8 Strategies for a Small Business to Increase Local Customers

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By Richard

It is not always easy for a business to compete for local customers. Competition is ferocious, and to succeed, you must stand out from other similar companies. Below are eight strategies for a small business to increase local customers.

1- Get Out Into the Community

One of the best ways to get your brand known is to be a part of your community. Get involved. For example, hold a food drive or charitable event at your business. Not only are you giving back, but you are bringing local traffic into your business.

2- Create Local Radio Ads

Local radio advertising is often an overlooked marketing strategy. Radio ads not only enable you to reach a local audience, but it is an opportunity to reach the right audience. Say your business sells teen apparel. You can advertise your brand on stations targeted to specific demographics.

3- Use Google My Business

Create a Google My Business profile. Include all the pertinent information, including name, address, business hours, phone number, and website. Include photos of your shop, services, or products. Do not forget to add an unforgettable business description.

4- Utilize Social Media

Today, businesses will miss out on an opportunity if they do not use social media as an advertising tool. Get involved with local community pages and engage with others. Offer advice, answer questions, and share information. Make sure to use geotags and local tags to increase your visibility.

5- Create a Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is one way to get repeat business and gain loyal customers. Customers are more willing to return if they receive a perk or discount. For example, if you are a t-shirt shop and offer a free shirt after five visits, customers will keep returning to earn their shirt.

6- Collaborate With Another Business

Collaborating with another local business is a win for both companies. Not only are you tapping into their customer base, but they get to tap into yours. Say you are a cupcake business, for example, and you reach out to a local coffee shop. They agree to offer promotions to your business, like a free cupcake after purchasing five large coffees. You, in turn, promote the coffee shop in your store.

7- Start a Mail Campaign

Postal mail may seem like an old-fashioned advertising method, but they are both still effective. When people are busy, it is easy to swipe through their email inboxes and get rid of emails without even opening them. However, a well-designed brochure from a mailbox may have an entirely different effect. Create a simple, colorful leaflet with all the necessary information, including address, hours, website, and social media platforms. Include a call to action, such as bringing the brochure in for a discount or free product, or include a discount code to place an online order.

8- Connect With a Local Influencer

Many large corporations use social influencers to build their brand, and it can be as effective for a small local business. The influencers may be willing to work for free products and services. In return, they post about or advertise your businesses on social media pages. Influencers spend time building a bond with their followers. Their recommendations will mean something.

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