8 Effective Ways to Make a Gym More User-Friendly for Members

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By Richard

A user-friendly gym makes it easy for members to understand what they have access to, where everything is located and how to use unfamiliar equipment. To create an optimal membership experience for your customers, it’s essential that your gym operates efficiently and has plenty of helpful amenities catering directly to your members.

1. Use Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreen technology can help improve your gym’s image and make it more modern and sleek. Members can use the touchscreen to sign in and out, enter codes for locker access and check their accounts. Touchscreen technology ensures that everything runs smoothly and allows your staff to focus on providing excellent customer service and helping members get the most out of their experience at your gym.

2. Have Good Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Make sure your gym has proper ventilation and air conditioning. Ideally, your gym should have a separate ventilation system for the fitness area and the rest. If you don’t have this, you can use a good air purifier to help keep the air in your gym clean and free of excess humidity and germs.

3. Install Proper Signage and Lighting

Having bright lighting in your gym will make it easier for members to see what they’re doing and make their experience much more enjoyable. Signage is also essential for communication purposes. If a machine isn’t working how it’s supposed to, a sign with clear instructions on how to use it correctly will make your members more successful.

4. Have Lockers Available for Everyone

Many members see lockers as necessary in a gym, not just an extra or luxury. Having lockers available for everyone is essential to create a user-friendly gym. Having different-sized lockers available for everyone will make your gym much more inclusive and make the members feel more welcome and comfortable.

5. Offer Flexible Amenities and Equipment Times

Offering a wide range of classes during different times and days of the week can make it significantly easier for members to fit a class into their schedule. Having a variety of machines and classes available at different times allows members to work out when best suits them.

6. Provide A Variety of Movement Classes

Some of the best classes you can offer at your gym are the ones that help improve the lives of your members beyond their physical health. Providing a variety of movement classes such as yoga, meditation and therapy, and palliative care workshops can make your gym more user-friendly and cater to many members and their needs.

7. Add A Cardio Cinema

A cardio cinema can provide a quieter environment that’s less distracting for members who don’t want to be around the noise and commotion. It can also provide an entertaining environment for members who are attracted to the noise and want to be immersed in a high-energy setting.

8. Add A Gender-Inclusive Locker Room

Members who don’t feel welcome using either the men’s or women’s locker room may appreciate the convenience of a mixed-gender facility. Make sure that the showers are open to everyone and that there is a neutral shower head no matter what locker room you’re changing.

Creating a user-friendly gym is about creating an overall comfortable, welcoming, and open environment. It means catering to a wide range of members. Making your gym more inclusive and accessible for members is also a huge part of creating a user-friendly gym.

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