6 Things Patients Look for When On a Medical Office Website

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By Richard

When setting up a website for your medical office, include valuable information and everything that patients want to find on that website. Do not risk having patients switch to another medical office simply because your website is not helpful.

1. The Website Should Include Contact Information

Many head to the website of a medical office because they want to get in touch with the office. They might be looking for information about a procedure or curious if the office is taking new patients. Multiple contact options should be listed on your medical practice’s website, and there might also be a spot on the website where patients can set up appointments.

2. The Website Should Include Frequently Asked Questions

Having a list of frequently asked questions on a website saves the time of both the patient and those working at the medical office. This stops the patient from having to reach out with questions, and it keeps your staff from having to respond to the same questions regularly. Your medical office’s website should include questions and answers related to its services and qualifications.

3. A List of Procedures Offered is Helpful

Some will spend time on a medical office’s website without knowing what help that office could offer them. A list of the procedures provided by your medical team can help a person know if your office will work out for their needs and if they hope to improve their health.

4. Insurance Information Can Be Useful to Patients

If your medical practice only accepts certain types of insurance, you should include information on your website. If there are certain companies that you have worked with before and that you would be happy to accept again, list those insurance providers on your website. Share all financial information that you think might be helpful to your patients. It can also be beneficial to have medical content on your website so patients understand better before coming into the office.

5. The Website Should Include Staff Photos and Bios

Your patients want to know your medical office’s staff, and they should be able to get to know everyone through your website. Include photos of doctors and nurses working in your office and a short bio about each one, including information about their education. Help your patients trust your office by showing them the team that works there.

6. The Website Should Have a Place Where Bills Can be Paid

It is simple to get their bills paid when they can do that online. Find a way of offering a bill pay option on your medical practice’s website to make things simple for your patients and to get them to pay their bills before they are due.

The website of a medical practice affects how patients think of that practice. Set up an informative and interactive website for your medical practice that will help your patients trust you and help those who visit the website for the first time consider reaching out to you for help.

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