4 Ways to Save on Wine

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By Jacob Maslow

If you’re especially interested in wine, it’s pretty easy for the costs to eat up all of your spending money. Frequently, keeping up a solid budget or savings plan is challenging, which is undoubtedly frustrating for everyone. But how can you possibly indulge a little bit in your hobby without having to break the bank or go into credit card debt?

There are a few easy ways to save a bit of cash, and they might not necessarily be things you’d initially consider. So instead of searching “liquor store near me” and looking for your wine locally, there may be a few other ideas to give a try.

What works better than looking for the “liquor store near me” or hitting the convenience stores? How can you save a little coin if you’re spending on wine? Read ahead for a few tips and tricks.

1. Try Online Services

If you’re trying to avoid the “liquor store near me” and save a little cash on your wine spending, it might be a good idea to research a few different online services that offer wine delivery. So why is that the case?

Rather than offering the regular prices that the “liquor store near me” would give you, many of these online services will provide a few different chances to save a little bit of money. In particular, many will offer deals to first-time site users and buyers.

For example, some online services will offer free shipping on certain offers or will give you access to sales you usually wouldn’t get to see. Additionally, online stores frequently have more coupon codes available for their orders. And I don’t know about you, but that’s more than what can generally be said by any liquor store near me.

Most liquor stores don’t offer many coupons if they offer any at all. So it’s much easier to save on great deals by shopping for your wine online.

And even better, if you like the selection of wines and other alcohol at your local liquor store, many of these online services will deliver items from those physical locations. So you don’t necessarily need to sacrifice that great selection to make good deals.

2. Do Your Best to Avoid Convenience Stores

Convenience stores, including almost any liquor store near me, are meant to provide exactly what the name implies: convenience. These stores will offer things you’re likely to need in a pinch, including snacks, wine, and paper products.

As convenient as these kinds of places can be, you’re paying a little bit more for that level of convenience offered to you. That’s right. Many convenience stores will increase their prices more than they need to because they know that most people need their items in a hurry.

So if you’re typically hitting up a convenience store to fulfill your alcohol-based needs, switching up your tactics might be a good idea. Wine aficionados will often find other wine-specific locations to do their wine shopping. But if you’re just a bit of a hobbyist, you don’t need to go that far. Regardless, it’s still a good idea to skip the convenience store.

3. Buy Your Wine in Bulk

It’s no secret that purchasing items in bulk frequently comes with the perk of saving a little bit of money on the consumer side. While not the case with some items like raw ingredients, purchasing wine in bulk is a pretty good idea.

Many grocery stores, including popular chains, will give a special discount if you purchase a particular number of bottles of wine. Additionally, as previously mentioned, with online services that deliver wine to your door, some discounts are available there.

Specifically, you might save a little bit of money if you exceed a particular number of items or a specific dollar amount, at least with some online delivery services.

4. Buy the Bottle, Not the Glass

Indeed not the first thing many of us would consider if we’re trying to save money on wine, but this is also somewhat effective. When visiting a bar or a club, it’s a good idea not to purchase your drinks by the glass.

Instead, purchasing a whole bottle of wine is a little more cost-effective. At least, you’re going to be much less likely to be paying the highest price per glass.

While most people looking to save money on wine will know that they shouldn’t necessarily be splurging on drinks while they’re out on the town, this is a good thing to keep in mind if you’re ever in the situation. Rather than buying a round of drinks for the table a few times over, it might be better to purchase bottle service instead.

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