7 Reasons You Should Refinance Your Credit In 2022

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By Jacob Maslow

Despite some interest rate increases from record lows, more rises seem unavoidable as the Fed tries to counteract growing inflation. Unfortunately, 2022 may not present the same refinancing opportunities seen in 2020 and 2021; this year remains an excellent time to rethink your credit.

Refinancing any credit requires getting a new loan to pay off an old one. So, for example, if you don’t owe much money on your loan, refinancing may not be a worthwhile option. In this circumstance, it may be better to pay it off faster by paying in a bit extra monthly, helping you to finish paying it off sooner.

Therefore, you need to research if it is worth your while, and you need to apply to a lender with your financial details. You can get a loan from a bank or an online lending platform such as Biz2Credit. Taking out a bank loan is far longer than the time you need to get approved by an online lender. But, how long does it take for Biz2Credit to approve you? ..And as you can see, it is quite fast. Once your loan application is approved, you pay off the existing debt and start paying off the new one.

Here are the 7 reasons why refinancing your credit in 2022 may make perfect sense:

1.      Lower and Fixed Interest Rates

Locked interest rates present the opportunity of having fixed and stable repayments. On the other hand, a variable rate follows market conditions, sometimes favorable and sometimes not.

If you have a variable interest rate loan or paying high-interest rates already, any new interest rate hikes can affect your existing repayments. Securing a lower interest rate at a fixed rate is one of the most common reasons for refinancing any loan. A reduced interest rate can mean significant savings for you. Research the interest rates for the loans you are interested in and if the rates can change. You are doing the refinancing to save money, so the move must make financial sense.

2.      Ensure Longer Terms.

Refinancing for a longer term can give you a bit of a hiatus when paying off a mortgage or personal loan in lean times. The shorter the time of the loan, the higher your monthly payments. If you want to reduce your monthly payments, look for a loan with an extended repayment period.

3.      Take Advantage of Shorter Repayment Periods

Sometimes, people feel they can benefit from reducing their loan terms by paying them off faster. By reducing the period of a personal loan or mortgage, you will pay less interest and may even secure a lower interest rate.

4.      Affordable Monthly Repayments

Refinancing often benefits you by securing lower monthly loan repayments if you can find lower interest rates or a longer term. When looking to refinance, shop around for banks or lenders that offer lower rates and charge lower fees. Depending on the amount of your loan, your savings can prove substantial.

5.      Loan Restructuring Opportunities

If you carry several types of debt, then restructuring it through refinancing can help save you lots of money. One example is if you have a home mortgage at an interest rate of 4% and a high credit card debt where you pay 20% interest.

The solution is to refinance in a way that allows you to get a new home loan to pay off the present one, but with some extra capital to immediately pay off some or all of your credit card debt. The reasoning behind this strategy is that restructuring helps you transfer your credit card debt to your home loan, securing immediate interest rate savings.

6.      Gain Access to Additional Capital

Rising home prices have ensured that homeowners have seen rapid equity gains. As a result, refinancing your home loan can help you secure extra capital to use elsewhere. But, of course, you would need to have accumulated sufficient equity on your current home to make this refinancing possible and use the money to upgrade your home, pay college tuition fees for a child, etc.

7.      New Loan Features or Streamlined Arrangements

Often, lenders offer their customers new features or streamlined arrangements with more favorable rates or repayment periods. Look out for opportunities like this, especially for your home loan.

People with lower credit scores who have utilized the FHA program-backed loan program also get offered easy refinancing options, allowing them to swap one home loan with a cheaper or longer-term loan.

Last Word

Whatever type of credit you have in 2022, now may be an excellent time to consider refinancing. However, before deciding, consider how much you still owe, the length of time left on your current loan, your current interest, and if you qualify for a loan at a lower rate. Once you know the answers, you can decide if refinancing will save you enough money because you don’t want to end up not seeing any savings after going through all that trouble to secure the refinancing.

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