6 Tips for Choosing a Custom Sign for a Company’s Exterior

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By Richard

You’ve finally started up the business that you’ve been dreaming of. Everything is coming along nicely, and it’s time to decide what you want the first thing potential clients or customers to see. The sign on the outside of the building you’re operating out of. Here are six times to choose a custom sign for a company’s exterior.

1. Develop Your Brand’s Identity

Before you can have a custom business sign created, you need to know what you want your brand to look like. The sky is the limit here, so really take your time. It’s likely what you’ll be using for the rest of your company’s existence. Researching your niche and seeing what others are using, what works, and what to avoid is a good idea.

2. Partner Up With Professionals

You don’t want to leave this incredibly important part of building your business up to just anyone. Instead, ask who’s local in your area to help you with your creation. If there aren’t any companies to use in your city or town, plenty of options are available online. Discuss options with other business owners you trust because they can tell you who to trust and who to avoid.

3. Select Suitable Materials

Depending on where your company is located, the materials that are going to be used should be given great consideration. If your region sees strong winds or severe weather, you’ll want to choose the most durable materials. The last thing you want to deal with is replacing your sign after just one season because you didn’t have it constructed with the proper materials.

4. Be Sure the Custom Sign is Compliant

There are likely rules and regulations in place in your town or city regarding the type of signage that can be displayed outside of a building. Check with the local officials in charge of creating and enforcing these rules. Some restrictions may refer to size, what’s on the sign, or distance off the road.

5. Create Some Tests and Samples

Make up some mock signs before you make your final decision. The company creating your company’s custom sign will typically do this without hesitation. It allows you to take something outside of your building to set up. Then, you can get a much clearer picture of the final product before making a choice.

6. Consider Future Maintenance

Regardless of the materials or type of sign you get, future repairs and maintenance will be required. What are you willing to deal with? It could mean repainting areas if it’s made from wood or replacing light bulbs or cracked and missing plastic pieces if those are part of the construction. Consider the cost and effort necessary to keep your sign in tip-top condition.

The sign on the exterior of your building is an essential part of building your business and brand. It’s the first chance you have to make an impression on the people you’re trying to attract. Follow these six tips for choosing a custom sign for a company’s exterior, and you should have no regrets after the final product is finally installed.

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