4 Smart Ways to Tell If a Company’s Exterior Signage is Effective

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By Richard

Getting consumers through the front door is a critical component of any successful business. A company’s overall marketing plan may include a variety of strategies, such as advertisements, web marketing, and special promotions and coupons. However, there is no way around it; the signage outside a commercial organization is critical to attracting customers. But how can you know if your outdoor signage is effective for your business?

1. The Sign is Visually Appealing

Your company’s external signage should provide brief and concise messages. The sign’s wording should not be so lengthy that a passing car overlooks half of it. Additionally, it should have animation or movement. Stagnant and immovable signs rarely attract the attention of passersby. Digital signage, featuring a changeable backlit screen, is ideal for maintaining a current and eye-catching message. Your sign should include a call to action, such as “See our Deals Inside!”

2. You Retain Customers

Your business should make use of customer tracking software that determines customer activity from year to year. Has your customer base increased or decreased since the installation of the new sign? When you install a sign with a website, do you observe an increase in website traffic? Keep track of repeat customers that visit in person, too. Signs that leave a lasting impression increase customer loyalty, and customer loyalty plays a large role in a company’s profits and overall success.

3. Customers Reference the Promotions on the Sign

Monitor the frequency with which your customers use promotional material or discount codes on your sign during business transactions. This is especially true if the codes are only available on the sign and not anywhere else. If customers are using the sign-only code, then you know they are reading your sign.

4. Website Analytics from QR Codes

An effective way to judge your sign’s visibility is through the use of QR codes that direct customers to your website. You can accurately gauge the effectiveness of your sign by tracking the number of people who visit your website after scanning the code on your sign. Google Analytics will also assist you in determining which customers are new or repeat visitors to your website as a result of the call to action on your sign.

Effective outdoor signage is a critical component of a company’s or organization’s overall marketing strategy. With digital signs costing thousands of dollars, it is critical to conduct research and examine the kind of sign as well as its position before committing to this long-term yet crucial future of advertising your brand. When seeking the help of professional designers, be sure to hire a reputable company with experience that can also offer several examples of previous work.

With the right exterior signage and eye-catching graphics, your business has the potential to grow its customer base in the years to come. Bearing in mind that many studies indicate that customers often ignore signs entirely, your sign must be visually appealing and distinctive to be effective. Take time to create a sign that showcases your company and will resonate with customers.

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