Actress Claire Holt and Matthew Kaplan to Divorce

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By Jacob Maslow

Claire Holt and Matthew Kaplan are headed to divorce, reports UPI. The couple married in April 2016 after a short, loved-filled engagement that lasted just nine months. Holt, a star in The Originals, was handed divorce papers a day before their first wedding anniversary.

E! News reports that Kaplan filed for the divorce on April 27 and listed the separation date as April 24. Holt states that the couple separated on April 27. The divorce filings cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for their divorce.

Holt’s attorney, Joel D. Schwartz, filed a response to the claim on May 2 with the conflicting separation date. Her lawyer also filed to have Holt’s last name restored. Holt took her husband’s last name when the two married.

Holt and Kaplan’s marriage remained in the spotlight since they were wed, but they rarely flocked to social media to post their private life for the public to see. The last photo showing the couple was on November 24, 2016 when Claire wrote “What a year. So grateful” on an Instagram photo of the couple embracing.

Claire and Matthew wanted to keep special moments of their marriage to themselves, noting a reluctance to release their nuptials to the public.

There’s no mention of whether or not the couple signed a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married. The actress and her husband filed for divorce in California. The couple’s short marriage may work in their favor, with fewer assets and debts to account for and less property to divide.

Celebrity Net Worth pegs the actress’ net worth at $500,000. The actress left The Originals as a full-time cast member shortly after the show launched, citing family issues. There were rumors that she would return to the show full-time, but she has not confirmed the rumors as of yet.

The actress is in four new productions in 2017 that are all in the post-production or filming stage. She will be in 47 Meters Down (already out), Doomsday, Irreplaceable You and The Divorce Party. There actress’ hectic filiming schedule may have played a role in the couple’s divorce, but neither party has commented on the matter.

Both sides expect the divorce proceedings to go quickly.

California law requires that the net value of a couple’s assets be equal upon divorce. The law defines community property as income earned or assets acquired while living with a spouse. The couple does not have a child together.

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