4 Ways to Make a Commercial Terrace Area Guest-Friendly

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By Richard

According to a 2021 National Restaurant Association report, 72% of full-service restaurants in the United States had terrace areas with outdoor seating. These days, just about all other restaurant segments from quick-service to casual and from cafeterias to diners are interested in offering al fresco dining; even bars and nightclubs are setting up terrace spaces to accommodate patrons who smoke or vape. With this in mind, here are four ways you can make your terrace more enticing for guests:

1- Effective Weatherproofing

You want to keep your commercial terrace space open during as many days of the year as possible, and this can be achieved with weatherproofing. Customers and guests are bound to be impressed with your efforts to block excessive sunlight with awnings, minimize wind gusts with windbreaker partitions, provide outdoor space heaters during the winter, and install misters to keep everyone cool during the hottest days. This kind of improvement can certainly boost your competitive edge because it is overlooked by many business owners.

2- Use Porcelain Pavers For Your Terrace Flooring

Say goodbye to cracked concrete and chipped sections of your terrace floor.Porcelain pavers designed for outdoor surfaces are excellent in terms of resisting wear and tear, scratches, and heavy foot traffic. This kind of pavers will weather the elements for many seasons, thus saving you money on replacements and maintenance in the long run. Modern porcelain pavers are engineered to provide a non-skid surface that will resist stains, frost, and direct impacts up to 2,000 pounds. Unlike traditional materials used as flooring solutions for outdoor terraces, porcelain pavers require minimal upkeep; thanks to their non-porous surface, you don’t have to worry about having to constantly apply sealant. As for the look of porcelain pavers, modern fabrication techniques can make them look like Carrara marble and other fancy natural stones.

3- Design an Inclusive and Comfortable Space For Everyone

Modern business owners should strive to cater to diverse needs, and this extends to outdoor spaces. Think about accessibility first; you want to make it easy for patrons in wheelchairs to enjoy your terrace, and the same goes for other guests and customers who live with disabilities. Accessibility should be your priority; once you have taken care of it, you can start thinking about comfort. Smaller terraces that can only fit a couple of tables do not need a variety of seating options; however, you want to consider cozy booths, individual chairs, and high-top tables for larger outdoor spaces. When you have spaces larger than 30 square feet, you may want to divide the terrace into sections using plants or screens so that a sense of intimacy is created for smaller groups.

4- Create a Multi-Sensory Experience

Choose vibrant plants, colorful furniture, and warm lighting to create a visually appealing spot. Consider incorporating water features or fire pits for added ambiance. If you install an outdoor audio system, keep the volume at a level that does not impede conversation. You can appeal to the sense of smell by redirecting a kitchen vent to the terrace or installing planters to grow aromatic species.

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