7 Shopping Apps and Plugins That Can Help You Find Best Deals

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By Jacob Maslow

With talk of recessions and inflation, we all need to find good deals on products we need. Thankfully, you can install several apps and plugins that will help you compare prices and find bargains. Once you install these apps and plugins, you can go shopping, and they will alert you if there is a better price somewhere else or if they can apply a discount for you. You should confirm if a price comparison is for the same good.

Sometimes, comparisons are not perfect. If you can, use membership discounts or coupons, assuming you don’t have to pay a fee, to reduce the size of your bargain even further. For discounts and coupons, you can check the website, RetailMeNot, or the extension, Honey. Finally, check if the final bill includes shipping. Shipping costs can be the difference between a great deal and a deal that’s not worth taking.

  1. Amazon App

The Amazon app can be downloaded onto your Android or Apple device and used for in-store shopping. So, say you’re walking through a store and looking for an item. You find it in the store. You can scan it and check if that item is available on Amazon for a better price. You can then decide if it’s better to buy on Amazon or in your brick-and-mortar store. If you want to buy it on Amazon, you can tap the heart icon near the product, which will save it to your shopping list and provide alerts whenever the price falls. The Amazon app has Alexa built-in, so you can listen to music, audiobooks, or do other things while you shop.

  1. BuyVia

BuyVia has a website and app version that gives you insights into the latest restaurant deals, food coupons, and other coupons for a range of goods. Like the Amazon app, you can use the BuyVia app to scan items in stores and compare their prices to nearby stores or online stores. The BuyVia app also provides price alerts for highlighted items whenever a price falls.

  1. Flipp

The Flipp app is a digital repository of shopping flyers with great deals. You can create a watch list of items you want to be kept informed about whenever their prices fall. The app also allows you to find the week’s best deals from around 2,000 weekly deals. Users can find deals on items in their shopping list and put deals from their favorite shops at the top of their apps whenever they enter. You can also input the details of your loyalty cards so that you can apply them to your shopping items.

  1. Mycartsavings

Mycartsavings allows you to create a cart of shopping items, for which you will be alerted once the price reaches a preset level that you are willing to pay. This is important because often, people aren’t just interested in making a good deal; they only have a certain amount of money they can use, so their problem isn’t simply about being alerted to price discounts but about being alerted when the price is at a specific level. The app also allows you to compare the price of shopping items with those at major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and BestBuy.

  1. Price.com

Price.com, which also has a browser extension, and an app, allows you to compare prices of products across major retailers. You can search for an item by typing it into the search box, or, you can scan an item in-store using the barcode scanner, or, you can take a picture of the product. You can use Price.com to find coupons that you can apply across loads of retailers, online or in brick-and-mortar stores. You can also create a list of items for which you want price alerts.

  1. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is an app that allows you to scan products in brick-and-mortar stores and compare their prices with those in nearby stores and online retailers. ShopSavvy also shows user reviews and looks for deals and discounts on those scanned items. ShopSavvy lives up to its name by giving you a chart showing how the price of a specified item changes with time, making it easier for you to plan your shopping.

  1. Ibotta

Ibotta helps you save on your grocery, retail, convenience store, pharmacy, and restaurant shopping. You have to sign up to access the app’s special offers. As you shop, you can activate these offers for each product. You will earn cash back once you send a copy of your receipt or link a loyalty card to Ibotta. The app also has a cash-back offering for Amazon shopping. You can withdraw your earnings once you have saved $20, by linking your Ibotta account to a bank, PayPal, Venmo account, or even a gift card.


By installing these apps and plugins, you will be able to make massive savings on your shopping. Whether shopping online or in brick-and-mortar stores, you can compare prices, set price targets, receive price alerts, plan your shopping, and even earn cash back.

These are essential tools when inflation has taken hold, and the economy starts to slow down. Combine these tools with budget apps, and you can reduce your spending significantly, improving your financial freedom during these challenging economic conditions. Budgeting in advance of shopping is often neglected, but it is essential. You see, it’s one thing to save money on an item, but it’s even better to be able to plan whether you should or should not buy it. You need a multifaceted approach to get through this economic period. Indeed, using one of these apps and plugins will go a long way to ensuring that you get the best deals. Happy shopping!


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