involving juvenile workers, I.D. cards and working hours.

As spokesperson for the company is saying that Apple is working to improve their conditions. In fact, no one is working harder; however, “there is always more work to be done.” This was a direct quote from Senior Executive Director Jeff Williams.

In one of the supply chains, there was evidence which came to light about horrible working conditions. About two months ago, some of Apple’s staff found a workforce exhausted and mistreated. Upon seeing this, the company vowed and promised to correct these horrible working conditions and mistreatments.

Some of the improvements are being made in places like China, Bangkok, as well as other countries. The company itself refused to speak directly about the changes, but they did send an email detailing where their efforts would be focused.


Many of the supply chains have workers pulling in between 60 and 70 hours a week. A spokesperson for the company said this was normal; however, there are audits being done to correct this issue.

This is just the beginning, according to Apple. The company also wants to take care of other issues, issues like illegal mining in Indonesia.


In spite of the various negative reports out there, Apple stated they will not rest until the “work is done.” Apple will not stop until every worker is treated with the “dignity and respect” they need and deserve.

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