8 Incentives to Offer Employees to Improve Employee Retention

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By Jacob Maslow

When you keep the same employees around for a long time, you help your business get more done and be successful. Retaining employees helps you keep from wasting time training new employees and helping them adjust to working for your company. You can offer small things to employees to help them see their value and get them to want to stick around.

1. Educational Opportunities

Many want to learn while they are working. You can help your team by providing them with classes they can take and seminars they can attend. You might also consider providing tuition reimbursement for those who want to continue their formal education.

2. Gym Memberships

Staying active can help your employees do better work, and incentives such as gym memberships can get your employees to want to stick around.

3. Good Breakroom Coffee

While it might seem small, showing your employees that they matter by investing in an exceptional coffeemaker for the breakroom could help those employees choose to stay with your business. Poll your employees to see what kind of machine they would like to put in and what brand of coffee they want you to keep on hand for that machine.

4. Free Lunches

There are many things that a person has to focus on during their workday, and knowing that they do not have to worry about what they will eat for lunch can help employees to relax. You can provide lunches for your employees to help them enjoy working for your company and to help them have less that they need to consider while trying to get work done.

5. The Opportunity to Work Remotely

There might be times when your employees want to get out of the office. If you give your employees some flexibility and the opportunity to work remotely now and then, you can help them want to stay with your company.

6. A Good Desk Setup

Some like to stand while they are working, and others prefer to have comfortable and supportive chairs that they can use. You may retain more employees if you offer to purchase each one the type of desk they want and get their space set up how they want it.

7. Gifts for Milestones Reached

When someone sticks with your company for a year, you should reward that, and you should reward them again each year that they stick around after that. Milestone gifts show employees that they are noticed and valued.

8. Bonuses

When it is possible, you should give your employees bonuses. These can create excitement when unexpected, making employees want to stick around and see what the future might hold.

There are many ways to show employees that they are valued. The more valued your employees feel, the more likely they are to want to stick with your company and give their services to it for a long time.

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