4 Wedding Planning Mistakes That Can Eat Into Your Budget

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By Richard

Are you planning a wedding? One of the most challenging things about planning a wedding is finding a way to stick to your budget. There are inevitable mistakes you might be making in your wedding planning that could cost you serious money. You might be surprised to learn that a wedding planner could save you money in the long run. Likewise, certain tips and service fees are added on to certain things such as catering and alcohol. Because most of us only plan one wedding, it can be impossible to know the final price point without some help. Keep reading to learn my top 4 wedding planning mistakes that can eat your budget.

Not Sending Out Save the Dates Early Enough

The earlier you send out the save the date, the earlier you can start to get a loose guest list. Knowing exactly how many people intend to come to your wedding will help ensure you’re not wasting extra money on plates of food that will go uneaten, ordering too many favors, or having an excess of alcohol. Another problem you may run into if you don’t send out your save the date postcards early enough is that people may want to attend but may find themselves with another event the same day that they’ve already said yes to. I suggest sending out your save the date with as much notice as you can, six plus months would be my recommendation, especially if people may need to travel to you.

Inviting Too Many People

The biggest cost in most weddings is food and alcohol, and the more people you have, the higher that cost will be. Having an extra ten people in attendance can quickly push your wedding expense up by a few thousand dollars. So sit down with your fiance and go through your list, ensuring that you invite people who mean a lot to you. It can be easy to get caught up in the romance of wedding planning, but if you have a strict budget to follow, the best way to keep your finances in line is to be conservative with how many people you invite.

Not Making Allowances For Tips and Service Fees

Depending on where you’re getting married, there might be many hidden fees. Some places give the impression that it’s a per-person price point and that everything is included, but you’ll often see a ++ symbol which means the price is the starting point and may creep up higher. Ask the vendor if the price includes tips, service fees, and taxes because if not, you’ll notice that the price quickly creeps up. If you haven’t planned for these additional fees, it can put extra financial pressure on you when the final invoices come through.

Forgoing a Planner

Yes, hiring a wedding planner is a considerable expense, but they may be able to save you money, especially if the wedding is on the larger side. Some planners have special agreements with vendors to negotiate better rates. They can also help you navigate things like how much alcohol to order, so you don’t end up with numerous leftover bottles at the end, or worse, running out of alcohol mid-wedding! So while this is a considerable expense, you may find that having a planner helps you stick to your budget and even help you save money.

Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, but if you’re not careful, you can quickly lose sight of your budget and put a considerable financial strain on you and your fiance. Hopefully, these four wedding planning tips will help you stick to your budget and ensure you have a wedding you can afford. 

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