5 Reasons Why You Should Never Work with A.M. Charters

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By Jack

If you are planning on taking a trip to Florida in the near future, and you probably want to explore the local waters. When you do a quick Google search looking for a boat service, you are going to pull up plenty of results, including some for a service called Captain Dan with A.M. Charters. Sure, the website looks nice, it looks like people are having a good time, and there are a few positive reviews. On the other hand, there are five very good reasons why nobody should ever work with Captain Dan Sablich from A.M. Charters.

  1. The Positive Reviews are Fake

First, the positive reviews are fake. Many of the positive reviews were written by family members and friends. Furthermore, the reviews that are posted on her Facebook page were actually written by Captain Dan himself. Therefore, these reviews are simply not trustworthy. Furthermore, people need to ask why a service such as this would have to write its own reviews? Clearly, they are having trouble getting genuine positive reviews. This is a big red flag. 

  1. There Is a Severe Lack of Communication

When looking at the genuine reviews of the service, it is clear there is a severe lack of communication. Anyone who cares about his customers should actually talk to the customer. Keep them updated on what is going on. If there are hazardous waters in the area, that is fine. Nobody wants to go out when it is not safe. At the same time, it is still important to let the customer know what is going on. This is where Captain Dan falls short. 

  1. The Continuous Cancellations Are Mind-Blowing

If you would like to go out in the Florida area, then you have probably come from a long way away. The last thing you want to do is have your plans canceled. Sadly, this appears to happen all the time with Captain Dan. Sablich will cancel on people all the time without letting them know why. This is a big red flag and people are better off spending their money with another service. 

  1. He Doesn’t Care About his Customers

Another serious issue that people quickly note on the genuine reviews is that Dan Sablich doesn’t care about retaining business at all. It is obvious that all he cares about is making a quick buck. Anyone who truly loves the Florida waters should care about showing it off to other people. This appears to be very low on the priority list for Captain Dan.

  1. He May Use Racial Slurs

Anyone who posts a review that is anything less than glowing runs the risk of being attacked by  Dan himself or his employees. Furthermore, they don’t hesitate to use racial slurs. Would anyone really want to go out on a boat with someone who talks like this? Nobody deserves to be treated this way. Therefore, never partner with Captain Dan or A.M. Charters. 


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