A Father’s Desperate Search for His Missing Children


• Father desperate to find missing children

• Children need to return to school for their education

• Top priority is finding the children and ensuring their safety

Jacob Maslow is desperately searching for his two children after they were abducted by his ex-wife Carol Grinberg Maslow during a highly contested custody battle. His 13-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter have been taken away without warning, and he has filed an urgent court order in Israel to speak to them immediately and know their whereabouts to return them to school as soon as possible.

Details of Father’s Situation

The custody battle between former spouses Jacob Maslow and Carol Grinberg Maslow had been ongoing for some time, with both parties fighting for control over their children’s lives. Jacob had been a devoted father and had recently rented a three-bedroom apartment near his kids to spend as much time as possible with them. However, Carol refused to comply with the custody orders and had taken it upon herself to abduct the kids without warning.

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The Disappointment of Not Being Able to Celebrate Together

Jacob Maslow had been eagerly looking forward to celebrating Hannukah with his two children, whom he was supposed to receive for the first four days of the holiday. However, their mother’s sudden decision to abduct them meant that Jacob didn’t get the chance to spend this significant time together and celebrate as a family. This has deeply saddened him, causing emotional distress and worry about where his beloved children may be now and what they are going through. Jacob will continue fighting until his children are returned home safely and ready to celebrate happy times together.

Focus of Father’s Efforts

Jacob Maslow’s top priority is finding the children and ensuring that they are safe no matter what. While it is clear that getting the children back home is a crucial objective, Maslow has expressed how important it is that they return to school for them to be able to receive their education which will ultimately ensure a better future for these two innocent victims of parental abduction.

Hague Convention

The Hague Convention is a multilateral treaty that provides an international framework for the recovery and return of abducted children. It is designed to ensure that each contracting country takes responsibility in preventing abduction and providing solutions for those already victimized by it. Under the terms of the convention, Israel is required to work with countries such as the United States, where Carol Grinberg Maslow has taken her two children, to locate Jacob Maslow’s missing kids and return them home safely.

Illegal Parental Abduction

When custody is shared, it is illegal for a parent to take children without the other parent’s permission. In the case of Jacob Maslow and Carol Grinberg Maslow, the father was awarded joint legal and physical custody of their children by an Israeli court. This means that neither parent has exclusive rights over their children, and both must obtain consent from one another before making decisions regarding them or moving them to another country. By abducting her two children without Jacob Maslow’s knowledge or approval, Carol Grinberg Maslow has violated this custody agreement and put her ex-husband in a challenging situation. Despite these significant challenges, Jacob remains determined to retrieve his kids as soon as possible.

This Nightmare Scenario is Uncommon

This nightmare scenario of a parent abducting their children to another country is a rare one, especially when it comes to Israel. Parental abduction cases are not exceptionally common in the country, and having them cross international borders makes matters worse and more complicated. Often such cases involve parents fleeing with their children for financial or personal reasons.

Divorcing a Narcisist

Jacob Maslow’s divorce from his narcissistic ex-wife Carol Grinberg Maslow has been difficult, as narcissists tend to have difficulty communicating effectively and accepting compromise. Narcissistic behavior can make it hard for people to reach an agreeable settlement, let alone when children are involved. Unfortunately, the extreme nature of Carol’s narcissism resulted in her abducting Jacob Maslow’s two children without warning during their custody battle, a testament to how dangerous situations such as these can be.

Jacob Maslow’s Last-Ditch Effort to Find His Kids

In a last-ditch effort to reunite with his children, Jacob Maslow has taken to Facebook hoping that someone may have seen them or their mother. He also released their names—Shimi, aged 13 and Tali, aged 11—in the hope of sparking some recognition from friends, family members, and strangers alike. Unfortunately for Jacob Maslow, his ex-wife Carol Grinberg Maslow had already fled with the kids across international borders to Brooklyn’s Midwood section before he could take action.

Father Struggles With Lack of Information

Not knowing the whereabouts of his two children is an unbearable burden for Jacob Maslow, who fears for the kids’ safety and wants to get them back as soon as possible. He’s struggling to locate his kids, but international laws make it difficult for him to do so without official help from authorities on both sides of the border.

Final Thoughts

Jacob Maslow’s plight is one of a father desperate to find his two missing children who were taken away by their mother in a parental abduction. Maslow sought help from the court system in Israel and America to get them back and posted on Facebook to appeal for any information about their whereabouts. He fears for their safety and well-being and ensures they return to school to receive an education and have a better future.

It is heartbreaking to see cases where children are taken from their parents against their will and put into dangerous situations. We must ensure that the rights of these innocent victims of parental abduction are respected and that proper action is taken to ensure the safe return of these children to their homes.

We can only hope that Jacob Maslow’s efforts will be successful and his two children will be reunited with him soon. No child should have to suffer such a traumatic experience, and we must help those in need whenever we can.

May justice be served and his children’s safe return ensured.

FAQs about Jacob Maslow’s Missing Children

Who is Jacob Maslow?

Jacob Maslow is an Israeli father whose two children, Shimi and Tali, have been abducted by his ex-wife Carol Grinberg Maslow. He is desperately searching for them and trying to secure their safe return with the help of authorities on both sides of the border.

Where were the children taken?

The children were taken by their mother to the Poconos and then to Brooklyn’s Midwood section in America without warning or permission from Jacob Maslow.

What measures has Jacob Maslow taken to find his kids?

In a last-ditch effort to reunite with his children, Jacob Maslow has taken to Facebook, hoping that someone may have seen them or their mother. He also released their names—Shimi, aged 13, and Tali, aged 11—in the hope of sparking recognition from friends, family members, and strangers alike. He has also filed for a court order in Israel to speak to his children and know their whereabouts immediately.

What help is available for victims of parental abduction?

Victims of parental abduction can seek help from organizations such as International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC), which provides legal advice and support on abductions within the United States and abroad. ICMEC is committed to helping reunite families through its Amber Alert program. Additionally, victims of parental abduction may be able to seek help from the court system in their respective countries.

What can we do to help cases such as Jacob Maslow’s?

We can spread awareness of this particular case and other similar cases to bring attention to the issue of parental abduction on a larger scale. We can also support organizations dedicated to reuniting families affected by parental abduction, such as ICMEC and its Amber Alert program. It is also crucial for us to respect the rights of these innocent victims and take proper action to ensure the safe return of these children back home. Finally, we must continue speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves – our children – to ensure their rights are respected and taken seriously.

We can only hope that Jacob Maslow’s efforts will succeed and his two children will soon be reunited. No child should have to suffer such a traumatic experience, and we must help those in need whenever we can. May justice be served and their safe return ensured.

FAQs About Parental Abduction

What is parental abduction?

Parental abduction occurs when one parent takes or keeps the child away from the other parent without legal permission or authorization. Parental abductions can range from short-term trips out of the country to long-term relocations within a particular region. In most cases, the child is taken without the other parent’s prior knowledge or consent.

What are the consequences of parental abduction?

The consequences of parental abduction can be severe and long-lasting for parents and children. Abducted children may suffer emotional trauma from being separated from their primary parent and losing contact with extended family members. They may also experience a sense of loss within their social circles by not having access to friends who were originally in their lives. Additionally, victims of parental abduction are at risk of experiencing physical abuse or exploitation while away from home.

How can we prevent cases of parental abduction?

We can help prevent cases of parental abduction by providing greater education and awareness of parents’ legal rights and responsibilities when it comes to child custody. We can also encourage families to consider alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as mediation or collaborative law, to minimize conflict between parents and reduce the risks associated with parental abduction. Finally, we should strive to create a more supportive environment for victims of parental abduction and their families by providing greater access to mental health professionals, support groups, and other necessary services.

We urge those following Jacob Maslow’s case closely to continue spreading awareness in hopes that his children will soon be safely returned home and reunited with him. No parent should suffer this kind of pain; let us take action now, so others don’t have to face similar circumstances in the future. I appreciate your support.

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