7 Common Injuries Found in Workers’ Compensation Cases

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By Richard

As an employee, you have the right to a safe and secure workplace. This right is protected by federal and state law. But injuries can happen in any workplace, some of which can impact your ability to work and complete daily tasks. You need someone to protect your interests. If you suffer one of the following injuries, you may need the help of a legal professional.

1- Bone Fractures

Broken bones can occur in any workplace due to a fall or other incident, but they are more common in manufacturing plants, construction sites, and landscaping businesses. Any job that involves heavy equipment puts you in danger of a broken bone. A serious break or fracture can put you out of work for months.

2- Muscle Sprains

While many do not consider muscle sprains serious, they can impede your ability to do many tasks. A wrist sprain can put office workers on the sidelines since they cannot work their computer keyboard properly. Ankle sprains make walking any distance difficult. And if you need to lift items on your job? A sprain makes that extremely difficult.

3- Puncture Wounds

Puncture wounds are prone to infection, so if you suffer one on the job, you should seek medical treatment. Healthcare workers are prone to these injuries since they work around “sharps” 24/7. Punctures can spread deadly diseases that require ongoing treatment.

4- Cuts/Lacerations

Cuts and lacerations are some of the most common workplace injuries. Food industry workers suffer minor cuts frequently, but on occasion, more serious injuries occur. Any mechanic, construction worker, or office worker is at risk of workplace lacerations. Left untreated, these injuries can become infected leading to serious medical conditions.

5- Repetitive Strain Injuries

Anyone who works a keyboard regularly is at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, a common yet debilitating repetitive strain condition. It can often require surgery to repair. Back strain plagues many workers who have to lift items for extended periods. Any job that consists of repetitive motions can harm your health.

6- Illnesses Caused by Workplace Factors

Some workplace environments can cause illnesses in their workers. These conditions include hearing loss, asbestosis, asthma, contact dermatitis, and more. Loud environments, those with poor air quality, and older buildings contribute to this issue.

7- Trips and Falls

A trip or fall can cause serious injury. You can trip on loose carpets at work, fall due to poor warehouse practices, stumble over electric cords, etc. These incidents happen frequently, and might only lead to stiff muscles and scraped knees. At other times, they are quite serious and can cause head trauma, broken bones, nerve and muscle injury, and emotional trauma. You may be out of work indefinitely if you suffer a fall at work.

You can be injured at any workplace due to several factors. If you are, you will need medical care and a satisfactory recovery period. Many employers try to protect their employees, but no matter the circumstances of your accident, you should consult a workers’ compensation lawyer to protect your rights. Your future work life may depend on it.

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