5 Ways to Save Money On Your Next Business Trip Overseas

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By Richard

Traveling for work can be a great adventure but also financially intimidating, especially if you’re signing off on all the costs. I’ve traveled on numerous business trips overseas and found a few tips and tricks that can help make the trip more affordable. It’s essential to figure out ways to save money on business trips without compromising quality or comfort. If you’re interested in learning some great hacks for saving money on your next business trip, whether for you or an employee, keep reading to learn more.

1. Get Your Visas Sorted Well In Advance
While paying for your visa far in advance isn’t going to inherently save you money, if you can’t get your visa or apply too late and don’t get approved in time, that will be a very costly mistake. Since the pandemic, visa processing times have varied considerably, so adding an extra few weeks at least onto the suggested timelines is worthwhile. With the holidays around the corner, there are even more delays, so don’t sleep on such an essential part of your next business trip. Check out this site for Global Online Visa Services to make the process so much easier.

2. Use a Decent Credit Card

The higher reward credit cards often come with several travel-related benefits, such as higher spending points. But one of the best features of a premium credit card is that they often come with included travel insurance so long as the trip is purchased on that credit card. This means you won’t need to buy a separate policy. However, you should check their fine print to ensure that the travel insurance is still valid when you’re on a business trip. This little hack can save you hundreds or even thousands a year in insurance costs.

3. Consider Using Miles
I’m a big fan of collecting miles and using them for trips, as it’s a great way to get bonus trips to see more of the world. However, there are other ways to use miles that many people don’t consider. One of the best ways to buy miles is to buy them when they’re on a great sale. Many airlines will have generous miles sales, including a certain percentage of miles for free. For example, buy 10,000 miles and get 10,000 miles for free. If you calculate the cost per mile, then compare your desired fare to the number of miles required and what it would cost. You might find it cheaper to buy miles and pay with miles than to buy in cash.

4. Bid On Upgrades
If you or your employees are doing a red-eye, overnight flight, then it’s probably worth looking at some upgrade so that you can arrive fresh to your next destination. Business class tickets can be costly if you’re purchasing them in cash, so buying an upgrade might be worthwhile either by bidding with points or with money. There is a chance that your bid or offer might not be accepted, but you’ll notice it’s a fraction of the retail price so that it can lower the costs for your business trip.

5. Travel In Off Season
If you’re going for the reason that could be flexible, consider flying during the off-season. Generally, the off-season tends to be during Spring and Autumn, but this can vary greatly depending on the destination. Be mindful of when the holidays are for schools, as that will usually push up prices for flights and accommodation. Depending on your destination, flights and accommodation can be even half their highest prices. If you can’t be flexible about the dates you’re going, you can compensate by booking in advance.

Traveling for business can be a significant part of your working life, mainly if you use these tips to ensure everything is as affordable as possible.

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