Amazing Ideas from The Beermoney Reddit Channel You Can Try Today

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By Jacob Maslow

Reddit’s Beermoney community has over 1 million Money Makers, all sharing ideas for making extra cash online in their spare time. The term beer money came from the 1800s when Prince Fredrick suggested that soldiers and non-commissioned officers had an allowance for their incidental expenses. Beer money today has a similar meaning as people look for ways to fund their hobbies or nonessential luxuries.

Remember, these ideas from Beermoney Reddit Channel don’t always mean that you can immediately quit your job, but they can make quite a good side hustle.

Amazing Ideas From Beermoney Reddit Channel

r/Beermoney has an active community that makes it easy to find online ideas that can earn you a few extra hundred dollars a month.

1.      Prolific

Prolific is one of the most popular research opportunities for beer money on the Reddit channel. A constant flow of study posts pays well for your time as long as you meet the demographic requirements. Prolific has a minimum reward per hour policy of at least $6.50.

You receive notifications about relevant new studies, but remember to read the description to ensure you’re happy to participate.

2.      GG2U

Surveys and game rewards are available in GG2U. Remember that demographic always qualifies you for better-paying surveys. On GG2U you can also shop online and watch ads and videos for rewards. Some gaming offers pay well, but surveys are a great way to make money.

3.      Appen

Appen provides several work-from-home opportunities that allow its participants to leverage several skills. Their projects include diverse tasks, including online research, social media interest, linguistics, mobile tech, and projects entailing video, audio, and images. You choose when to work. The pay is competitive at an average of $14/hour, with some projects paying up to $30. Some projects are one-off tasks, but some are ongoings.

4.      AI Community by Telus International

Former Lionbridge, this community offers a range of tasks based on translations, AI training, and search engine and social media services. There are four main job categories, and the pay rate varies according to the job. On average, expect to get between $8 and $15/hour.

5.    Teemwork provides access to crowdsourcing tasks for micro jobs through a website called UHRS. You can access the tasks available on your account according to your related job position applied for at registration. For example, tasks may require video annotation and transcription, data entry, data collection using search engines, etc. You can see the guidelines and allocated price when you access each task. Unfortunately, you don’t know the length of time required for the task. Then, you do a quick training session and get the job if you pass the qualification test. You get paid once a month when you reach the payment threshold of $20.

6.    Amazon MTurk

On MTurk, developers requiring a flexible workforce outsource tasks that machines can’t automate or verify before completion. The better your qualifications and strengths, the more well-paying jobs you can access, and some people report making anything from $10 a day to $100 a day. However, all you need to start on the platform is to be over 18 and have an internet connection, but that does not mean they will accept your application.

Some of the tasks available include Q&A jobs, transcriptions, data de-duplication, and identifying objects in videos.

7.      Grindabuck

With Grindabuck you earn redeemable points for cash on PayPal, crypto rewards, and gift cards. On this Beermoney website, you can answer paid surveys, watch videos and ads, win giveaways, and download mobile apps to earn points. The first cashout is after $10, but you can cash out less after the first time.

8.      QMEE

QMEE is a super-diverse platform where you can earn points across several fronts. Whether answering paid surveys or daily pools, referring friends, or just shopping online, you earn redeemable points for PayPal cash or gift cards. You can also donate your points to charitable organizations.

9.      User Testing

With User Testing, you can test websites while making beer money. Of course, you first need to be approved, but once you pass, you earn $10 for every test requiring up to 15 minutes of your time. Remember that you need to give audible comments as you test the website. Occasionally there are live user testing opportunities that pay $60/hour.

10.  UpVoice

UpVoice is a great way to make passive money by browsing the web and its advertisements because it’s a paid research panel. You join the program and can earn up to $75 a year and gift card rewards.

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